Top Three Baby Rocking Chair Reviewed [2018]

Babies love it when they can manage to move about and explore their environment. That is why parents make time and effort to look for the best baby rocking chair for their little ones.

Not only must it meet your criteria of safety, durability and functionality but it must also be comfortable, reliable and classy.

That is why I have made a list of the top three baby rocking chair that is both approved by us and all the moms who have experiences with it.



Product Name

​Overall Rating


​# 1

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, Floral Confetti

​# 2

Fisher-Price Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper

​# 3

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, Dark Safari

Baby Rocking Chair: Features, Pros, Cons and Conclusions 

#1) Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, Floral Confetti

Having a little girl means that you can “doll up” her things, including her “baby furniture”.  But you need to also include that her things are safe to use, durable and comfy at all times.

That is why the Fisher-Price family has yet another amazing item that both you and your daughter will truly enjoy.  This product of theirs has been getting quite a good feedback from parents who bought it for a good reason.

Overall Rating


The “Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, Floral Confetti”, is a cute and adorable floral confetti themed rocker that screams “pink” all over. Its vibrant colors can catch your little girl’s attention every time she lies down and plays in her rocker. The best thing about this is that she can treasure this item for a long time as well without the fear of it “wearing-down” anytime soon.

The “Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, Floral Confetti” starts as an infant seat that can be used as a rocker as well. It is designed to have a very low profile frame that makes it newborn friendly. It can also be adjusted into two reclining positions to adapt to your little girl’s needs. While lying down on this rocker, you can feed your baby, put her to sleep and even allow her to play.

Safety is also another serious matter that this rocker never fails to address. Asides from its wide and sturdy base, it also has a three point restrain to ensure proper safety and security of your precious princess. Now you do not have to worry if your little girl gets too excited and would move around too much because she is safely and comfortably secure at all times.


Your baby can also sleep better with the help of the vibrating option of this rocker. The vibration given by this rocker is just the right strength to ensure that your little girl gets soothed and calmed until she falls asleep and journey into dreamland.

As soon as she wakes up, she will be greeted by her lovable, adorable and colorful animal buddies found at the toy bar attached to the rocker. The cute purple monkey holds a rattle ball while the delightful zebra offers a colorful clacker toy for your baby to reach, hold and look at. Playing with these toys will enhance your baby’s visual, tactile and gross motor skills all at the same time.

Once your baby grows up and becomes a toddler, you can now easily and seamlessly convert the rocker into a seat. Simply remove the toy rack so that your little girl can enjoy the rocking seat to the fullest. The “Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, Floral Confetti” can accommodate a toddler as heavy as 40 pounds. Some moms even state that their child weighs more yet the rocker can still manage to handle the additional weight.

​This rocker is also easy to clean and can be done with fast precision. The seat cover is meticulously made and ergonomically designed so that it can easily be removed and placed back without exerting any extra effort. Furthermore, the materials used to make the seat cover is not just comfortable and baby-friendly but it is also washer-dryer friendly as well. Now you do not need to waste extra time just to clean a rocker seat and its cloth cover.


If you value your home space and would want a “space-saving” baby gear then this rocker might not be such a great choice. Since the rocker has a “heavy-duty” rocking base, it is heavier and can accumulate more space than normal.

Another issue is that its design is more fitting for girls. Originally, the target gender for this item is unisex as suggested by the manufacturers themselves. But seeing the “pink” theme and floral patterns, it is more for girls rather than boys. So if you have a boy and would want this particular rocker, you can try to look for the same rocker style but with a different theme.


If I had to choose honestly between rockers, this would be on top of my list. Durability, safety and comfort are the top three things that I always floor for in a rocker and this one gives me all three and even more. The wide and well-built base is the sturdiest one of all the three rockers featured. It also has an amazing and bright color scheme that I am sure will catch any baby’s attention. Plus, other moms who have purchased it swore on the items durability. They even said that the item can go and accommodate toddlers who are beyond 40 pounds in weight. This is definitely a long lasting item worth purchasing for me.

#2) Fisher-Price Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper

One of the most troublesome and challenging thing any parent will ever encounter is finding the best way to put your young ones to sleep. Every baby has their own “preference” on how they want to be sent to sleep. This is a real head scratcher for each and every one of us indeed.


​Another ingenious product made by Fisher-Price, the “Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper” doubles as a rocker and a sleeper chair with the help of just a few minor adjustments.

Overall Rating

​This sleeper is the answer to those babies who wants to be cradled and rocked to sleep and even beyond. Loved by parents all around the world, this item has been given a very good rating by its buyers because of its amazing features. Let’s discuss these features one by one.

Sleep needs comfort and this sleeper can offer to your baby just that. The seat is made up of soft, breathable and child friendly mesh sides that can be easily removed and washed using a washer-drier. With its aqua stone fashion pattern, it can be used by both baby girls and boys.  It also has an extra deep seat design to promote more comfort and safety for your baby.

To provide and even more sound sleep, the “Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper” also has three primary functions that can help you. First is the soothing sounds that can be played while your rock your baby to sleep. It has a total of 12 songs and 3 sound effects to keep your baby calm and asleep for a long period of time.

