A Complete Guide of Breast Development and Care During Pregnancy

One of the major factors to consider when it comes to pregnancy and child care is breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a vital component in keeping your baby healthy and growing. But it is also important that you take care of your breasts as well. If not, you can lose precious milk that your child will definitely benefit on.breastfeeding

But before you can start to take care of your breasts and getting them ready for feeding, you must need to understand first how it works and what you will be expecting from it. Trust me when I say that your breast will be a totally different body part when it gets ready for milk production. In addition you will definitely feel the difference as your breasts continues to develop.

All About the Milk

Your breasts will definitely have significant changes as you enter each of your pregnancy stages. All this is due to the fact that milk production is starting to take place. Let’s give a quick rundown on what you will be experiencing within each stage.

  • First Trimester

During your first trimester one of the earliest signs that you can observe when you’re pregnant is breast tenderness and enlargement. Now here are some tips to let you know that your breasts are starting to develop into milk producing machines.

  • Breast Enlargement

You will definitely know the difference when you start to wear your bra and realize that it is a size smaller each week until you will not be able to wear them anymore.

  • Breast Tenderness

Breast tenderness during these times is incomparable to the breast tenderness that you feel while you’re on your menstruation. It can go to slightly tender to the point that it is so painful that even the slightest touch can cause great discomfort for you.

  • Second Trimester

The second trimester is where you can physically see your breast changing for the first time. There are several types and signs of “changes” that you may (or may not) experience. Here are the most common changes that you can undergo.

  • Visible veins and pigmentation appears
  • Tiny bumps located at the areola
  • Darkening of the areola
  • Early milk leakage


  • Third Trimester

The final stretch of your pregnancy can be a bit difficult and painful when it comes to your breasts. Since they are ready to provide your baby the nutritious milk that they will need, your breasts are just waiting to do its job. The final signs that you can observe are the following.

  • Pain and tenderness of the breasts due to fullness.
  • More prominent milk leakage
  • More visible veins and pigmentations
  • Breasts hardening

Caring is the Answer

Even though breast development during pregnancy can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful, you can find several ways to help yourself cope with it. Here are some useful tips that you can try when you feel discomfort and would want some form of relief.breastfeeding

  • Invest on good quality bras

Having a set of trusty and comfortable bras will do wonders for you. Here are the three recommended bra types that you need to invest on:

  • Sports bar-for your daily use
  • Sleeping Bra
  • Maternity Bra-can be used before during and most importantly, after your pregnancy


  • Bathe in warm water
  • Clean your breasts regularly
  • Find a comfortable position especially when sleeping.
  • Avoid carrying heavy loads

Caring for your breast will you to prepare for the big day when you finally get to feed you little one. Keep on religiously cleaning and caring for your breasts to avoid nipple cracks, wounds or even bleeding.

Debunking the “To Leash or Not to Leash Your Baby” Issue

One of the most talked about and controversial issues when it comes to parenting is the issue of using a child leash on children. These type of leashes are attached to the child like a harness and is connected to a leash where the parent gets to hold and control. This device is originally meant for child safety and protection.leash-lian

But as time passes by, more and more issues tend to hover over this device that it caused a stir in the parenting community. That instead of promotion safety to the child, the device unknowingly prohibits the kid’s innate childhood development without us knowing it. But is it truly a no-to-leash judgement? Let’s delve into this issue more by weighing our pros and cons.

Props for the Leash

Manufacturers indeed have carefully studied the use of the child leash and had good intention of creating it. It does indeed help out parents in so many ways while providing safety to the kid. Here are the most common pros that a child leash can give.

  • It offers a sense of security and relief to the parents

This is the main goal of the leash, to provide utmost safety and security of the child. This is done by providing the parents a means to control where their child goes and how far they can walk around.

  • It allows the child to wander within the acceptable boundaries

Children loves to roam around and wonder. With the help of the child leash, they are able to do so within a specified ground area where their parents can easily see and observe them.

  • It can greatly assist children with special needs

Child harness is a great assistance for kids with special needs. They can be guided more and at the same time protected from things that might and can harm them.

  • It has a multipurpose function

The new versions of the child leash now comes with a backpack as well. It can go from a child leash to a fully usable backpack just by removing the leash.

Cons That the Leash Gives

With pros also comes the cons that we have to consider as well. Here are the most common cons that you can experience when using a child leash.

  • It hinders the child’s curiosity and total freedomleash-lian

Yes it provides freedom for you child. But it is only limited to as far as the leash can offer you. This means that your child will have a limited space to venture in and explore with.

  • It attracts negative attention

People who see kids on leash usually give off a negative vibe for it. They say that “leashes are for dog, not kids” and that “you are using a leash because you cannot control your kid.”

  • It prevents the child to practice self-control

Since your child is hooked to the leash, you are in control of what they will and will not do. This deprives them of their own conception and understanding of self-control.

  • Using a harness causes parents to become too lax in child care

Since the child leash provides the utmost protection for the child, sometime the parents forget that they still need to keep an eye on their kid at all times. They become too complacent with the use of the leash that they forget that the original protection duty should be from them.

The Final Verdict

In my own personal opinion, it is okay to use the child leash but during certain situations only. I personally use the leash but not all the time. I only use it when we are walking in a crowded place or when we need to cross busy streets. But if we are around the park or in the grocery or whatnot, I do not use it at all.

In addition, I believe that the leash has did a great job in keeping up with their promise of safety and security. There is really no good or bad in this if I may say so myself. It is just all up to you and how your parenting skills apply to it. As long as it benefits your child greatly, then there is not argument in your decision.

10 Tips in Keeping Your Head On While Your Kid is Throwing a Tantrum

Nothing is more frustrating that seeing your little ones go from complete angels to full blown tantrum makers in just seconds. The worst part is that sometimes, you tend to snap and give into their fit and either give them what they and or scold them. Hey, it happens to everyone, don’t worry.tantrum I have had my fair share of screaming, crying, kicking, punching and rolling moment with my little one. What I have learned is that you need to be prepared with methods to keep you calm and collected during each tantrum episode. You have to be ready EVERYDAY with these technique because you will never know when your child’s next outburst will happen.

Tips to Keep Yourself in Control

Tantrums are inevitable and they will happen sooner or later. So better keep these few tips that I have learned and am continuously mastering up until now. These advices will help you keep you mind in a calm and relaxed phase.

  1. Let them have their tantrums

Allow the tantrum to burst out. Let you kid wear themselves out with it. Just make sure that they are in safe and danger free area. Allowing them to let out their frustration is a healthy way for them to ease out their “unfamiliar” emotions that has been bottled up inside them.

  1. Do not try to “out-anger” them

It’s basically your loss when you go head to head with them. Anger will never solve anger and frustration will never be addressed with frustration. Remember that you can control your emotion, your child does not have that kind of leisure.

