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Sponsored Post – As moms, we automatically become multi-taskers. We are expected to do at least two things at once, because we have errands, we have babies, and we have a home to take care of. Most moms are alone and don’t have other people to help them with chores. So they go outside, shop for groceries, pay the bills, and they have to bring their babies with them.

I will never forget when I had my first baby. He is high-needs and overly sensitive, so I have to have him with me at all times. He cries when we’re apart and he cries when he’s with other people, so I can’t entrust him even to my own husband. You know what I did? I resorted to baby carriers but just for a while. It turned out that the one we bought was not of high quality because every time we put him in, he seems so uncomfortable, like his back was in pain. We ditched the carrier and I just carried him in my front facing

But today, baby carriers are a “thing”. They are widely recognized and are being normalized, too. Baby carriers have different styles and forms, but on this article, I am going to share with you a product that might be the best front facing baby carrier.

What Are Baby Carriers?

A baby carrier is a type of baby gear that is used for carrying your baby close to you so that you will be hands-free. It is a big help for mommies whose hands are constantly occupied of work while in the house and outdoors. Baby carriers are life savers. They do the job for you and you can still do other things without having to worry if your baby is safe and is taken care of, because she’s with you!

Unlike strollers that are bulky and needs to be pushed around, baby carriers are wrapped around you and your baby. You are at peace because you can feel your baby on you, and you don’t need to do anything because it moves with your every move. It is also very simple to use with no assembly needed (except for the wraps which are a little bit more complex). The most common kind of baby carriers is the front facing baby carrier.

Best Front Facing Baby Carrier – Pro’s And Con’s Explained

Baby carriers are sort of a necessity. I say “sort of” because not every parent really needs one. It depends on one’s preference, lifestyle, and of course, it depends on the baby. Baby carriers are more special travel baby gears than regular strollers. Why so? They have something that strollers don’t have – closeness. Baby carriers make it possible for the parent and baby to bond more because they’re in a very close proximity (sticking together).

Babies love to feel the warmth and smell the scent of their mothers. It calms them in a way that reminds them of the womb. Being in a carrier gives them the same feeling, not just because of the warmth. It also provides constant movement, a tight environment, and easy access to food (breastmilk). A baby carrier does wonders. There are organizations that encourage new parents to babywear especially during the first few months or what they call the “4th trimester”. It is explained that during these months, babies are still adjusting to their new world and still need the feeling they are accustomed to. Babywearing provides this feeling, which helps babies to be calmer and more cheerful.

Though babywearing is an amazing tradition in the past, it has been forgotten for a while now. There are raised eyebrows from modern people who are concerned about the baby’s safety. I’ve been hearing all kinds of issues from spinal stress to abnormal leg formations. But these problems only arise from incorrect babywearing and of course, low quality baby carriers.

Types of a Front Facing Baby Carrier

Front carriers are the most popular and common kind of carriers. They can also be worn by dads because they look more modern and structural than slings and wraps. They are fairly easy to use, just wear it like a front pack then secure the back with its clasp. You can wear your baby facing you, facing outward, or on your back. But make sure that your baby is secure even when you can’t see her.

  • Soft-Structured Carriers – or more commonly known with its acronym, “SSC”, are one of the most comfortable carriers because they have pads in almost all of the parts. This type has a padded waistband and padded shoulder straps, as well as a soft back panel with a sleeping hood.
  • Mei Tai Carriers – Mei Tai carriers resembles soft-structured carriers with the difference that instead of buckles, it has sashes and ties to secure the carrier around you.
  • Hipseat Carriers – Last but not the least are the hipseat carriers. Hipseat carriers are somewhat new to the baby carrier industry, and some are of low quality to the point that they are not recommended because they do not pass certain safety standards. But if hipseat carriers are done right, they are very comfortable for the baby and the parent as well.

Other Types of Baby Carriers

Other popular types of baby carriers are the slings and wraps. Slings are a wide piece of fabric that can be adjusted to “catch” your baby in a specific form. Some slings can be used for as early as newborn days until toddler days. Slings are widely used in history when modern carriers are not yet invented. They are the simplest carriers because they’re just a piece of cloth wrapped around the torso and it “hangs” on the shoulder for the baby’s weight. They are mostly used in developing countries where women need to do manual labor while carrying their babies.

Slings have two designs: the ring sling and the pouch sling. The difference between the two is that the ring sling can be adjusted via the ring, while the pouch sling is a sized, one piece of fabric to wrap the parent and the baby into one. The pouch sling, though very sleek and convenient, can’t be shared by two persons of different sizes because it is not adjustable.

Wraps also come in two types: woven and stretchy. Woven wraps are usually made of cotton or cotton/polyester blends. They are usually sewn in fine yarns of different densities. They are preferred by moms because they are comfortable as well as durable, and they hug the form of your baby to support her back. Stretchy wraps, on the other hand, are made of jersey or interlock fabrics; some are cotton/jersey blends. They are stretchy because they’re made with a percentage of either spandex or Lycra. Because of their stretch, moms prefer them so that it adjusts to your baby’s form and allows more movement.

How To Choose The Right Carrier

When choosing a carrier, it is always the first step to choose something age-appropriate. There are appropriate carriers for specific age groups. For newborns; slings, stretchy wrap and woven wraps are recommended because they are form-fitting and are perfect for breastfeeding positions. They support the baby’s weak spine and neck so there will be no pressure whatsoever. From 4 months until toddler years; ring and pouch slings, woven and stretchy wraps, as well as the Mei Tai and soft-structured carriers are recommended. These are specifically for babies who already have a strong neck control. Hipseat carriers however, are recommended for babies whose spines are already strong enough because these carriers will act like an actual seat; therefore they are not form-fitting but very comfortable for the right age and development.

MiaMily Hipster™ Plus 3D Baby Carrier: The Best Front Facing Baby Carrier?

So, of all the types of carriers we’ve discussed above, have you chosen the right one for your baby? If not, then don’t fret, because I have one that can act as not one, not two, but THREE types of carrier

MiaMily is a Swiss brand co-founded by Alessandro and Cecilia. It specializes in a multi-purpose baby carrier called the MiaMily Hipster™ Plus 3D Baby Carrier. This product gives customers the benefits of a hip seat, a structured carrier and a ring sling in one. It is very thoughtfully designed that it caters to ALL age groups (yes even the newborn stage) and it is made with concern for the parent as well. This carrier is ergonomic, which means that it minimizes the discomfort and back pains parents have when wearing their babies. It allows proper spinal posture because it allows the baby’s weight to evenly distribute to both sides, thus eliminating the chances of having more weight on either side of the hip.

MiaMily Hipster™ Plus 3D Baby Carrier: A Great Buy

Hipster™ Plus also has a double-layer option, which is perfect for every season. You can remove a single layer for warmer months, then put it back again during cooler weathers. It also has extra storage for when you and your baby are on-the-go. What I love about this carrier is its simplicity and modern feel. It is perfect for a modern mom with a modern style. It is also dad-appropriate because it’s not too feminine unlike wraps or slings with a softer design.

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What more could a multi-tasker want if not a multi-tasker, too? I highly recommend the MiaMily Hipster™ Plus 3D Baby Carrier for moms who are a little bit of an “extra”. Those who doesn’t want to settle on something that can serve only one purpose. I love that it comes with multiple options and you get the most out of your money. As a mom who wants to have another set of hands, I definitely prefer a product like this. Something that could give me the same effect.

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