Best Baby Bouncer – Your Buying Guide 2018 [Full Review]

Choosing the best baby bouncer is indeed a great way to help your kid prepare themselves physically. Using bouncer seats can help them strengthen their muscles and prepare them for walking, running and playing.

It also supports their spine and strengthen it so that they can have good posture and body built. That is why it is so important to choose one of the best baby bouncers for newborns there is in the market.

best baby bouncer

This particular item can help your child with their development of so many senses and not just their motor skills. They can enhance their tactile senses, improve their visual strength and can even help them to self-sooth themselves and even learn to sleep on their own.

But with so many options to choose from, there can be a dilemma with every parent’s decision on whether or not to buy “this brand” or “that brand”. That is why we came up with this list based on most mom’s reviews about bouncer seats.


Product Name

​Overall Rating


​# 1

BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft

​# 2

Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, My Little Snugabunny

​# 3

Fisher-Price Comfort Curve Bouncer, Woodland Friends

​Best Baby Bouncer Seat Review - Features, Pros, Cons and Conclusions of the Top 3

#1) BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft

If you ask the majority of moms about what they want in a baby bouncer, they would say that they want a bouncer that can give their children support as they develop their muscle and bone strength.

They will also probably say that they want the bouncer to be safe and sturdy because it will carry their “precious parcel”. Others will even say that money is no issue as long as the item is durable, comfortable, fun and safe.

That is why I chose the Babybjorn bouncer as our top pick for the best baby bouncer that moms can choose from.


The Babybjorn Bouncer comes with a total of eight different colors to choose from. These are black with gray, dark gray, beige with gray, black with brown, black with dark gray, khaki with beige, rust with orange and finally silver with white. 

Overall Rating

All of these colors have the same beautifully crafted layout that gives your baby safety, comfort and fun.The overall price for this item varies depending on the color you will choose.

The Babybjorn also has a total of four positions that parents can choose from. The fist position is the sleep position where the bouncer can be laid low enough to mimic a bed. The next is the rest position where the bouncer is placed a bit higher that the sleep position.

The highest position is the play position wherein the baby and infant bouncer is adjusted to an upright point so your baby can move and bounce about freely. Lastly we have the transport position where the bouncer is collapsed flat to make its storage and transport easy. These can be easily adjusted from the lowest position (which is the sleep position) to the highest one (which is the play position).

The bouncer can carry a minimum weight of 8 pounds to a maximum weight of 29 pounds. This means that it can be used from day one to toddler days. Not only will this bouncer ensure “happy bouncy days” for your little ones but also “stable and relaxed sitting moments” for your little kids.


The Baby bjorn Bouncer is not just a baby seat bouncer but a bouncer and a chair all combined into one sleek and savvy baby item. This means that it can accommodate a child as young as a newborn to one that is as big as a toddler. This item can flawlessly transform from a newborn bouncer to a toddler chair.

What’s amazing about this is that the bouncer runs on “baby power” alone. This means that it does not rely on batteries for it to be operated.  Your child will have to use their own energy, effort and power to make the bouncer bounce to their liking. This method will further enhance your child’s muscles and their bone support and make their motor movements develop faster and stronger.

Its design is ergonomically made to properly support your baby’s back, neck and head. Its baby bouncer chair is made up of safe, durable and flexible materials that your baby can safely use to the fullest. The reason for this is because ts fabric has been designed to mold itself and adjust to your baby’s side and weight.  The design also allows your baby to learn how to sit once they get bigger. This makes the bouncer seat readily available for babies starting from newborn up to the age of two.


The only problem with this product is that it cannot be mounted to a crib since there is no means to do so with the supportive leg. Also, most moms said that their little ones have a hard time sleeping on it, but it takes a while for their babies to get used to it and fall asleep on it.


If you want a safe, washer friendly, ergonomic, environmental baby bouncer with a classy and sophisticated detailing, then this is the best baby bouncer seat for your little one. Not only will your baby ride in style, but they will “work their body” to make it stronger, fit and healthy. No wonder this item has received a very good review by moms all over the world.

The top pick for me is the Babybjorn bouncer because of its vast functionality and versatility. Not only is it designed to look savvy and sharp but it also doubles as a multifunctional baby gear that your little ones can use for a long time. The best part is that it allows your little ones to move on their own and make their own personal “baby work out”.

#2) Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, My Little Snugabunny

For those who want a simpler yet sophisticated theme for their baby bouncer seat, we have the “My Little Snugabunny” which is also from Fisher-Price.

It has a very good feedback from past buyers as well. What parents love about this is its ease of use and its simple yet ergonomic functions.


This baby bouncer seat is operated via three C batteries that you can readily purchase at any shop. Overall, the bouncer weighs a total of 7.72 pounds and it can carry a maximum weight of 25 pounds.  

