Find the Best Baby Carrier for Your Needs – Pros, Cons And Features (Different Baby Carrier Positions Explained)

I remember the time when my baby wanted to be carried more as compared to being placed in her stroller. Carrying her everywhere I go was definitely a very hard task for me. When my husband is not around to help me “co-carry” my daughter I usually get drained physically very, very easily.

best baby carrier

Thank heavens for the existence of baby carriers. It helped me, my husband and practically anyone who carried my daughter. Using these ingenious products made carrying my child a breeze and it also gave lesser body strains when used properly.

Based on my own experience, it is definitely a must for every child to have their own baby carrier. Trust me when I say that sooner or later your little ones will get tired of riding their strollers. Their next “preference of commuting” would be for you to carry them instead.

How Do Baby Carriers Work

Regardless if you are at the mall or you are just inside your house cleaning, your kiddos would want to be carried. That is why you need to find the right baby carrier for your baby. You should also take into consideration that you should benefit from it as well.

When you talk about baby carriers and how they function, I can explain it in the simplest way possible. Just imagine you carrying your baby without using your hands for support. That’s practically it if you ask me.

The plus side of wearing and using a baby carrier is that it lessens the effort your whole body gets when carrying your child. In addition, a good baby carrier will also help you with proper posture as well.

Different Baby Carrier Positions Explained

Of course nowadays there are baby carries that are ergonomically designed to fit you child’s age range. Unlike before when we only have to adjust the straps‘ length, baby carrier designs are now very versatile and carrier

These new baby carrier products can shift their design up to six times depending on your baby’s age. Each design functions differently and will benefit not only your baby but the person carrying them as well.

Forward Facing Baby Carrier

The forward facing baby carrier are best for babies who still do not have strong neck control. This position will help support them and will prevent their heads from bobbing while your carry them.

Facing In

The facing in position is the ideal way to place your child when they are now strong enough to support their heads. It will also give you full access to your baby since you are now face to face with them.

Back Carrying Position

The back carrying position are meant for more bigger kids. It’s like having them go on a piggy-back ride without the strain of you carrying their whole weight with your arms. In addition, the baby carrier will help you maintain proper posture while carrying your toddlers from the back.

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Double Shouldershipster plus carry baby

The double shoulders function of the baby carrier is like having to wear a backpack around you. The only difference is that it has straps which will secure the carrier properly and snugly around your body. This function is used for the forward facing, facing in and back carrying position.

Single Shoulder

When you talk about the single shoulder function, it is like a sling bag with the addition of straps attached to it. This baby carrier function can be used for face in, face out positions and can even be used for side carrying position as well.

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Hip Seat

The best way I can describe how a hip seat looks like it that it is very similar to a waist bag or more commonly called a “fanny pack bag.“ This particular function can be used if yo have a newborn baby up to the age of one. You can use it as  support when you want to lie your baby down or have them sit with support. The hip seat can also be used in the facing in face out and side carrying positions.hipster plus mommy posture

Proper Posture for Your Back

In addition to all of these practical and innovative functions of the baby carrier is the bodily support given to those who will be wearing them. Instead of your spine being twisted and your shoulders being unaligned just to carry your baby the baby carriers‘ design can give you the correct posture you need.

Wearing a baby carrier will allow your child’s weight to be evenly distributed throughout your whole body. In addition the baby carrier will not place any additional pressure to your hips or waist allowing you to have proper posture. This combined will alloy you to move freely and effortlessly while still carrying your baby.

When Do I Start using A Baby Carrier

Based on my own experience, I started using a baby carrier when my daughter already has enough neck strength to support her head on her own. But the new designs of the recent baby carriers allows children as young as newborns all the way up to three years old.

Of course there would be some questions that you would want to take note of before you decide to use a baby carrier. Don’t worry, you are not the only one who thinks like that. Most mom’s are hesitant to use a baby carrier because they think that it can have consequences that can affect their babies‘ physical appearance in the future.

Are Baby Carriers Bad For Babies?

The first thing that pops into our minds when buying this product is that “it might become a physical hazard for your child.“ What I mean by this is that we are afraid that using the carrier can deform or dislocate a body part of our fragile little ones.

Today’s baby carriers are ergonomically designed to prevent these type of injuries. First off, majority of the design they follow allows your child to always have the correct “M position“ when using the carrier. This means that each time you carry them they will have their knees bent and open to the sides with their thighs fully supported and comfortable.

Another thing that would erase your worries is that the baby carriers are designed to have several functions. These functions will allow the product to adjust accordingly to your child’s age and size.

A word of advise form someone who has gone through the baby carrier phase is to always check the straps attached to the carrier. Always make sure that it will fit snugly on your body. Allow yourself to be able to move freely without any resistance due to the carrier.

Also always check and adjust the length and width of the carrier according to your child’s size. You would be surprised to see how fast they can grow during the first few months of their lives. Always be alert so that you will prevent the carrier for being too tight for your child.

