Baby Box for Newborns – All You Need to Know About the Blumm Box

If you happen to be one of those parents that can never decide what toys, items or even accessories to buy for your baby (like me), then this website might help you get through your difficult decisions.  The “Blumm” website offers a unique and personalized baby box for newborns based on the information you will give them.

How Does the Blumm Box Work?

Basically, what the “Blumm” site does is that their so called MOM’s (Managers of Merchandising) will choose for you. They will pick the most age appropriate product that will fit your child’s interest. It can go from books to toys and so many more. In addition, these MOM’s will also take into consideration the gender of your child. They will also take note of the milestones and interests that your kid will eventually encounter.

All you need to do is to follow three simple steps. These steps will get you very own baby box for newborn right at your doorsteps. The first step is to sign up and subscribe to their website. This will entitle you to have a monthly “Blumm box”.  The MOM’s of the website will strategically choose the right product for your box.

If you are worried that the box that will be given to you might not be the baby items or products that you wanted, well you better think again. The website promises that what they put in the box will be the best items from the best brands that money can buy. All you have to do is to wait and be surprised once you receive it.

The second step is to Check for the box selection. Each month there will be a scheduled box selection announcement and shipping date. The former will be fixed every first of each month and the latter is every ninth of the month.

Finally, all you have to do is Wait for the box to arrive and let your little ones have a fun, educational and entertaining time. The shipment usually takes around five to seven days after ordering. You will receive an emails with a tracking number so that you can keep an eye on your “Blumm box.” This is certainly a great way to give the perfect products for your kids without the hassle of figuring out what is the “best buy” items in the market and choosing form several options.

What Can We Expect from the Blumm Products?

The MOM’s from the Blumm website will be in charge of all the baby products that you will receive as previously stated.  These items will be handpicked and appropriate for your child’s age and gender.

Their website promises that they will give the suitable merchandise for each and every child based on their age range. With this in mind, the Blumm box offers products that can be used by children who are as young as newborns all the way up to kids at the age of five.

The products that will be chosen are all organic and all-natural if possible. This is a big thumbs up for me. The MOM’s will make sure that each and every item you will get is free of chemicals and beneficial for both parents and child.

The people from “Blumm” also encourages their subscribers to make reviews, feedback and even comments regarding their products. This will allow them to adjust and adapt accordingly. This promises that future transactions and purchases will be even more beneficial for their subscribers.

What Else Does Blumm Offer

If you know someone who has a child then this is also a perfect gift for them. They will offer a one time “gift subscription” purchase so that you can share this wonderful news with other parents. One positive function of this gift subscription is that it will allow the recipient to access the “box selection”. This will allow them to give their child’s gender and age so that the Blumm box they will receive will be appropriate for their kids.

With regards to payment method for the Blumm box, they also made the process easier for busy parents. They accept all major credit/debit cards and even Paypal for fast and easy transactions.

The “Blumm Reward Points” is also offered for their members who are currently subscribed. Receiving products and Blumm boxes will qualify you to get reward points. If you are able to collect a total of 500 reward points, it will be equivalent to one free Blumm box.

If you plan to subscribe to the website, you will only need one account. One account for all of your transactions equals less hassle for purchase. Your account will also have all your activities recorded on it. This includes your monthly subscriptions and renewals, gift subscription and everything that you have purchased. Definitely a great way to take note of your online activities.

So if you want a new and trendy way to buy your kiddos age appropriate merchandise, they I suggest you check out the “Blumm” website and see if they have what you need. This is a great way to invest on shopping even if you are too busy to shop by yourself. This lifesaving website is practically hitting two birds with one stone if you ask me.

Edana Rodriguez

First time mom to a beautiful three year old daughter. I am very open to new, fun ideas and ways on how to take care of my child. I also believe that "kids are way smarter than what we give them credit for."

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