  1. Always remember that they are still emotionally unstable

The reason that they have their tantrums is because they are unfamiliar with the extreme emotions that they are feeling. In addition, they do not know how to cope with it other than to scream, kick, punch and cry. Just let them literally “cry it out”.

  1. Keep in mind that they will eventually tire themselves out

Keep on repeating this mantra in your head every time a tantrum happens: “it will be over soon”. Tantrums will only happen for a few minutes and won’t last for hours. So just bear with it until you child gets tired out.

  1. Always have a gentle and calm aura

Never give off a negative vibe or a commanding or angry tone. Kids are smarter than what we give them credit for. One they feel your negative vibe, they will return it with an even greater tantrum meltdown.

  1. If you cannot stand it, keep a few distance away

If you are also in bad mood and you cannot handle the tantrum that is currently happening, you can stand back. Get a few feet away from your child, or even leave them in the room after you have assured their safety. Catch a breath and calm down before you return back to your child. tantrum

  1. Do calming exercises

There are several calming exercise that you can do in order to compose yourself. You can count one to a hundred or even sing your favorite upbeat song. You can also do deep breathing exercise or close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere peaceful and relaxing.

  1. Only approach them if you see that they want you to comfort them

Never approach your child while they are on their “tantrum lockdown”. Wait for them to finish and totally stop their fits. You will notice that after the meltdown, they will be lying down, tired and with a blank stare. Afterwards, they will look for you and stare at you with calmer eyes. This is the time you go to them and acknowledge their frustration and anger and console them.

  1. Don’t mind the onlookers

Tantrums can happen even in a public place. Do not fret and do not pay attention to the passersby’s that are witnessing it. Do not let their judgment towards you cloud your parenting method. Trust me, they have encountered the same ordeal but are too ashamed to admit it.

  1. Keep praising yourself for a job well done

After everything has subsided and finally ended give yourself a pat in the back for a job well done. It is definitely not easy to keep calm and collected all throughout a tantrum episode, but you did it anyway. Do not forget to congratulate yourself and reward yourself with your favorite snack or chocolate. Tantrum episodes happen to all kids, so do not be alarmed whenever you kid is currently blowing one out of proportion. Just always remember to keep a calm perspective and a positive attitude each and every fit your kid will have. Showering them with understanding will help aid in lesser tantrum issues and episodes in the future.

Cute and Adorable Newborn Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is probably one of your favorite holidays when you were still a kid. You remember dressing up as a ghost or even your favorite hero and collect as many candies as you can. Now even your little ones can join in the spirit of the holidays with different types of newborn Halloween costume that they can wear.

newborn Halloween costume

Costumes are Not All About Fashion

Before you can choose and buy what type of costume you think fits your little one, you should remember these few tips that I know will help you out. Remember that your baby’s costume must not just be cute and adorable but should also fit into these reminders below.

  • It should be comfortable and breathable

There is nothing worse in a newborn Halloween costume than being itchy, stiff and uncomfortable. You will end up with a fussy and crying baby for the rest of the day. So make sure that you check if the costume is:

  1. Fitting snuggly to your baby
  2. Without any tag or material that can cause itchiness
  3. Lightweight and not too thick

Having a costume with these factors in mind will make you baby enjoy his or her first Halloween event. In addition, you will get to enjoy how adorable your baby looks especially if they are well relaxed while wearing their costumes.

  • It should not be too complicated

Some costumes tend to have a very complicated design. They can have too many zippers, or ties, or ribbons, or even holes. These can make your baby uncomfortable for many reasons. But one of the major reason for their fussiness is that they are being handled too much while they are being dressed up that they get irritated because of it. So make sure to look for a costume that has the following traits:newborn Halloween costume

  1. Easy to Slip on
  2. Easy to Take off
  3. Has only one zipper, Velcro or minimal buttons
  4. Has a similar design that is comparable to a onesie

With a costume designed to have as simple and plain function when worn will surely allow your child to feel relaxed and comfortable all throughout the day. It will also be a great lifesaver when you need to change your baby’s diaper because you can easily remove and dress them up in it.

  • It should be made of good quality materials

Choosing a good quality costume must also include good quality materials. Do not buy costumes with fabrics that are too stiff that your baby can’t move as freely as they would want to. Try looking for costumes made of cotton, polyester or even corduroy that are also available of cotton fabric.

  • It should look appropriate for you baby

Look for a newborn Halloween costume that matches their age. If you are a fan of gory and weird Halloween costumes, do not add your kid in your motif. Babies should wear adorable and cute costumes because that is what fits them. In addition, having them wear a more complicated costume will bring them discomfort and irritation.

  • It should not cost too much

Costumes are indeed a tad more expensive that your usual baby clothes. The reason behind this is because they are specially designed for a particular purpose and that is to make you little ones stand out. But a pricey costume does not necessarily mean that its quality is fitting for your baby. This is where you use your keen eyesight and find a good quality costume made of “baby friendly” material that will not put a hole in your pockets because of its price.

Great Newborn Halloween Costume Designs to Choose From

Now that you have a clear idea of what to look for, your next step is to pick the costume theme you want your baby to wear. In all honestly, the list of choices are endless and they will overwhelm you. But not to worry, if your baby is celebrating their first Halloween then you need to start with a simple yet imaginative costume project. Here are some examples that you can choose from.

Knitted Costumes

Knitted costumes are such a fad nowadays and I can clearly see why. Not only is in made with lightweight material, but it also allows movement, comfort and “easy wearing” for both your little ones and yourself. You can choose from these different variations of knitted costumes.

  1. Headgear or Wig Style Caps
  2. Cute Onesies
  3. Matching Headgear, Mittens and Booties
  4. “Full Body” Knitted Costume

Animal Themed Costumes

Animal themed costumes are always a crowd pleaser. I mean, who can resist a baby wearing a penguin, bear or even a lion costume? If you are not yet decided on what animal your baby will be portraying, then you can add these suggestions to your list:

  1. Elephant
  2. Tiger
  3. Pig
  4. Worm
  5. Ladybug
  6. Rabbit
  7. Lion
  8. Penguinnewborn halloween costume hero

Heroes VS Villains Costumes

You can also try out a hero or villain costume for this Halloween. Your baby can either be the awesome hero or the naughty villain for one day. Of course, keep in mind that you should choose a “child friendly” themed costume for this option. Here are some options to choose from.

  1. Cute Marvel or DC costumes
  2. Pirate Costume
  3. Fireman, Policeman and other “real life” heroes

Twinning Themed Costumes

There are two ways that you can enjoy the twinning themed costumes. It can be a great idea for baby and parents. If you have twins, then this is the perfect choice for them as well. Let’s have a quick rundown on what you can expect for each “twinning” option.

