Baby Items Checklist – I Share My Full List With You

If your head is spinning on the numerous things that you need to add to your baby items checklist, you are not the only one experiencing this dilemma. baby itmes checklist

That’s the reason we have created a very comprehensive guide. Here are fun and helpful ways for you to complete your list using baby items that start with A-Z.

To make it easier for you to get a general idea, we have highlighted some of the most important baby items in orange. So let’s start with this simple yet effective and fun way to do your shopping list.


  • Activity toys are always a good addition to your list. It’s never too early to start stimulating your child with toys. You can start with the mobile toys that can be placed on the top of their crib. You can also buy small toys that can be strapped to their wrists. It can stimulate their eyesight and their hearing at the same time because it makes rattling sounds.





  • Abacus – An abacus is a calculating tool that was used way back ancient times. It is a good first toy for a baby because of the movable beads, as well as the colorful design. It can help a baby distinguish points from one another, and it improves their vision and eye-hand coordination.


  • Blankets are top necessities of your baby so better add it to your baby items checklist. Especially when they are still newborns. Since their bodies are still adapting to the outside environment, they will still find it hard to adjust their body temperature.
  • Bottles are also necessary for your checklist. It can serve a double purpose. It can be used primarily for feeding purposes. It can also double as a storage vessel for your extra breastmilk. It can also save time because you do not need to thaw your milk in a plastic compartment. Instead, it can be thawed directly and fed to your baby.
  • BassinetA bassinet is a baby’s first bed. It is usually designed for newborn babies who sleep a lot until they are not yet very active. A bassinet is almost the same as a craBassinetdle. The difference is, cradles are usually designed for rocking motions and a bassinet is designed for steadiness.
  • Bath rest – A bath rest differs from bathtubs in such a way that bath rests are only reclined surfaces for your baby to lay down on during bath time. It should be inside a sink, bathtub or bathroom.
  • BooksBooks are beneficial for your baby’s growing mind. Babies can start with black and white pattern books, transitioning to colored patterns, then to colored drawings, then to colored drawings with words and letters.
  • Booties – Babies’ feet get cold easily. Booties differ from socks in a way that they are usually knit and/or loose, while socks are form fitting.
  • Bottlebrush – A bottle brush is a cleaning tool for baby bottles. It usually comes with the nipple cleaner.
  • Bottle rack – A bottle rack is a cleaning accessory for placing your bottles in after cleaning. It is a drying tool as well as storage.
  • Bouncer seat – A bouncer seat is a baby equipment used as a safe place for your baby to lie down. It usually comes with mobiles, music and vibrating effect. Some have rocking motions operated by batteries. You might want to take a look at one of the best baby bouncer seats.
  • Breast pumpBreast pump is technically a baby item because they are used by moms who plan on going back to work, to provide milk for their babies. These breast pumps get milk out of mom’s breast to be stored for future consumption.
  • Breastmilk storage bottles/bagsThese are storage items for breastmilk which are specifically designed to be compact and leakage-proof. Some high-quality storage bottles are well made that even odor cannot get in. This is beneficial when breastmilk is stored in refrigerators and freezers where odors are circulating through food items.
  • Bubble bath – A bubble bath differs from body washes in a way that bubble baths are specifically made to produce lots of bubbles. These are fun to use and can serve as an activity to your little one.
  • Building blocks – An appropriate toy for when your baby is already starting to have a concept of objects. These help them with their perception of space, as well as construction play.
  • Burp cloth – Burp cloths are made of absorbent materials and are usually placed on the shoulder to avoid spit-up mess. These are also good for cleaning up excess dirt on your baby.


