Baby Carrier With Hip Seat – A Sleek And Trendy Take On Baby Carriers

Sponsored Post – When choosing for your baby, you will always prefer something that you think is the best. You want all the tiny details about a certain product and you want to be sure how safe, effective and comfortable it is. It is the same with every aspect; may it be food, clothing, and of course, the gears they will be using every day for the coming months and years. Baby gears, such as a baby carrier with hip seat are optional. They can range from a want to a necessity, depending on your baby and your lifestyle as a family. If you are more active on a day to day basis and you often want your baby with you, a carrier is a hip seat positions

There are also a lot of research regarding baby wearing and how it is good for both the parent and the child. As I’ve read in the past, baby wearing works wonders. It can calm a fussy baby, it can strengthen the bond between parent and baby, and it can boost breast milk production. Apart from that, though, baby carriers don’t just serve one purpose. By carrying the baby very close to the parent, it allows the same stimulation that a baby can get from the environment compared to when riding a regular stroller (without the bulkiness).

The Right Carrier for Outdoor Times

Because a baby’s day out is a fun time, choosing the appropriate carrier is a must. It should have a good back support, a form-hugging structure and a comfortable and breathable fabric. Another great choice is a baby carrier with hip seat as it acts like an actual “seat” for your baby. It differs from a standard structured carrier in a way that your baby won’t feel too carried. She has room for more movement meaning more exploration. It is also more comfortable for a toddler who already has a strong back support as they are now more accustomed to sitting down.

When choosing hipseat carriers, however, it should pass safety standards for you to be sure that your baby is as comfortable as he can get. Low quality hipseat carriers are known to put too much pressure on the baby’s growing hips. Worst case scenarios would be hip dysplasia which is the abnormal formation of the hip joint. This can lead to osteoarthritis and can last until adult years. So when choosing a baby carrier with hip seat, you should source it from a reputable brand. Make sure that it passed safety standards, and is receiving mostly positive feedbacks from customers.

Is MiaMily Hipster™ Plus 3D Baby Carrier The Perfect Baby Carrier With Hip Seat?

MiaMily is a Swiss brand co-founded by Alessandro and Cecilia. They specialize in a multi-purpose baby carrier called the MiaMily Hipster™ Plus 3D Baby Carrier. This carrier give customers the benefits of THREE carriers namely the hip seat, structured carrier and ring sling. It is specifically designed to cater to ALL age groups (including the newborn stage) and it is designed for the safety of the parent as well. This carrier is ergonomic, which means it allows proper spinal posture because it allows the baby’s weight to evenly distribute to both sides, thus eliminating the chances of having more weight on either side of the hip. It also minimizes the discomfort and back pains parents have when wearing their babies. So this means that not only the babies are comfortable, but the parent as well.

Hipster™ Plus also has a dual-layer option, which is perfect for every season. You can remove a single layer for the summer months, then put it back again during chilly weathers. It also has extra storage for your baby’s needs and essentials, as well as your necessities so you can ditch the bag and just bring the carrier. What I love about this is its simplicity and structural feel. It is perfect for a modern mom with a modern style. It is also perfect for dads because it’s not too feminine unlike wraps or slings with a softer and more flowing design.hip-seat-front-facing

MiaMily Hipster™ Plus 3D Baby Carrier – Safety First

What’s more important is that it has been submitted and approved by numerous global-wide safety standards.  This includes the global safety standard EN13209-2:2005 and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2014 in U.S./Canada. When choosing a baby gear, always do research to avoid putting yourself and your baby at risk.

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With a baby carrier with hip seat like this, you cannot go wrong. It ticks all the boxes when looking for the perfect carrier. It looks good, it feels good, it’s safe and it’s an investment because you can use it even when your baby is growing up every day. Just make sure that your baby is ready and she’s already at the right age and development.

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