My Baby and Me

You and your baby can make the perfect twinning tandem for your baby’s newborn Halloween costume. You can be the dynamic duo of your Halloween event. Here are some innovative ideas for thee two of you.

  1. Baker and cute cupcake
  2. Japanese Chef and a Sushi roll
  3. Mini me costume (what you wear will be your baby’s identical costume)

Twin Love

If you have twins then it is a dead giveaway that you want to dress them in matching clothes. Costumes are no exemption to this rule as well. Here are some creative ideas for your twin tykes’ newborn Halloween costume.

  1. Ketchup and Mayonnaise bottle
  2. Salt and Pepper shaker
  3. Two Peas in a Pod
  4. Mix up their usual outfits so they dress up as each other
  5. Hotdog and hotdog bun
  6. Thing 1 and Thing 2

Fairy Tale Costumes

If you want your baby to be beautiful and elegant or handsome and dashing for Halloween, then why not pick a fairy tale themed costume for them. You cannot go wrong with a prince or princess costume. Listed below are some examples of these magnificent costumes:

  1. Prince or Princess
  2. Knight
  3. Fairy or Pixie
  4. Cute Maid
  5. King or Queen
  6. Mermaid or Merman

When you decide to choose this type of costume, you need to pay particular attention to the fabric that they apparel will use. Keep in mind the tips that I mentioned beforehand and make sure that the fabric is soft, comfortable and baby friendly.

Movie Marathon Costumes

Movie characters are also a favorite among those who let their babies wear costumes. The list of these movies are endless as well. You can even choose a character from your favorite movie for your baby’s costume. All you need to do is to use your imagination so you can create a miniature size of your character’s costume so that it can fit your little ones. Some famous movie costumes are:newborn Halloween costume skeleton

  1. Star Wars Themed costumes
  2. Kiddie Movies (Disney Characters)
  3. Box Office Movies

Food Trip Costumes

Babies in a cute food costume will definitely make you hungry to hug, cuddle and kiss them. These cute costumes can also be comfortable and easy to wear because of most if it’s designs that are usually onesies or simple slip-on. Try checking these examples of famous food costumes:

  1. Sushi
  2. Cupcakes
  3. Cakes
  4. Pineapple
  5. Strawberry
  6. Apple
  7. Pie
  8. Pizza
  9. Banana
  10. Watermelon

There are definitely a lot of newborn Halloween costume that you can choose from. But you must always keep in mind that it should be stylish, imaginative and most importantly, comfortable for your baby. So before you go and buy you little one’s costume, plan beforehand. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want them to wear. This will definitely save you time, effort and added stress when picking the best costume for your baby.

What is the Best Pet for Toddlers – Great Pets to Keep Your Toddlers Busy

When I was still a young girl, I remembered that the fist pet that I ever had was a fish. I loved it and I took really good care of it every day. After my fish died, my grandfather gave me a small chick as a new pet because I was so devastated and sad from the death of my pet fish. It grew up to be a healthy chicken. But because one of our maid’s did not know it was my pet, we had fried chicken that night and I lost my pet.

Finally, when I was around seven, I got my first dog and she grew with me until I was nearing my teens. She died of old age and I loved her so dearly. Now it became a custom at our house to always have a pet.

Thinking for the best pet for toddlers can be tricky especially I f this is the first pet your toddler will get. But giving a pet for them to take care of can teach them very valuable life lessons in my opinion. This can also hone them to become more compassionate adults in the future because you were able to teach them these important life lessons:

  • Teach them the importance of life

This is the most important lesson that having a pet can give your kids. They will learn how to value and care for life. They will learn that each and every living thing must be taken care of and be respected as well. They will also learn empathy and compassion as their pet grows old along with them.

  • Make them responsible

Caring for a pet also requires them to become responsible. They need to feed their pets, clean it and its home, care for them if they are sick or hurt and many more. They will understand that if they don’t take good care of their pets, it will get sick, run away or worse die.

  • Let them practice care for others

Having a pet will teach your child to care for others. Not only for animals but for plants, people and even material things. They will learn that taking good care of others and the thigs around them will create a healthy and happy environment.

  • Teach them how to create a routine

When they start to get a pet, they will have to create a daily routine that they need to follow. Let them create it on their own with the help of your guidance and supervision. This will teach them how to organize things in the future and will let them understand the importance of time.

  • They learn the importance of cleanliness and good health

When they properly care for their pets, they will see that their pets will grow to become big, strong and healthy. They will learn that the key to a healthy living is being clean and keeping ones’ self always healthy.

Best Pet for Toddlers and Why

best pet for toddlers cat fish

Now that you are convinced to buy your child their first ever pet, you are now tasked to choose the best pet for them. There are a variety of pets to choose from. But it does not mean that all pets are acceptable to toddlers. Listed below are some pets that toddlers can take care of.


Fishes are one of the easiest pets to take care of. They are the “starter pet” for any kid. You just have to give them the right food in the right amount. Since a fishes’ food is not hard to give, even little kids can do it. Just make sure that you help them clean the tank because fishes are very slippery and energetic when out of water.


Cats are great for kids who loves to nurture their pets but at the same time, has minimal attention span. Cats are not clingy and they usually go about what they do without having to bother you. They are bred to do things on their own but can socialize at the same time. Just be careful of their playful scratches and bites. And make sure that your kid is not allergic to it.


Turtles are a step up pet after a fish. They require more detailed needs as compared to your regular fish. They are great for older kids that can understand the needs of their pets. Having a turtle requires a tank with water, light, proper temperature and many more. So better pay close attention to what the pet store owner tells you.

best pet for toddlers hamster


Hamsters are a good stepping stone if you plan to buy a cat or a dog in the future. They are easy to care for that even toddlers can do it. Just be ready for the constant urine smell that it gives even though you frequently clean their cages.


Dogs are the type of pets that requires the most care among all domestic animals. They will also give your child the owner-pet bond that will forever be remembered by your kids. Of course, not all dogs can be taken care of by toddlers in general. That is why a big factor to consider is the type of dog that you can give them.

  1. Small dogs/toy dogs-they are small and easy to care for. These dogs are great for young toddlers which still needs supervision from an adult.
  2. Big dogs– are bigger versions of dogs. They can be taken care of bigger toddlers that needs lesser supervision.
  3. Nice dogs-there are dogs that are very kid friendly regardless of their size. A good example is a golden retriever, who are gentle giants.
  4. Sport dogs-these dogs are great companions for kids who love to roam around the backyard or at the park.

best pet for toddlers rabbit


Birds are ideal for kids who love sounds and music. They can be colorful, active and can be very social when being taken care of. They are the perfect pets for kids who are dedicated to caring for animals. But make sure you do research before buying one. Each bird has their unique temperament that you need to consider. So best to choose a bird for its temperament rather than its colors.