    • Colic prevention is one of your weapon during the first few months of your baby. In order to prevent your baby from having colic pain, use an anti-colic bottle feeder. I used the anti-colic bottle from Dr. Browns when my daughter was still a newborn and thankfully, it worked well for her.
    • Carriers are also a must for children. Either it is a transporter, a stroller or a car seat, it will serve a great purpose for you and your baby. Just make sure that you will get a good class of carrier. I have always been a fan of baby products made by Graco. It is both strong and comfortable for your child
    • Car seatA car seat is made especially for babies who cannot sit up yet inside the car. These are made to prevent injuries or even death during collisions.
    • Changing table – Changing tables may be separate furniture or it can be attached to the crib itself. It is useful because having a separate area to change your baby can avoid making a mess in his beddings. These scenarios are common especially when your baby is still in his “explosive poop” phase.
    • Cloth bibs – Cloth bibs are preferred by other moms because they are absorbent and the excess food and drinks are easily washed off. Choosing between a cloth and waterproof bib depends on the parent’s preference.
    • Cloth diaper – This one also depends on the mom. Some moms are eco-friendly and very practical. They prefer to use only diapers that they can wash again and again, instead of using disposables that are made of plastic. Plastic takes 450 years to decompose, and the use of disposables just piles up mounds and mounds of plastic which is very harmful to Mother Earth.
    • Comb – Combs, or sometimes moms prefer baby hair brush are used to detangle a baby’s thin hair. Combs that are specially designed for babies should be bought because wrong kinds of combs can hurt or damage your baby’s hair.
    • Cotton balls – Cotton balls should be in every mom’s kit. These are useful for when babies poop or just generally cleaning up some mess. These are also used for applying medicine to a scratch or wound.
    • CribCribs are small beds with railings or barred sides. These are common bedding for babies whose parents are avoiding the risks of co-sleeping. Cribs can also serve as playpens during the day. We have created a very detailed review on 3-in-1 cribs here.
  • Crib mobile – Crib mobiles are visual toys hanging above the crib. They may be stationary or rotating. Other mobiles also come with music and lights. These are only for cribs and cannot be detached to be placed in a stroller. These help in improving babies’ vision, as well as keeping them entertained.Crib mobile


    • Diapers must never be forgotten no matter what. It is your number two properly following your child’s milk supply. Diapers are a bit tricky to pick. What I did was I started with small amounts of diapers and observed if my daughter would have an allergic reaction to it like rashes.
    • Diaper pins – Diaper pins are safety pins designed to lessen risks of babies being pricked. These have bigger heads to keep the pointy end in place. These also come in fun colors and designs. Diaper pins are usually used for bird’s eye (a type of cotton cloth usually used for diapering) to keep them in place and secure.
    • Diaper bagDiaper bags are storage bags for travel. They usually are storage for baby stuff you need while going out.


  • E45 cream – Once in a while, your child will develop rashes on their face and body. It is common for babies to have them. Usually, your child’s pediatrician will prescribe creams for it. One of them is the E45 cream. This cream can help in the treatment of skin rash and even dry skin.
  • Ear thermometerEar thermometers are easier to use than digital thermometers because they determine temperature must faster. It only takes 1-2 seconds, while digital thermometers take up until a minute.


  • Finger foods are also a must once your child reaches their first year. This can help you introduce them to solid food with ease. Be creative when you choose your finger foods. Start with fruits and veggies like I did.
  • Flip flops – Believe it or not, flip-flops are baby items. There are households where using slippers are necessary, and flip-flops are one of the easiest things to wear. Babies also need to learn to wear certain footwear because they can’t rely on shoes alone.flip flop


  • A gym mat with toys is a fun way of helping your baby develop their motor skills. These are soft mats that can be placed on the floor and is big enough to accommodate a baby lying down. It also has colorful toys hanging above it which will certainly catch your child’s interest.
  • Gripe water – Gripe water is an over-the-counter liquid supplement for helping colic. Colic may be very intense and give pain to your baby, so resorting to gripe water may relieve your baby.


  • Hooded bath towels are very useful especially when you are just new to bathing your child. At the same time, the hood will immediately give warmth to your baby’s hebaby hatad. Keep in mind that a newborn’s head emits body temperature the most, so always have the hood placed immediately after bathing.
  • Hat – During the summer months, making a baby wear a hat will prevent sun damage as well as acting as a sunshade. Hats can also be used for styling purposes to match outfits.
  • High chair – A highchair is a necessity especially when your baby is already starting to eat solids. This will also help him get accustomed to sitting during mealtimes.