Another amazing function of this sleeper is its rocking speed options. You can now be able to adjust how fast or slow the rocking motion can be based on your little one’s preference. Combining the right rocking speed and calming sound will ensure a comfortable bedtime routine for your baby.

Probably the best function of this sleeper is the third one and it involves how the “rocking pattern” should start. This sleeper is carefully designed to promote its “self-rocking” feature. This means that with just a press of a button, the rocking motion will start. You will no longer have to push the rocker in order for it to start rocking. It will start on its own as soon as you press it to.


If you are also concerned for your baby’s play time while they are in this sleeper, then you should not fret. The “Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper” has a linkable clacker toy that your baby can play around and even chew on. It’s bright colors and baby friendly design and materials will ensure your that your baby can practice their gross motor, sight, grasp and tactile senses each time they play it.

Its wide and sturdy base is not only durable but also light-weight all at the same time. Its durability ensures safety for your little ones and also assurance that the sleeper will not move around when it is being rocked. The light weight material also allows you to easily transport, clean and store it. But don’t let this light-weight feature fool you. The “Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper” can carry a maximum weight load of 20 pounds.


There are certain reviews that mothers posts which all have the same issue. The mechanism suddenly stops after a long period of use, and sometimes even earlier. But these smart mommies are very resourceful and found out that the rubber ring found inside the mechanism was the culprit. The rubber that is responsible for the swaying motion of the rocker has snapped. But all you need to do is to replace it with a thick ponytail holder with no metals and you are once again good to go.


One thing is for sure, majority of babies fall asleep faster and calmer is they are cradled and rocked to sleep. I bet your little one does too. So if you are looking for a great rocker to put your baby to sleep then the “Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper” by Fisher-Price might be the exact thing you are looking for.

#3) Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, Dark Safari

Colorfully vibrant and definitely kid friendly, the “Dark Safari, Infant-to-Toddler Rocker” by Fisher-Price is a great way for your child to enjoy their “rocking play”.

A circus themed pattern bursting with colors, this rocker will accompany your kid with each rock they make.  Rest assured that your child will have loads of circus fun up until the age of four or even more.


Overall Rating

It's seat is functionally designed to shift from a stationary cradle to a sturdy rocking chair seamlessly and effortlessly. The “Dark Safari, Infant-to-Toddler Rocker” starts out as a cradle seat that can accommodate even your newborn child. This “grow-with-me rocker” can soothe and calm your baby thanks to its soft seat and calming vibration options. What’s more is that your baby can enjoy hours of fun and play thanks to the rocker’s “toy buddies” found at its overhead arm. Now your baby can reach, stare, follow and grab them to practice their gross motor and visual skills.

Thanks to its functional design, this seat can be converted into an inclined sleeper and a playtime seat in just a few adjustments. While on its inclined position, your baby can sleep soundly and can even be accompanied by its built-in musical sounds. You can even gently push it to make it rock and cradle your baby to sleep. Once they are awake, you can adjust the seat into its sitting position and your baby is good to go for a fun filled day.


Safety is no issue with the “Dark Safari, Infant-to-Toddler Rocker” either. Its seat has a carefully placed three point restrain attached to a linkable teether to ensure your baby’s wellbeing and security. Now you can do other chores without the fear of your little ones falling off their seats. This safety feature also transitions for infant to toddler with just a few adjustments from the straps.

Once your baby starts to grow and become a toddler, you can now shift the “Dark Safari, Infant-to-Toddler Rocker” to a rocker seat. Now your kiddos can rock, relax and play all day while being comfortable and safe. Simply remove the toy bar and your kids can use the rocking chair anyway they like.

The “Dark Safari, Infant-to-Toddler Rocker” also provides ease and simplicity to parents when used. First off is its control panel located just below the rocker’s seat. Just pressing it will allow the rocker to use either its vibrating. It can even be easily turned on or off by your little toddlers once they know what it is for.

Next is its light-weight yet durable design. Thanks to the light materials used, the rocker can be easily moved, adjusted and even stored without any need to exert extra “muscle power. It also has a wide, well-balanced and sturdy base making safety more enhanced and a negative tendency of the rocker “sliding”.

Lastly, the seat cover is easy and simple to clean and store. Thanks to its baby-friendly, comfortable and durable fabric, the seat cover is washer-dryer ready. It can also be easily removed and placed back which is great for cleaning, storage and even transport.


The only downside to this item is that turning on the music function can be quite a difficult feat to do. Since it is not written on the instructions manual, parents must figure out where the “music button”. Amazingly, it is not a “button” per se, but a “pull the string” type of musical mechanism. You need to pull the monkey toy so that it can start playing music.


With all these amazing features, the “Dark Safari, Infant-to-Toddler Rocker” has captured the heart or a lot of moms and was even given a very good review by them. The affordability, reliance and durability of this rocker have every parent raving about it. Not to mention the cute and amazing circus theme the rocker has that your kids will definitely love.

There you have it, the three top picks for the best baby rocking chair for your little ones. All of these three can be able to give us the comfort, security and dependability we need in a rocker. At the same time, it is easy to use and classy and fun to look at.

These are a definite child favorite that your little ones will enjoy as they grow older. My recommendation is the ​Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker Floral Confetti.

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