Rabbits is another good choice to pick before buying a cat or a dog. Caring for them is as similar as caring for hamsters. The only difference is that it needs bigger space to ream around and its diet includes pellets, veggies and the likes.

Of course, not all animals are appropriate for toddlers. The likes of ants in an ant farm, amphibians like frogs, reptiles like Iguanas and lizards, arachnids like spiders and many others are a big NO-NO for kids. These pets require a more detailed and committed caring as compared to the abovementioned animals. Another thing is that these animals are not originally domesticated. This means that they can be prone to hurting someone, even its owners.

Choosing the best pet for a toddler requires research and knowledge. You must also remember that a pet of your kid is the pet of the whole family. So everyone needs to help out and pitch in once the newest member arrives.

Newborn Baby Gifts- Tips and Suggestions on What To Buy

Sponsored Post – Picking the best gift for your little ones is always a hard decision to make. You always bargain between choosing a flashy gift that no one would think of buying or a more useful gift that will most probably be what others will think of buying. Nevertheless, you need to pick which one to give. Maybe I can give you a few tips on what type of gift to buy for your special bundle of joy.

Buying the right newborn baby gifts require three basic factors. First is the most obvious one which is the gender of the baby. Next is the type of family lifestyle they are born into. Finally, we have the “what do the parents need?” question. Knowing these can trim down your possible choices for a gift for your new family member.

Newborn Baby Gifts – What To Buy for Your Little Ones

Some may think that buying for babies is a very hard task. But in reality, it is easy as long as you think of these main factors before you go shopping:

  • The child’s Gender

Yes, know if it is a boy or a girl before buying. But my suggestion is to go with unisex colors and style. Buy items with the shade of yellow, green, white, orange and the likes. The reason I suggested this is because it is a safe choice, especially if you still don’t know the gender of the baby. At the same time, it can be used in the future if ever the family decided to have another child, regardless if it will be a boy or a girl.

  • The Lifestyle of the Family

The lifestyle of the family is a great basis of what gift to buy for the baby. For example, if the family likes to travel, they you can think of a gift that can be used during traveling like a portable milk warmer. Another example is if the family likes to go to the beach. You can buy a cute swimwear or even shades and hats.

  • Your Budget

Know how much you want to spend. Children’s things are more expensive than your regular items. All the more if we are talking about newborn items. Having a fixed budget can allow you to decide if you can manage to purchase a personalized and fancy gift or just go with cheaper yet useful ones.

  • Your Personal Touch

It is always a good idea to add a touch of YOU in every gift you give. This also applies to newborn gifts as well. For example, if you are a funny person, you can customize onesies that has funny jokes printed on it. Or if you love flower prints, you can look for flower printed clothes. Use your imagination and give the gift your personal touch.

  • What You THINK The Baby Needs More

One of the things that we fail to consider when buying a gift is if the parents and the baby would need it. If you already know that they have a lot of feeding bottles, then opt to pick another gift instead. You can even ask the parents what they still need so that you can be assured that your gift will not go to waste.

Baby Gift Ideas for Boys

  • Sports Themed Items

A good way to give a gift for your little man is to use a sports themed present. It can be a set of clothes with different sports print on it like basketball, soccer, football and the likes. You can also give matching sporty printed booties and mittens along with it to complete the set.

  • Soft Toy Balls

You can also give stuffed toys that’s in a shape of different sport balls. Some examples are basketball, football, baseball and many more. You can even make it a combo with their matching stuffed baseball bat, basketball ring basically anything that you can imagine.

  • Cars

Cars are the most famous boy gifts that you can give. But the little guy needs to wait until he is a little older for him to play these toys. But little boys are sure suckers for cars.

newborn gift for boys

  • Stuffed Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures and boys love to learn about them. I have several nephews that all have one thing in common, dinosaur stuffed toys. It is a great way to also teach them the different types of dinosaurs, IF their fascination with these creatures are still with them as they grow up.

  • Animal Themed Item

Dogs, Horses, Cats, you name it there will be a stuffed toy counterpart of them in the market. Having animal stuffed toys can also help introduce different animals and animal sounds to your little boy. Animal themes shirts and clothing is also an adorable gift to give. Imagine your little boy wearing a lion onesie or wrapping them up in a shark towel with its jaws for a hood.


Baby Girl Gift Ideas

Baby girls can have a wider variety of presents a compared to boys. It can be a wide range of choices from beautiful and elegant clothes to simple yet fashionable apparels. You can even pick a princess themed attire for them as well.

  • Pink Themed Items

Pink is the perfect color for you little princess. Buy pink things from clothes to bottles. Accessorize using different shades of pink for clips, headbands, necklaces, earrings, the list goes on. You can even give pink boppy pillows, swaddles and other mommy-baby necessities as a gift.

  • Princess Themed

If boys can dress up as cute animals then girls can dress up as beautiful princesses. From tutus to tiaras, and from shoes to gowns, you little girl will definitely be the bell of the ball with this gift.

  • Accessories

One good thing about baby girls is that they can get all dolled up with accessories. From cute hair clips to adorable headbands, there is a wide option for you to pick with. You can even give them necklaces, earrings and bracelets to make them more chic looking.

Personalized Baby Gifts

If you are not the type of person to give common present like the ones that I mentioned beforehand, then maybe you can opt to buy some personalized newborn baby gifts for your little one. You can personalize bracelets, necklaces and even clothes with their names on it.

  • Statement Shirts

Statement shirts are also a fun and unique gift you can give. It can have a sweet quote or even a funny caption it all depends on what you think their parent’s would love to see. You can even make your own design to make it extra special.

  • Personalized Picture Frame

A personalized baby picture frame is also a good choice of present. You can do so by picking the best photo of your little one and make it into a special and unique canvas just for them. Another option is to create a personalized 12 months picture canvas that their parents can fill out with their selected photo per month for the first year of their baby’s life.

  • Personalized Baby Bookmy very own name book

But for me, the best personalized gift that you can give is a personalized baby book. It does not only show how special the child is to you, it can also be educational at the same time. Personalized books have different themes depending on your child’s age and gender. The great thing about this is that the book will use the baby’s name and incorporate it to a story made especially for them.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through an affiliate link parentingandbabyneeds.com receives a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for your support.

My top pick for this personalized baby book is the “My Very Own Name” created by writer Maia Haag and illustrated by Mark Mille. The book can be given to newborn babies up to kids aged 9. If you would want to check out their awesome work you can do so by going to their website here.

Fancy Baby Gift Ideas

If you want to be a step above all the other gifts then you can go with fancy gifts as your presents. What could be fancier than a basket of assorted baby items that are carefully hand-picked to cater to your little one’s needs? This could probably top any baby shower party gift if you ask me.

newborn baby gift blumm photo The people behind the Bluum website can give you the best baby product there is for your little one. They will provide a wide array of baby items for your order. It can range from baby care products to baby toys, books and even baby gears.