  • Insect repellant – For those families that enjoy staying out in the sun and bask in the green environment, you need to have an Insect repellant always on hand for your baby. Better yet, before leaving the house, apply it to them.
  • Ice pack – An ice pack is usually handy for an active toddler when bumps and bruises become more common. But it is also a necessity for after every vaccination when the injection site is sore and swollen. Ice packs help reduce the swelling.


  • Johnson and Jbaby items that start withohnson’s – It is safe to say that any baby items checklist must and will have a set of Johnson and Johnson’s baby necessities. This includes soaps, shampoos, oils, perfumes, powder and many more. You name it and they will obviously have it.
  • Jumperoo – Jumperoo is a baby device which helps him exercise his lower body by bouncing up and down. Your baby in safety harnesses so no need to worry about him getting unattached.


  • Kangaroo carrier – If you think that a carrier is too bulky when you go out you can opt to choose a lightweight version of it. The Kangaroo carrier is less bulky and can be easily used. The difference is that this particular carrier is harnessed to your body, allowing direct contact with your young one.
  • Keepsake box – A keepsake box (or some moms prefer photo albums or scrapbooks) is a box to put in some memorable items to remind you of your baby’s milestones. Some items are the umbilical cord, baby’s first cut hair, and fingernails. You can also add printed pictures, souvenirs, and other items to remind you of your baby’s growth over the years.


  • Lullabies – One of my personal favorites starts with the letter I. I have been using this since I was pregnant up until now that my girl is already turning three and it never failed to help me. Lullabies are lifesavers especially when you want your child to sleep soundly or to calm them down.
  • Legwarmers – Leg warmers are becoming more popular now, not only as a necessity but also as a fashionable piece. Legwarmers are used often during cold months and also when your baby is starting to crawl or cruise around the house.
  • Lotion – Baby lotions are a must especially during wintertime when skin easily gets drier than usual. Always make sure to check labels if they are specially made for babies and sensitive skin.


  • Milk – The number one item needed for your baby is obviously milk. Be it breastmilk or formula milk, you must never, ever run out of supply. For breastfeeding moms, my tip is to eat healthily and drink lots and lots and LOTS of fluids. For those who are using formula milk, start with buying the smallest amount available in the market. You might never know if your child can tolerate the formula or if you need to shift to another brand. Since it is a bit expensive, going small is better than wasting a large amount of powdered milk.
  • MattressMattresses are the actual bedding your baby sleeps on in cribs. These are strong cloths made with firm material inside. Make sure you get high quality and well-made mattresses that come from reputable brands.
  • MonitorA baby monitor is a device which is connected to a small camera to be placed inside the nursery. Through this, you can see how your baby is and what he/she is doing. Some baby monitors can also be talked through so that your baby can hear you.
  • Mittens – Mittens are a necessity for newborn babies, especially during the first few weeks when you can’t cut the fingernails yet. You can, though, but other paremittens babynts prefer not to. Newborn fingernails are quite sharp, so they need mittens to prevent them from scratching their face.
  • Mosquito net – These are common during times and in places where mosquitoes are most rampant. A lot of illnesses are brought on by mosquitoes and it should be a priority when checking your baby’s nursery or sleeping area.

These are just some of the ideas I can think of for baby items that start with A-M. You can use this method to make your checklist more creative, fun and flexible. Let’s continue with baby items that start with the letter n 😉


  • Nail Clippers – Baby nail clippers or scissors are for trimming your little one’s tiny nails. Be careful, though. Newborn’s nails are very soft. Be sure to have enough light when you are trimming their nails. Or better yet, do it during the day. It’s also the same as when you’re cutting yours. The difference is, you are super-duper-extra careful.
  • Nail File – Baby nail files are preferred when moms are not ready to use nail clippers yet. It is also used when the nails are cut but some edges are still a little sharp.
  • Nappy Rash Cream – Nappy rashes are caused by retained moisture on the skin or allergic reactions to a diaper. Some diapers are not super absorbent which will leave your baby’s bottom wet. The moisture, when left for too long, will weaken the outer layer of the baby’s skin. Addition of the bacteria from baby’s poop, all of it will cause an irritation. You will notice your baby’s skin being red or inflamed. This is very uncomfortable and painful for her. Nappy creams contain anti-bacterial properties and act as a barrier against wetness.
  • Nasal Aspirator – Nasal aspirators are very handy when your little one catches a cold. These are used to extract some excess mucus inside their nose that can be pretty hard to reach by Q-tips.
  • Night Light – This is a must for your baby who doesn’t like sleeping in the dark. Plus, it is a necessity for those late night feedings and diaper changing. Even adults need this sometimes, too.
  • Nipples (Teats) – Teats are designed to mimic the mother’s actual nipple. Infants suck formula through these during their first months especially when the mother doesn’t have milk coming in yet. Teats are usually made of rubber, silicone or latex.
  • Noise Machine – Newborns are accustomed to loud noises inside the womb. Some babies are overwhelmed with the stillness and quietness of the outside world, especially at night. So moms resort to using machines that imitates random sounds such as sounds from nature or appliances.
  • Nursing PillowNursing pillows are a necessity for breastfeeding moms. It is designed to help the mother and baby’s position during breastfeeding.


