Baby Carrier With Back Support – A Great Start For Babywearing

Sponsored Post – Are you a mom like me who easily stresses over baby gears’ safety? Are you a mom who empathizes with her baby to make sure everything is the most comfortable in the world? Then good! We’re off to a great start because I am a very sensitive mom, especially when it comes to newborns. I want to make sure that everything is the best one for him. So you can imagine my disappointment when I bought a low quality baby carrier that made by baby very uncomfortable and he looks like he’s in pain.

Little did I know about carriers back then, and I just bought one out of need. I didn’t do any research prior to buying; I just saw one and bought it because my baby loves being carried. The structural carrier I bought brought tears to my eyes because not only is it a little more complicated, but it is also NOT a baby carrier with back support. It doesn’t even have a decent, form-fitting structure for the baby and it advertises wrongly because only toddlers can fit into that kind of carriers. But, enough about that; let me let you a little something about a great baby carrier with back support that you can be sure you bought the right carrier - no back pain

Benefits of Baby Carriers

Before I give you the full details and information about the carrier I mentioned, let me increase your excitement by sharing with you why wearing your baby is a great thing:

  1. Number one benefit will always be the parent-child bonding. Being very close to each other increases bonding because you’re both in one “bubble”, so no restrictions and limits from one another. Wearing your baby throughout the day strengthens your bond, especially in the first few months.
  2. Increased milk supply. Breastfeeding moms prefer to wear their baby outside for convenience of carrying, as well as convenience of nursing. You can breastfeed your baby while inside the carrier because the baby’s head is at the level of your chest. It is also discreetly convenient because you’re both covered and no one would suspect that you’re breastfeeding in public. Frequent closeness between mother and baby also increases milk supply.
  3. Soothes and calms a fussy baby. Did you notice that even when babies are already having breath-holding spells and you pick them up upright and cuddles them close to you, they instantly calm down like nothing happened? It’s the same effect as with a proper carrier. Babies love to feel like being in the womb again. They love movement and feeling your warmth against them. Carriers give the same effect.
  4. Reduces gassiness and colic. Because babies are worn upright, their gastrointestinal tract flows in the right direction. It is easier for babies to burp and digest the milk than when they’re lying down. Because of this, it lessens spit-ups and trapped air which leads to colic symptoms and gas.
  5. Last but not the least is a baby carrier’s form-fitting structure which hugs the baby’s back. Let me tell you some facts about this.

Baby Carriers and Spinal Stress

As moms, one of our first and main concerns when using a carrier for our babies is their comfort, specifically their backs. We may think that prolonged use of carrier throughout the day will cause too much pressure on their growing spine. Trust me, I thought of that, too. But I did some research and it turned out that the right kinds of carriers have great back support even for babies who still have soft spines.proper posture

An advice, though, is when using structured carriers, avoid putting your babies on an outward position (not facing you) very often. It causes overstimulation and is not good for the back. It stretches the baby’s c-curved spine into a straight line which is against its natural shape. When choosing a baby carrier with back support, make sure that is of high quality and thoughtfully made. It should also allow the baby’s legs to spread around your hip like when you are traditionally carrying her by your arms.

MiaMily Hipster™ Plus 3D Baby Carrier – A Great Baby Carrier With Back Support

You may have remembered me talking about a great product earlier. This is it. MiaMily is a Swiss brand co-founded by Alessandro and Cecilia specializing in a multi-purpose baby carrier called the MiaMily Hipster™ Plus 3D Baby Carrier which is a great one piece with the benefits of THREE carriers (a hip seat, a structured carrier and a ring sling) in one. It is carefully and thoughtfully designed that it is able to cater to ALL age groups (from newborn until toddler years) and it is made with the parents in mind, too. This carrier is ergonomic which means it reduces the amount of discomfort and back pains parents have when wearing their babies. It also allows proper spinal posture by allowing the baby’s weight to evenly distribute to both sides of mom’s body, thus avoiding too much weight on either side of the hip.

Hipster™ Plus also has a double-layer option perfect for all seasons. It can keep your baby warm during the colder months, and keep your baby cool during the summer months. It also has extra storage for you and your baby’s necessities, which can help lessen your baggage. What’s beautiful about this carrier is its simplicity and modern feel. It is perfect for a modern mom with a modern style. It is also great for dads because they can wear this without compromising fashion and masculinity since wraps and slings are more for moms.

A Perfect Carrier For Correct Babywearing – For Your Baby And For You

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MiaMily Hipster™ Plus 3D Baby Carrier is the best back baby carrier for when you need something structured, effective, multipurpose and SAFE. Safety and comfort is always first when choosing a baby gear and this carrier has those pinned down. I love that it is very considerate of its target customers, not only to sell. They care about both babies and parents alike. If you are thinking of getting a great, high quality carrier very much worth its price, then this product is for you.

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