All you have to do is to fill out their form and sign in to your account. They offer a gift receipt that you can give to the child’s parents to fill out or you can do it yourself if you know the details needed. The website will choose the best items for your gift bundle with the help of their so called MOMS or their “managers of merchandising” team. They are dedicated to search and choose the best-selling, high-quality and baby-safe products out in the market and give you what your baby needs.

If you would like to try out their subscription and “Bluum Box” you can check out their website at http://www.bluum.com/ (Sponsored Link) and see for yourself.

Having the best newborn baby gifts for you little boy or girl will all be based on you and how well you know their family. You can also pitch in your own style and preference in it by choosing a specialized or fancy present. What’s important is the thought, time and effort you have given just to pick the best gift for the little youngster.

Baby Learning Toys – Tips and Suggestions Before Buying

Play is probably one of the best teaching method that you can use for your little ones. It does not only promote mental growth but as well as social and emotional development. It will not only strengthen your bond with them but will also allow you to introduce learning little by little.

I remember when my daughter was just a few months old I tried my best to get the best baby learning toys for her. Of course, with all the tempting products out in the market, it was such a hard decision for me to choose. In addition, I had to keep in mind that these particular toys are not cheap at all. So each decision that I will make must be logical and would assure long use.

That’s why I really took my time in researching and studying what particular type of toy is best for my baby according to her age. This was truly a lifesaver for me because I got to pick the right toys that can greatly help stimulate her learning and senses.

I know that you are thinking the same as me every time you stand in front of a baby store and starring for God knows how long at the wide array of toys available. Don’t get too overwhelmed by it though. You can get the right toy for your baby as long as you know what they need.

Best Developmental Toys for Infants

The infancy stage mostly revolve around tactile and oral satisfaction. This means that your baby, during this phase of their first year loves to hold things and put it in their mouths. With this in mind, you need to think of the possible baby learning toys that is appropriate for them.

Another thing to consider is that this is the time that they are staring to practice the use of their other sense. These senses include their hearing and visual stimulation. Basically, what you need to look for is a toy that can stimulate your baby’s primary senses namely their sense of touch, sight and hearing.

  • Versatile Teether Toysbaby learning toys teether

One of the toys that I decided to buy was a colorful teether/rattle all in one. It also has several shapes in lit that act like small jigsaw puzzles that my daughter can tinker and play with. It was an answered prayer to my worried self. Yes, it cost a little bit more than what I budgeted for, but she enjoyed it so much that it became her favorite thing up until she reached her first birthday.

  • Jungle Gyms

Another learning toy that I decided to buy was jungle gym. The jungle gym is like a large, cushioned rug that has a variety of colorful tinker toys on top of it. The best thing about this product is that it exercises your baby’s motor skills. At the same time, the colors of the toy and the sound that they hear as they play with it allows to stimulate their sense of sight and hearing.

  • Rotating Crib Mobile

Mobiles found on to of cribs is one of the first toys that you have probably thought of buying and it is a good choice indeed. It does not only promote visual and hearing stimulation but it also encourages your little ones to stretch out and grab the hovering toys above them. It is also a great sleepy time companion because of the lullabies it produces.

  • Rattles

Rattles are a must for newborns. It helps them with their gripping reflex and at the same time their visual, tactile and auditory senses. It can also double up as a teether as well.

  • Stuffed Toys

These are soft and are to use for your little ones. Use these toys to tell stories with, play “peek-a-boo” or even make it your baby’s comfort item. Just makes sure to wash them frequently for your baby’s safety and health.

Baby Learning Toys for Babies 6-12 Months

Now when your baby starts to grow into the latter parts of their first year, is when it gets a little trickier in choosing the right baby learning toys for them. They will more or less show interests in what they want to play with.

  • Stacking Cups

baby toys lian playingMy little one had an obsession with stacking cups when she reached her eight month. She would giggle and squeal in excitement every time I stack the cups up in front of her. When she was able to grab each cup she starts to do it on her own. Amazingly, she had easily mastered it with just a few tries. The she would do it over and over again for the entire day.

  • Musical Toys

Musical toys are also a good addition to your babies’ toys. It can go from drums that they can hit to make sounds or a piano with different sounds and colors. It also helps to give them some musical toys that teaches them numbers, alphabets colors and even animals and the sounds that they make.

  • Walking Toys

There are a lot of walking toys that kids can use nowadays. Some even has popping balls enclosed in a globe that “pops every time the push the walker. These toys will encourage your little ones to walk with support and soon enough on their own.

  • Tinker Toys

Tinker toys are those that requires logical thinking and imagination form your little ones. It can be a puzzle or a “match the shape into the right hole” type of toy.

Other Helpful Learning Methods

Toys are not the only learning tool that you can use for your baby. There are many other activities that you can do to help them develop their cognitive and fine motor skills. These are also the cheaper and more “mommy-baby bonding” type of teaching that you can give to your child.

  • Sound Stimulation

One good example is audio stimulation. It can done by playing nursery rhymes or even make your own personal baby concert for just your little bundle of joy. Make sure that you create movements that your little ones can follow with ease. It also helps if you play around with the pitches of the song. You will be rewarded with smiles and giggles if you are able to get their attention with your performance.

  • Videos

Another choice is to play educational videos but make sure that it is limited to a certain acceptable time-frame. You can play songs and rhymes that teaches the ABC, number, colors and shapes. But if you are not a fan of screen time, you can go old school and use educational books instead.

  • Learn from MOMMY

There are many options when it comes to learning toys and methods but what you need to remember is that nothing can replace YOU. You are their best teacher, and trust me when I say that they learn more quickly if you take your time with them and teach them or play with them. Make these milestone moments memorable by bonding with your child while you play and educate them.

What to Know Before Buying

Of course before you would go to an all-out gift buying frenzy, you first need to know what you should check before purchasing it. It’s not enough that you pick what you think is appropriate. You need to examine it closely first. Here are tips on things to check before buying:

  • It must be BPA free and non-toxic

This is the most important factor that you must consider before buying a toy for a child. They tend to bite, lick and nibble on toys whenever they play with it. So it must be free from any chemicals and toxins.

newborn baby gift blumm photo

  • The toy’s “age appropriate” range should be considered

Each toy has an “age appropriate” range labeled on its box or container. This can be your guide to know whether the toy that you will buy is suitable for your child’s age.

  • It must be durable and long lasting

Childs play always involves throwing, smashing, hitting and kicking of the toy that they play with. So make sure that the toy you will buy can endure such activities. There is nothing worse than paying for something that gets broken with just one to two uses.

  • It must have big parts

Kids love to chew and put their toys in their mouths. Sometimes, learning toys has detachable features. Make sure that each detachable part of the toy is big enough so your child will not swallow it. A smart tip that I can give you to know if the parts are big enough is if the toy won’t fit through a tissue paper carton roll.