  • Oil – These may be coconut oils or the baby oils sold in markets. Baby oils are used to moisturize babies’ skin and prevent dryness. Some moms (including me) make use of organic extra virgin coconut oil because it doesn’t contain chemicals that some baby oils have.
  • Onesies – Onesies are the most comfortable (for the baby) and easiest (for the mommy) to put on in terms of clothing. This is my favorite among all types of baby clothes because I can put them on and take them off with ease. It is also a one-time dressing because there is no separate bottom to put on. It is a whole piece, hence the name “onesie”.
  • On-The-Go Mobiles – Mobiles are beneficial for babies with ages 0-6 months old. These help babies to improve their vision and hand-eye coordination. On-the-go mobiles are detachables that can be attached to strollers when you’re having a day out with your baby.
  • Outlet Covers – When your baby is already an active tot roaming around the house, it is always best to secure everything that your baby can reach. Outlet covers are basically what its name is: they are covers to electrical outlets.



  • PacifierPacifiers are separate teats designed to satisfy your baby’s suck reflex. These are made especially for babies who are not hungry but loves comfort sucking. Pacifiers are proven to reduce chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by half (http://www.webmd.com/parenting/baby/features/using-pacifiers).
  • Pail (For Diapers) – We all know those dirty diapers need to go somewhere. Diaper pails are used to collect dirty nappies so you won’t have to go running towards the trash or leaving behind a dirty nappy for your toddler to reach.
  • Pajamas – Pyjamas are essential to your baby’s sleep. They provide comfort and warmth during a cool night.pajama
  • Petroleum Jelly – Petroleum jellies are used as skin barrier to prevent diaper rash.
  • Pillows – Newborns doesn’t need to use pillows yet because it risks your baby in many different ways (interesting read here). But pillows for older babies and toddlers are necessary to provide a cushion for their heads.
  • Play Yard – Play yards are like little playgrounds for babies. These can be customized depending on you and your baby’s preference. Play yards can take up much larger space than a play mat.
  • Play Mat- Play mats or baby gyms are often used by infants (ages 0-12 months) as they are still improving their senses. Play mats often come in a complete package to stimulate vision, hearing, and touch.
  • Plushies – Plushies are basically soft toys. I separated this from toys because toys are pretty general. Plushies are made for newborns and infants as well as toddlers who want to have a specific stuffed animal as a security blanket.
  • Potty Trainer – A potty trainer is designed to mimic a real toilet for training toddlers in going #2.
  • Powder – Powders are used to keep baby’s skin dry
  • Prams – Prams are basically bassinets on wheels. They are designed for newborns and are supposed to keep them lying down. Prams are for your sleeping baby when you are on your day out.
  • Puzzle Mats – Puzzle mats have been the thing here (from where I’m from) for as long as I remember. Not only do they keep your baby cushioned on solid ground, but it’s also colorful and fun.
  • Q-Tips – also known as cotton buds, are widely used for personal hygiene because it can reach hard-to-reach areas such as ears, nose, navel and the genital area.
  • Quilt – this is one of the basics in baby bedding. A quilt has multiple purposes. It can be used as a bed cover as well as a blanket for the cooler nights.