In addition, it can be easily stored thanks to its easy collapsible feature. This will make it easier for parents to have the bouncer washed, moved and even transported without unwanted fuss or issues.

Overall Rating


The “My Little Snugabunny” bouncer seat is covered with soft, deluxe plush fabric that gives both comfort and safety to your little ones.In addition this type of material can be best used for the tactile sense stimulation of your babies. Let them feel around the seat and let them become familiar with the soft and fuzzy sensation.

It also has a two adorable and soft toy birds hanging on the toy arm on top of the seat. These blue and pink colored toys can stimulate your child’s sense of sight and her motor skills all at the same time. The toy arm is also detachable if you decide to remove it whenever you want it.

The baby bouncer seat also comes with another amazing function which is its song options. It has a total of eight song choices that can sooth you baby to sleep. It also comes with adjustable volumes so that you get to choose how loud or soft your music will be.

If your baby would want to be cradled and rocked all the time, then the vibrating option will be a handy friend for you. Located along with the song and volume control panel, you can choose to rock and vibrate the seat once your baby wants their nap.

In addition, the “plush cushion” of the seat allows the bouncer to adjust according to your baby’s size and position. It provides comfort and assurance of positioning for your kid even if they start to grow. So as your baby gets bigger, the “My Little Snugabunny” baby bouncer can adjust accordingly thanks to its cushy body. Plus, once your baby is ready to sit down the “body” of the bouncer can be removed to accommodate your growing child.

All in all, this baby bouncer seat has a sturdy base that ensures your child’s safety and support. It also has an adjustable belt harness that can restrain the seat’s pads and ensure that your baby is properly and comfortable seated. It is also made of very light weight material that makes it easy for anyone to move it around and transport it anywhere they please.


This product is not adjustable. It is also not recommended to feed your babies on it since it is reclined. This could cause them to choke on their food.

It is also not practical for it to be a substitute for a high chair since your babies would outgrow it.


When it comes to safety, this baby bouncer will also give parents their peace of mind. With its wide and stable base, you can assure your child will have a safe, educational and sturdy baby bouncer seat. Plus, it will not have any issues with skidding or moving as your baby bounces about.

#3) Fisher-Price Comfort Curve Bouncer, Woodland Friends

A lot of children love to look at different colors at any object that they see. It can also make them more aware of their surroundings and become more attentive to things around them.

That is why a lot of us want to purchase colorful items that our little ones can use. Be it toys, clothes or even bouncers, a colorful item will be an educational plus for your baby.

That is why we chose the Comfort Curve Bouncer Woodland Friends by Fisher-Price as one of our top three picks for our best baby bouncer list.

Not only does this item serve its purpose but it also adds“color and life” to your baby’s environment. This is indeed great combination for your child’s growth.


Overall Rating

This colorful and vibrant baby bouncer seat can spark both your child’s imagination and movement all at the same time. It has two beautifully animated woodland creatures that are further brought to life with its lively color hues. These toys are strategically attached to a detachable toy bar so that your little ones can play with it and reach for it.

Battery operated and wash dryer friendly, this bouncer is easy to use and easier to clean. The bouncer weighs a pound and can carry a maximum weight of 100 pounds. It can be used by kids starting as early as their first year. Once used, its battery lifespan can reach up to 90 hours.


It has a built in “calming vibration button” that can sooth your little ones when they are having their fit. With the help of the calming button, your baby will be sleeping soundly all on their own. This seat is a great way of teaching your child how to self-sooth and self-sleep as well. Once they wake up, they are immediately greeted with their woodland buddies found in the bouncer’s toy arm. These toys will entertain your little ones and help them learn more as they track their toys and reach for them.

The bouncer seat has a sturdy base that helps support your baby and keep them safe. It also has an adjustable three point restrain that ensures further safety and security for your little ones. The seat pad is also easily detachable and can be safely washed using a washing machine.

It has also garnered a very good feedback by those who have already purchased and used it. This means that majority of moms have already had their experience with it and have had a great time using it for their kids. So if you want your little ones to be entertained visually and have more muscle strength then this is the best bouncer for them.


It's hard to take your babies out without them hitting the woodland friends bar when it is inserted

The large white part at the front of the seat is also not padded. Your babies would often kick this white plastic as they grow bigger and would most probably hurt themselves.


With a reasonable price and a solid safety feature, parents will look forward to buying the Woodland friends baby bouncer. Let your child’s imagination run freely along with their body movement and strength with the help of this baby bouncer.

These are my top three baby bouncer seats that moms have tried, tested and proven to work and help their child. Not only will these seats allow their “owners” to enhance their motor skills, but will also allow them to harness their other senses like their sight and touch. These items are definitely “money worthy” and “baby tested”​. My recommendation is the Babybjorn Bouncer Balance Soft.

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