  • Know what the child likes

Children can be picky, especially with the toys that they play with. So closely observe what activities catches your baby’s interest and those that they enjoy. It can be stacking cups, musical toys and the likes.

  • It must stimulate the child’s senses

Pick toys that are colorful, movable and those that create funny sounds when used. These functions can help stimulate your child’s sense of sight, hearing and touch. In addition, movable toys can help them physically get stronger and ready for crawling and walking.

Now that you have all the need to know details for the right learning toy to buy, all you need to do is to carefully study and examine each and every toy candidate. Keep your toys safe and educational for your baby and at the same time, be resilient enough to last for years of use.

Princess Dresses for Girls – How to Look for the Perfect Princess Dress

Sponsored Post – One of the “plus factors” of having a daughter is dressing them up into beautiful little princess dresses for girls. I for one have a three year old daughter that is starting to enjoy mimicking famous Disney princess characters. It won’t take long when she will finally tell me that she wants to dress like one.

To be honest, I am more excited about it than my daughter. I can’t wait to dress her up into different versions of princesses and their unique fashion. I am sure that you feel the same way I do.

Form vintage, old style designs to the trendy “nowadays” princess, the list is endless. You just have to make sure that these princess outfits are worth the price that they offer. It must not only look good but at the same time should be comfortable enough for our daughters to wear.

Luckily the online shopping website called “Little Adventures” has just the right princess dresses for little girls that I was searching for. The site offers a wide variety of fantasy dresses that is fit for children from a year old up to nine. Some of these princess dresses really caught my eye. I would like to share these precious finds with you as well.cinderella dress

Princess Dresses Cinderella

Princess Cinderella is one of the famous Disney princess that we grew to love. For sure, if your little princess could see her, she will feel the same way. The traditional Cinderella look has been meticulously made to create the prefect little princess replica. To complete the look, a beaded flower design and sparkling silver trim will surely make your daughter feel like a real princess.

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There is another version of this Cinderella princess that your little one might be more familiar with. The recent remake of this timeless movie has a butterfly inspired princess dress. This was also trimmed down to a smaller version for your girl as well.

Pink Princess Dressroyal pink princess

If your little girl is a fan of pink, they she might enjoy wearing a pink princess dress with silver sequin and accents. Similar to the design of Sleeping Beauty’s dress, this precious pink parcel will definitely make your daughter happy. To bring the whole outfit together, a pink blossoming flower will accent the dress.

For a more deluxe version of the pink dress, they have the “Pink Parisian” version. This dress has a Paris themed design on it that sports the ¾ length white sleeves. It is also adorned with gold trimming to make the outfit definitely pop.

Some More Amazing Dresses for Girls

If you think that those are all that the website has to offer then think again. When I said that the list goes on in terms of dress options and style, it definitely did. Here are some more princess dresses that can make you go “wow.”snow white princess dress

Snow White Princess Dress

Who could forget the original Disney princess Snow White? Having her elegant yet vintage look is a true princess’s dream. The design has been remade in order to mix the old and new style of princess dress. With a mix of navy blue, cherry yellow and red hues, this dress will definitely be an eye catcher.

Satin Ice Princess DressIce princess

The movie Frozen is by far the most well-known Disney film of this generation. Even my daughter knows who Princess Elsa is. If your little princess also dreams of becoming like Elsa then the “Satin Ice Princess Dress” is the perfect choice for her. Complete with snowflake designs and blue gloves to match, your little girl will definitely feel Elsa’s “let it go” moment. This is a definite princess dresses for girls favorite.Purple Amulet Princess

Amulet Princess Dress

This is the new addition to the shops long line of princess dresses. Tie dress showcases the purple violet shades that is accentuated by white trimmings and flowerlike designs. If your little girl adores the violet color then she might want to try this out.

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All of these princess dresses are machine washable for your convenience. The outfit also prides itself with it soft, comfortable and stretchy material. It also has a stretchable bodice that can accommodate a variety of sizes making it fit perfectly to your child’s figure.

Princess Dress Up Accessories for Your Toddler Girlprincess shoes silver

Of course, no princess outfit would be complete without the proper accessories. It can be earrings, necklaces, even tiaras. Don’t forget one of the most important accessory of all is the shoes. Finding the perfect shoe will bring out the princess in every outfit.

Princess Dress Up Shoes for Toddlers

A beautiful yet comfortable princess shoe is the perfect addition to your little girl’s princess outfit. This shoe comes in two colors. You can choose between the gold and the silver shade of metallic vinyl. Of course it will all be depending on your chosen princess dress. It also has a beautiful flower design to make it more fit for a princess.

Gloves, Crowns and Jewelriesice glovessoft crown princess

In addition to the princess shoes, they also offer several accessories that you can choose from to take your princess outfit to the next level. They have the gold and silver tiara and crown to match the shoes.

They also have feathery boas with the hues of pink, white and violet. Gloves with the colors red, white and blue (with ice details) are also available for purchase. In addition there are several wands with different colors and designs to choose from.

Princess Dresses for Babies

If your daughter is still just a “wee little one” you can also join in the fun of dressing them up. The “Popreal” company is a group of people who manages an online web shop that specializes in providing baby girls a princess dress.

They also provide a size chart that is designed to match your baby girl’s measurements with their dresses. These dresses are made to fit babies whore are still in their newborn stage up to those that are just turning one year old. I will now share with you some of their precious creations.bowknot dress

  • Girl Party Princess Bowknot Dress

This particular dress is made for babies’ ages 3 to 9 months old. It’s simple yet sophisticated design has a total of six colors to choose from. These colors include white, red, violet, hot pink, powder pink and powder blue.

The dress also sports flower designs located at the hem of the dress and a bow on the waist to make it even more elegant looking. You can choose from two different sizes that the shop offers.

  • Baby Girl Lace Dress

If you plan to choose a white lace dress for your baby girl then you can opt to take a look at the white version of this dress. It has a beautifbaby lace dressul flower print at the top and a bow on the waist. The skirt part has beautiful layers to make the dress livelier.

Other colors of this dress includes the shades of baby pink, hot pink, baby blue, blue green, green, yellow and violet. This makes a total of eight different designs all in all. This outfit will fit babies at 3 to 12 months. It also comes in three sizes.

  • Cute Princess Dress for Infantsripple decorated opening baby girls princess dress

Another beautifully made princess dress is the “Ripple Decorated Opening baby Girls Princess Dress” for ages 0 to nine months. A carefully crafted ripple design is spread out through the skirt part of the dress. The waist is accessorized by small rhinestones as well.

This princess dress has a total of three colors to choose from. These colors are red, white and pink. If you decide to choose this, there are three available sizes for it.