  • Rattle – A rattle is one of a baby’s first toy. It is a device that makes a sound when shaken. This helps babies’ hearing improve during the first months. It is also very entertaining.
  • Receiving Blankets – Receiving blankets are technically for newborns when they are going to be brought home for the first time. But it can be used for a longer period of time as a basic blanket.
  • Rocker – Rockers can be bassinets with the capability of being rocked or a toy which can be ridden upon, like a rocking horse.
  • Rocking Chair – A rocking chair can be beneficial to moms with fussy babies, or someone who just wants to provide their little ones with a more comfortable sleep. Some moms also use this while feeding their child. Suggested Post: Baby Rocking Chair Review.baby-rocking-chair
  • Rug – A rug can be a safety measure. It cushions your little one’s feet against the solid ground at it can also be his personal space while doing activities.


    • Safety GatesSafety gates are necessary especially if you have a very active toddler who just goes everywhere. It is appropriate for staircases and areas in the house where you don’t want your baby to come in.
    • Safety Pins – Safety pins are used to hold pieces of cloth together to form a basic cloth diaper.
    • Saline Nose Drops/Spray – Saline nose drops or sprays are beneficial when your little one has a cold. Saline drops are basically salt water. This loosens up the mucus inside each nose that blocks his/her breathing. The loose mucus can be removed by Q-tips or nasal aspirator.
    • ShampooA baby’s head is very sensitive at first. It should only be in contact with hygienic stuff made especially for babies. Choose a shampoo made especially for newborns and infants.
    • Shoes – Although babies do not benefit from shoes until they are able to walk, shoes can be used for fashion.
    • Sippy Cup – Sippy cups are designed to help babies transition from bottle/breast to cups. Sippy cups gives out much more liquid to help your baby get accustomed to the fast flow.
    • SleepSack – Sleep sacks are wearable blankets. They are much better to traditional blankets because they are wrapped around your baby’s body, thus avoiding suffocation.
    • Sling – A sling is a type of baby wrap used for babywearing.
    • Snowsuits – Snowsuits are coveralls used for cold climates and are usually waterproof.
    • Soap – The same as shampoo, the soaps you should use should be fit for a very sensitive skin.
    • Socks – Socks are a necessity for a baby. Babies’ feet get cold easily and should be kept warm.
    • Stepping Stool – Stepping stools are used by older toddlers who are already accustomed to walking around the house. Instead of climbing on everything to get certain items, safe stepping stools are bought by parents for their little ones.
    • SterilizerSterilizers are used to sterilize bottles, teats, toys, and utensils used by the baby. It is a necessity for you to make sure that your baby’s belongings are germ-free.
    • Storage Bags – Storage bags can be stored with many different things. From diaper stocks to bottles, from baby clothes to other baby essentials, storage bags are very handy.
    • Straw Bottle – Straw bottles are like sippy cups in terms of helping babies transition from bottles to cups. The difference is, straw bottles have straws for babies who are not yet used to very fast flows. Straw bottles are needed to be sucked in order for the liquid to come out, unlike sippy cups which are free-flowing.
    • StrollerA stroller is a travel system for babies and toddlers. They can be converted for lying down and sitting up. Strollers are beneficial for when you are going out and about with your baby for the day.
  • Sunshade – Sunshades are usually used inside cars to avoid the bright sunlight.
  • Swaddle – A swaddle is a piece of cloth to wrap your baby in securely. This is used by moms of fussy babies who are still accustomed to the feeling of being in the womb. Swaddles give the feeling of security and warmth to your little one. It also prevents your baby from having startle reflexes.
  • Swimsuit – Summer cannot be complete without swimming. Your little one will be enjoying his swim with the proper swimsuit.
  • Swing – Baby swings are used to give your baby the feeling of constant movement, just like in the womb. These give your baby comfort and can help them fall asleep faster. Suggested Post: Best Baby Swings


