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Hi there! We are Meryl and Edana, two twenty-something, full-time, loving household CEO's (aka moms) with three cute little human beings. We want to share with you our experiences, feelings and insights to become the best moms we can be. Sit back, grab your favorite drink and choose a topic your are interested in below. You'll get a ton of valuable information and helpful tips.


Being a mom is no easy task to accomplish. Sometimes we even feel lost and unsure if what we are doing is the right and best thing for our little ones. Rest assured that you are not alone in this dilemma and there are a lot of mothers feeling the same exact way you do, even me. That is why I decided to contribute my knowledge, understanding, opinions and experiences in this website. Because I know that every mom needs all the help that they can get.

What To Expect and How to Find Your Answers

Once you get to browse your way around the website, you will encounter a wide variety of topics that tackles parenthood, motherhood and child care. Our website offers several categories that you can choose to read up and comment on. You can start with the popular topics on the menue on the very top of the homepage. Some other these categories include:

  • parenting
  • pregnancy
  • baby needs
  • baby toys
  • baby gears
  • baby gifts
  • baby milestones

  • To make navigation even easier, you can filter your search based on your child’s age stage mainly:

  • newborn
  • infant
  • toddler
  • child
  • We try our best to give you the best solution and suggestions to your queries in an easily accessible and stress-free way. If you happen to have a topic or question in mind, our website offers its search bar option located on the upper right corner of the site. Just simply type in your topic and click search and you are good to go. You will be able to choose from several articles that tackle your query.

    What’s more interesting about our site is its capacity to offer as much help as it can to everyone who views it. This includes a free downloadable comprehensive checklist of baby items. So if you are still on the planning stage, this checklist can help you plan further and easier.

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    My Fair Share of Stories

    Like what I have previously mentioned, I have contributed several articles that I personally have experienced with my child. I was able to share my understanding and knowledge with many things, including the likes of:

    • newborn growth spurt
    • best pets for your baby
    • baby’s growth and development and what you should expect from it
    •  reviews and opinions regarding different baby items
    • Best toys, clothes, books and gears for your baby
    • my very own personal experience being a newbie mom to my baby
    • the trials, joys and learning that I got from it

    I loved every minute of writing and sharing my stories and I am planning to add more helpful topics and relevant issues in the future. I am also planning on giving more “true to life” stories and learnings so that each and every mom can say “hey, I went to the same thing as well” and can find comfort and support through it.

    I hope that I have caught your attention and convinced you to check our website. I promise that after you have browsed through it, you will learn so much and become more confident in yourself being a mother. I hope that you will like our site and find what interests you there.

    Take this opportunity to learn and absorb everything and become the best mom that you can be. Enjoy your time browsing our website and I hope that you visit it frequently.

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