  • Lace Flower Baby Girls Princess Dressseveral colors lace flower baby girls princess dress

This dress has a wide variety of colors to choose from. The nine colors include orange, blue green, blue, hot pink, baby pink, yellow, white, fuchsia pink and violet. It has a pretty bow located at the left side of the dresses waistline.

The lace flower baba girls princess dress is best fit for children ages three months to one year old. There is a total of four size choices provided by the site for your convenience.

  • Newborn Princess Dress for Girls

The hip and trendy pink colored “Beads Decorated Girls Princess Dress Formal” is certainly an eye-Beads Decorated Girls Princess Formal Dresscandy to any mom. It has sleeves made of white lace which joins together with the pink lace textile of the dress. The waist is accessorized with a pink belt made of hot pink sequins. The hem of the dress also has the lace design attached to it, making it look more chic. If your baby is between the ages of 0 to 3 months, then this is a perfect fit for her.

Now with all these choices combined, you can now freely choose the right princess dress for your little girl. Just make sure to take a tab on what she likes, her age and her color and style preference.

Let your imagination run wild with the help the “Popreal” and “Little Adventures” website. Create a fun filled, princess themed dress up bonding with your little princess. Remember, they are young only once, so make the most out of it.

Find the Best Baby Carrier for Your Needs – Pros, Cons And Features (Different Baby Carrier Positions Explained)

Sponsored Post – I remember the time when my baby wanted to be carried more as compared to being placed in her stroller. Carrying her everywhere I go was definitely a very hard task for me. When my husband is not around to help me “co-carry” my daughter I usually get drained physically very, very easily.

best baby carrier

Thank heavens for the existence of baby carriers. It helped me, my husband and practically anyone who carried my daughter. Using these ingenious products made carrying my child a breeze and it also gave lesser body strains when used properly.

Based on my own experience, it is definitely a must for every child to have their own baby carrier. Trust me when I say that sooner or later your little ones will get tired of riding their strollers. Their next “preference of commuting” would be for you to carry them instead.

How Do Baby Carriers Work

Regardless if you are at the mall or you are just inside your house cleaning, your kiddos would want to be carried. That is why you need to find the right baby carrier for your baby. You should also take into consideration that you should benefit from it as well.

When you talk about baby carriers and how they function, I can explain it in the simplest way possible. Just imagine you carrying your baby without using your hands for support. That’s practically it if you ask me.

The plus side of wearing and using a baby carrier is that it lessens the effort your whole body gets when carrying your child. In addition, a good baby carrier will also help you with proper posture as well.

Different Baby Carrier Positions Explained

Of course nowadays there are baby carries that are ergonomically designed to fit you child’s age range. Unlike before when we only have to adjust the straps‘ length, baby carrier designs are now very versatile and flexible.baby carrier

These new baby carrier products can shift their design up to six times depending on your baby’s age. Each design functions differently and will benefit not only your baby but the person carrying them as well.

Forward Facing Baby Carrier

The forward facing baby carrier are best for babies who still do not have strong neck control. This position will help support them and will prevent their heads from bobbing while your carry them.

Facing In

The facing in position is the ideal way to place your child when they are now strong enough to support their heads. It will also give you full access to your baby since you are now face to face with them.

Back Carrying Position

The back carrying position are meant for more bigger kids. It’s like having them go on a piggy-back ride without the strain of you carrying their whole weight with your arms. In addition, the baby carrier will help you maintain proper posture while carrying your toddlers from the back.

Double Shouldershipster plus carry baby

The double shoulders function of the baby carrier is like having to wear a backpack around you. The only difference is that it has straps which will secure the carrier properly and snugly around your body. This function is used for the forward facing, facing in and back carrying position.

Single Shoulder

When you talk about the single shoulder function, it is like a sling bag with the addition of straps attached to it. This baby carrier function can be used for face in, face out positions and can even be used for side carrying position as well.

Hip Seat

The best way I can describe how a hip seat looks like it that it is very similar to a waist bag or more commonly called a “fanny pack bag.“ This particular function can be used if yo have a newborn baby up to the age of one. You can use it as  support when you want to lie your baby down or have them sit with support. The hip seat can also be used in the facing in face out and side carrying positions.hipster plus mommy posture

Proper Posture for Your Back

In addition to all of these practical and innovative functions of the baby carrier is the bodily support given to those who will be wearing them. Instead of your spine being twisted and your shoulders being unaligned just to carry your baby the baby carriers‘ design can give you the correct posture you need.

Wearing a baby carrier will allow your child’s weight to be evenly distributed throughout your whole body. In addition the baby carrier will not place any additional pressure to your hips or waist allowing you to have proper posture. This combined will alloy you to move freely and effortlessly while still carrying your baby.

When Do I Start using A Baby Carrier

Based on my own experience, I started using a baby carrier when my daughter already has enough neck strength to support her head on her own. But the new designs of the recent baby carriers allows children as young as newborns all the way up to three years old.

Of course there would be some questions that you would want to take note of before you decide to use a baby carrier. Don’t worry, you are not the only one who thinks like that. Most mom’s are hesitant to use a baby carrier because they think that it can have consequences that can affect their babies‘ physical appearance in the future.

Are Baby Carriers Bad For Babies?

The first thing that pops into our minds when buying this product is that “it might become a physical hazard for your child.“ What I mean by this is that we are afraid that using the carrier can deform or dislocate a body part of our fragile little ones.

Today’s baby carriers are ergonomically designed to prevent these type of injuries. First off, majority of the design they follow allows your child to always have the correct “M position“ when using the carrier. This means that each time you carry them they will have their knees bent and open to the sides with their thighs fully supported and comfortable.

Another thing that would erase your worries is that the baby carriers are designed to have several functions. These functions will allow the product to adjust accordingly to your child’s age and size.

A word of advise form someone who has gone through the baby carrier phase is to always check the straps attached to the carrier. Always make sure that it will fit snugly on your body. Allow yourself to be able to move freely without any resistance due to the carrier.

Also always check and adjust the length and width of the carrier according to your child’s size. You would be surprised to see how fast they can grow during the first few months of their lives. Always be alert so that you will prevent the carrier for being too tight for your child.

Can I Breastfeed While Wearing a Baby Carrier

Luckily the answer to this question is a big YES. The design of the baby carriers these days usually has a so-called “hip seat“ located at the bottom most part of the carrier. This can serve as a mini bed support as you breastfeed your child. Most of the designs of the manufacturers today is highly supportive of the baby carrier for breastfeeding design.

When Should I Wear a Baby Carrier

I am an avid supporter of close contact when it comes to my daughter. I want her to be as close to me as possible at all times. That is why I used my carrier as much as I can. Whether I would be cleaning the house, doing errands or even going out for leisure time, I always use it.