Can I Breastfeed While Wearing a Baby Carrier

Luckily the answer to this question is a big YES. The design of the baby carriers these days usually has a so-called “hip seat“ located at the bottom most part of the carrier. This can serve as a mini bed support as you breastfeed your child. Most of the designs of the manufacturers today is highly supportive of the baby carrier for breastfeeding design.

When Should I Wear a Baby Carrier

I am an avid supporter of close contact when it comes to my daughter. I want her to be as close to me as possible at all times. That is why I used my carrier as much as I can. Whether I would be cleaning the house, doing errands or even going out for leisure time, I always use it.

Apart form that, I also prefer using a baby carrier rather than a baby stroller. The reason is fairly simple and logical if you think about it. Carriers are less bulky, easy to carry and can be used anywhere without any restrictions.

Can you walk up a flight of stairs or pass through crowded areas with ease using a stroller? That’s what I thought as well. A baby carrier is definitely more convenient than a stroller if you don’t mind the constant additional weight while using it. Just think of it as additional workout, that’s what I did.

Do I Need Several Baby Carriers?

With the flexible and innovative designs of the baby carriers to date, you would only need one. Just make sure that what you purchase would fit in to you and your child’s lifestyle and way of living.

You need to think bout the durability, functionality and of course the design of the baby carrier you will be purchasing. In comparison to a baby wrap, a baby carrier is much more safer, reliable and long lasting. With a baby wrap, it can only accommodate children up to a year old or the most a year and a half. With a baby carrier, it can accommodate even toddlers the age of three depending on the child’s body size and weight of course.

If your are planning to buy something that will last a long time and at the same time you and your child would benefit from, I recommend buying the right baby carrier. A multi-functional baby carrier will definitely give you your money’s worth.

Which is the Best Baby Carrier for Newborns and Toddlers this 2017

Before you decide to purchase a baby carrier for your little one, make sure that the product you will buy can give you what you and your baby needs. Buying the best baby carrier for newborns must not only be safe, practical and versatile but also trendy and fashionable.

Also make sure that the baby carrier that you will buy can give your several functions that you can use for your child as they grow. It is definitely a big plus if the baby carrier can have the three major functions which includes the “hip seat,“ the “double shoulder strap“ and the “single shoulder strap.“

Take note as well if each function can accommodate the three basic positions of carrying a child. These include  the “face in,“ the “face out“ and finally the “side carry“ position. In total, you can have nine different varieties of carrying positions for your little ones.

To complete you checklist of “what must be included in a baby carrier“ is to have an ergonomical design fit to your child’s comfort. Remember that the position that your baby must be in when using a baby carrier is the “M position.“ This particular posture will prevent your child from having “Hip Dysplasia.“ This developmental condition is when your child’s ball and socket joint on the hips does not properly  form.

The reason why I keep on stating these innovative facts is because these modern design is what differentiates it greatly from a regular baby carrier. Having these advanced functionality available can give you a definite boost when caring for your child.

 The Right Baby Carrier For You

In summary, what we need in a baby carrier is it’s ergonomic design, multi-functional aspects, safe and comfortable fit and a long-lasting use. With all these in mind I can say that the “MiaMily Hipster 3D Baby Carrier“ is the top contender against other baby carriers ont in the market.

Not only does this product have all that what we need it also has been awarded several recognition due to it’s incredible performance. Among these awards include the “Mom’s Choice Awards,“ the 2014 and 2015 “BizzzieBaby Award,“ the 2017 “Cribsie Award“ and finally a recognition from the International Hip Dyspalsia Institute. It is also recognized by the BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Aliiance).

The aforementioned awards are from other mothers, parents and online buyers that pledged satisfaction upon using the product. With a total of three awards and two recognition, this product is truly worth your attention. 

What the “MiaMily Hipster 3D Baby Carrier“ Offers

The “MiaMily Hipster 3D Baby Carrier“ can be used for children who are as young as a newborn up to their toddler years (3 years old). Of course this will depend on each individual weight of each child. It’s maximum wight capacity is 44lbs. which is equivalent to 20kg.

There is a total of six designs and colors that you can choose from. With it’s hip and trendy look, both mom and dad can use it. It is also a Swiss brand which means that it prides on its durability, toughness and stability that is built to last.

The overall design also has several pockets that the wearer can use to place their phones, purses or other items while using it. It also has a huge storage pocket located under the hip seat where you an place your baby’s diaper, clothes, etc.

If the “MiaMily Hipster 3D Baby Carrier“ has caught your attention and you would like to purchase one for your baby (like me), you can check out their website and purchase it online at The MiyaMily website also offers free shipping of their items worldwide.

Where else can you find a multi-functional baby carrier that benefits both the baby but also the parent? Definitely the “MiaMily Hipster 3D Baby Carrier“ is a trendy, practical and comfortable baby carrier that beats the rest.

Edana Patricio

First time mom to a beautiful three year old daughter. I am very open to new, fun ideas and ways on how to take care of my child. I also believe that "kids are way smarter than what we give them credit for."

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