    • TeetherTeethers are soothing tools for your teething baby. Teething can be painful and itchy and your baby might be biting his toys and (sadly) your nipples as well. Giving a cooled teether will numb the pain in your baby’s gums as well as satisfying his need to bite.
    • Teething Ointment – Teething ointments are used to numb the pain in your baby’s gums.
    • Thermometer – These are used to get your baby’s specific temperature.
    • Thermos – A thermos is a container which helps your drink remain its original temperature. It is useful for preparing a bottle of milk for your baby if you do not have a bottle warmer.
    • Toothbrush – Some are designed for milk teeth, when they are still growing but needs cleaning already. They are made from silicone and have little bumps all over for the brushing of teeth. And there are the regular toothbrushes when your little one’s teeth are fully out.
    • Toothpaste – There are kinds of toothpaste on the market made especially for your baby’s age. Do not buy toothpaste for adults because these have different formulations and may pose a risk to your baby.
    • Toy Basket – A toy basket is a storage for your baby’s toys. These are needed to keep your baby’s toys organized and always in place. You should also teach your baby to return his toys to his storage basket. This will teach your baby a sense of organization early on.
    • ToysToys are objects for your baby to play with, and most of the time, toys are more than that. A specific toy can become his best friend or companion and is his security blanket.
  • Travel Crib – Travel cribs are cribs that can be folded down to a smaller size for travel. Also known as portable baby cribs.
  • T-shirts – T-shirts are garments for your baby’s upper body. T-shirts are available for babies for comfort and also, for the style.
  • Tub – Bathtubs have different designs and make sure to choose the right one. There are tubs that go inside an adult-sized bathtub so you can take a bath at the same time. There are also bathtubs that can just be placed on any flat surface.


  • Undershirts – Undershirts are garments worn under a shirt. These are appropriate for the summer time for the absorption of sweat, as well as during wintertime to provide more warmth.


  • Vaporizer – While a humidifier creates a cool mist of evaporated water, vaporizers do the opposite. They create a steam by heating water. Either one of these helps with your baby’s congestion by loosening up the mucus inside the nose.


  • Walker – A walker is a device to help your baby walk. These are bought depending on the parent’s preference and observation. But most of the time, babies just learn to walk on their own.
  • Warmer – Bottle warmers are bought by parents in cooler climates because the milk gets cold faster. A bottle warmer prepares the bottle to be warm enough for the baby to drink.
  • WashclothWashcloths are used for many different purposes. They are handy for your baby’s bath, as well as wiping off any dirt or mess on your baby during emergencies.
  • Waterproof Bibs – Waterproof bibs are made of plastic and these are preferred by parents because excess food just slides off. Unlike with cloth bibs, it should be washed and dried again before use.
  • WipesBaby wipes are essential for wiping off any mess made by the baby, and that includes poop time.
  • Wrap – Wraps are a type of carrier for babywearing. Wraps are more comfortable and snuggly, unlike traditional carriers that are made for older babies. Wraps are made for newborns up until toddlers.


  • Xylophone – Colourful xylophones are some of a baby’s first toys. These teach them music and sounds and is also fun to play with.


  • Yarn Animal – Yarn animals have much more texture than other stuffed toy. These are good first toys as well because they stimulate your baby’s sense of touch.yellow ducky
  • Yellow Ducky – Yellow duckies are essentially a baby’s basic. These make bath times much more fun. It also improves your baby’s vision over time.
  • Yogurt Bites/Melts – Yogurt melts are fun for toddlers because they are sweet and creamy and can be picked up by their little fingers. Finger foods help babies with their eye-hand coordination and also stimulates their sense of taste.


  • Zebra Toy – A zebra toy is a good first toy for a newborn. Black and white patterns stimulate baby’s vision during the first months because those are the times when they cannot see color yet.
  • Zinc Oxide OintmentA zinc oxide ointment is one of the types of a nappy rash cream. Zinc oxides are one of the most effective and can relieve rashes just overnight.
  • Zip-Ups – Zip-ups are onesies and coveralls that can be zipped up and zipped down. These are much more efficient and time-saving than the ones with buttons.

Co-Author: Edana Patricio

I hope we have inspired you with our baby items checklist. Of course, your own checklist will depend on what you think you and your baby will need. Making this list should be fun, memorable and exciting.

It’s your shopping time that is totally dedicated to your little one. Enjoy the pleasure of buying for your little angel. I hope you enjoyed reading through this list (I think it’s maybe one of the most comprehensive lists of baby items on the internet) and find some helpful encouragement for shopping.





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