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About Edana

Hi there, I’m Edana. 🙂  Having been exposed in both maternal and child health care during my previous work affiliation, I have always loved mother-baby bonding. I also enjoy learning new things when it comes to child care and development. My whole Nursing profession was based on pre, intra and post-natal care.

I have been fascinated by children ever since I could remember. Now I get to enjoy the perks of being a mother myself with my beautiful three years old daughter. But I also began to realize that being a mother can become scary and challenging at times.

I decided to quit my nursing profession to focus more on my child and become a full-time mother. I believe that your child’s need comes first, all the time. I go by my belief that I can go back to work whenever I would want, but my daughter’s precious beginning years can never be repeated. It will also give me all the time I need to hone my child into a God-fearing, caring, generous, loving and righteous adult that I hope someday she would be.

Good thing that I became a full-time mom. Being a first-time mother can really take a load out of your daily routine. I have learned that with each passing second of the day, you will have a corresponding “to-do” task be it about household chores, or child care or wife duties. But eventually, I learned how to balance all these aspects and manage to juggle them amicably.

For me, it is true that there are certain “gray areas” in parenting, especially in motherhood, which the books we read or stories we hear overlooked to tell us. It forgot to remind us that pregnancy, after childbirth and parenthood are not all “hearts and flowers.” In fact, most of the time it is chaotic and tiring. But it does not mean that we, as parents, will not benefit from these negative experiences.

These so called “gray-areas” are the reasons why I wanted to write anything and everything about parenting and child care. I want to educate future parents on how to be ready for the bumpy yet delightful road to parenting. I would also want to give tips and suggestions to mothers based on my own experience which cannot be found in textbooks or manuals.

Of course, I would also want to write “scientific” facts and knowledge that are also critical when it comes to parenting. Some of these would include your child’s psychological, emotional, psychosocial and even spiritual development. I can also throw in some need to know details about baby products, items and food that you need to know before purchasing.

Overall I would say that being a mother is indeed a special gift that one must take seriously. It is a God-given responsibility that must be acted upon with nothing but love, care, understanding and strength. Motherhood will truly be a roller-coaster ride for anyone who will decide to take this road. But all of this will be worth it if you see your child smiles, kisses and hugs you and slowly becomes the beautiful person that you would pray that they would be.

​I have contributed several articles that I personally have experienced with my child. I loved every minute of writing and sharing my stories and I am planning to add more helpful topics and relevant issues in the future. I am also planning on giving more “true to life” stories and learnings so that each and every mom can say “hey, I went to the same thing as well” and can find comfort and support through it.


About Meryl

Hi! I’m Meryl, and I am a first-time mom to two-under-two babies who are just 14 months apart. Having two babies at once is both overwhelming and a joy. It’s like having twins, the other is just in a little bit more advanced phase. The coolest thing about being a mom of two babies close in age is you do everything twice now, then you’re done. No more diaper changing, no more milk-making in the middle of the night. The younger one will soon catch up to her older sibling and they will do things together, making them closer to each other.

Since I was in college, I’ve always dreamed of having babies with the man I truly love. It was even okay for me if I get pregnant before I graduate, which was what actually happened. My husband (then boyfriend) knew first, a few months before my graduation march. He said he felt it. I couldn’t be happier that he was on the same boat as me. BUT I never expected the things that happened to me during my journey towards becoming a mom.

I had a stressful pregnancy with my two babies. Worse was with my youngest, because my first-born is a very-high needs baby (if you don’t know what “high-needs” mean, he basically screams at everything). He was only 5 months old when I got pregnant again, and it was really a challenge for me, as I was also going through post-partum depression at that time and my husband is about to leave for a job abroad. I had a hard time, and I can’t stress that enough. I was always on the verge of crying, more so during the night, because I felt how alone I am. I scream quietly, and I cried through my entire pregnancy with my youngest. It honestly is one of the worst times in my life.

But when I gave birth to her, everything turned 180°. Everything is better, I am happier. The thing about being a mom is basically, you really don’t know what to expect. Parenting is full of surprises, sometimes the surprise even comes from you. You do things you didn’t know you could do before, you say things you didn’t know you could say before, you treat a person (or two, or three, or more) with so much love you didn’t know you had before.

I can say that I’m in a much better position now because of my little angels. Although being a full-time mom is a very busy occupation, nothing is better than seeing your children thrive because of everything you’re doing for them. All the sacrifices you made, the emotional roller coaster you went through, the hardships you endured and the depression you survived are all worth it with just a little hug, just a little smile, just a little kiss. My children are literally the decision that I will never, ever regret.

That’s my dramatic little back story and now, I’m a work-at-home-mom that juggles her time between breastfeeding, formula feeding, actual feeding (you know, with food), washing bottles, bathing, clothing, rocking (my babies to sleep), household chores, basically taking care of my cherubs and doing my second love, which is writing. I can now say that I am truly blessed.  🙂



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