Apart form that, I also prefer using a baby carrier rather than a baby stroller. The reason is fairly simple and logical if you think about it. Carriers are less bulky, easy to carry and can be used anywhere without any restrictions.

Can you walk up a flight of stairs or pass through crowded areas with ease using a stroller? That’s what I thought as well. A baby carrier is definitely more convenient than a stroller if you don’t mind the constant additional weight while using it. Just think of it as additional workout, that’s what I did.

Do I Need Several Baby Carriers?

With the flexible and innovative designs of the baby carriers to date, you would only need one. Just make sure that what you purchase would fit in to you and your child’s lifestyle and way of living.

You need to think bout the durability, functionality and of course the design of the baby carrier you will be purchasing. In comparison to a baby wrap, a baby carrier is much more safer, reliable and long lasting. With a baby wrap, it can only accommodate children up to a year old or the most a year and a half. With a baby carrier, it can accommodate even toddlers the age of three depending on the child’s body size and weight of course.

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If your are planning to buy something that will last a long time and at the same time you and your child would benefit from, I recommend buying the right baby carrier. A multi-functional baby carrier will definitely give you your money’s worth.

Which is the Best Baby Carrier for Newborns and Toddlers this 2017

Before you decide to purchase a baby carrier for your little one, make sure that the product you will buy can give you what you and your baby needs. Buying the best baby carrier for newborns must not only be safe, practical and versatile but also trendy and fashionable.

Also make sure that the baby carrier that you will buy can give your several functions that you can use for your child as they grow. It is definitely a big plus if the baby carrier can have the three major functions which includes the “hip seat,“ the “double shoulder strap“ and the “single shoulder strap.“

Take note as well if each function can accommodate the three basic positions of carrying a child. These include  the “face in,“ the “face out“ and finally the “side carry“ position. In total, you can have nine different varieties of carrying positions for your little ones.

To complete you checklist of “what must be included in a baby carrier“ is to have an ergonomical design fit to your child’s comfort. Remember that the position that your baby must be in when using a baby carrier is the “M position.“ This particular posture will prevent your child from having “Hip Dysplasia.“ This developmental condition is when your child’s ball and socket joint on the hips does not properly  form.

The reason why I keep on stating these innovative facts is because these modern design is what differentiates it greatly from a regular baby carrier. Having these advanced functionality available can give you a definite boost when caring for your child.

 The Right Baby Carrier For You

In summary, what we need in a baby carrier is it’s ergonomic design, multi-functional aspects, safe and comfortable fit and a long-lasting use. With all these in mind I can say that the “MiaMily Hipster 3D Baby Carrier“ is the top contender against other baby carriers ont in the market.

Not only does this product have all that what we need it also has been awarded several recognition due to it’s incredible performance. Among these awards include the “Mom’s Choice Awards,“ the 2014 and 2015 “BizzzieBaby Award,“ the 2017 “Cribsie Award“ and finally a recognition from the International Hip Dyspalsia Institute. It is also recognized by the BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Aliiance).

The aforementioned awards are from other mothers, parents and online buyers that pledged satisfaction upon using the product. With a total of three awards and two recognition, this product is truly worth your attention. 

What the “MiaMily Hipster 3D Baby Carrier“ Offers

The “MiaMily Hipster 3D Baby Carrier“ can be used for children who are as young as a newborn up to their toddler years (3 years old). Of course this will depend on each individual weight of each child. It’s maximum wight capacity is 44lbs. which is equivalent to 20kg.

There is a total of six designs and colors that you can choose from. With it’s hip and trendy look, both mom and dad can use it. It is also a Swiss brand which means that it prides on its durability, toughness and stability that is built to last.

The overall design also has several pockets that the wearer can use to place their phones, purses or other items while using it. It also has a huge storage pocket located under the hip seat where you an place your baby’s diaper, clothes, etc.

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If the “MiaMily Hipster 3D Baby Carrier“ has caught your attention and you would like to purchase one for your baby (like me), you can check out their website and purchase it online at https://www.miamily.com. The MiyaMily website also offers free shipping of their items worldwide.

Where else can you find a multi-functional baby carrier that benefits both the baby but also the parent? Definitely the “MiaMily Hipster 3D Baby Carrier“ is a trendy, practical and comfortable baby carrier that beats the rest.

Newborn Growth Spurt – Thoughts on Your Little One’s Development

When you are a parent you become more and more observant with almost everything that you see, hear and witness. This is even more so when it comes to your little ones. But this kind of mannerism that you will attain is a good thing, especially when you are to perceive your baby’s growth and development.

One of the many milestones that you will sooner or later experience with your baby is what we commonly call a newborn growth spurt. This particular milestone can be well observed, especially when you are very much attentive to your baby’s moves, routine, feeding, behavior and most especially, their physical appearance.

In addition to this milestone, there can be several other memorable moments that you baby will be experiencing. It can be as simple as longer naps or even more active “awake moments.” But always keep in mind that not all babies re the same. So you should expect the unexpected when it comes to your tiny bundle of joy.

If you are not that keen at spotting whether your baby is already undergoing this change, you need not to fret. There are other signs that can confirm that your baby is actually experiencing it. So you better take some notes as we go along this topic of ours.

How Long Do Baby Growth Spurts Lasts

This is probably the first thing that you will think of if you are observing a newborn growth spurt. Basically these growth spurts are very fast. So fast that sometimes you might not notice it and think of it as just a “not-so-good” day with your baby.

Each growth spurt length differs, depending on your baby. It can last for just one to two days. For others, it can take to as long as a week’s time. I remember when my daughter had her growth spurt, I had two totally sleepless nights with her.

I recall that she was really, really, REALLY clingy which is weird because I did not spoil her with too much carrying. Another thing is that she immediately gets hungry and for the whole two days, her feeding was so way off her usual schedule.

These are just some of the experiences I had with my daughter. And according to other moms out there, they also experienced the same thing with their little ones. So better observe for these sudden changes in your baby’s routine so that you will keep a tab on when do baby growth spurts happen.

Signs of Newborn Growth Spurt

If I could sum up all the possible signs that you can experience, I would say it would all boil down to four main categories. These are physical appearance, feeding, sleep pattern and finally behavior. Now to make it clearer, let’s talk about them one by one.

  • Physical Appearance

Do you think that your baby suddenly grew? When you carry them, did they suddenly become heavier? Did their clothes suddenly shrink? Yup, you are not imagining things. It actually is real. These are the sudden physical development of the newborn growth spurt that you thought was just you mind playing tricks on you.

  • Feedingnewborn growth spurt eat

Feeding the most common cue that your baby is experiencing growth spurt. Like what I have previously mentioned, they will have a very “un-routinely” feeding pattern. They will also become more fussy and hungry during these times.

There is also difference when it comes to baby growth spurt in formula fed babies and breastfed newborns. For breastfed ones, they will demand more feeding time from you. It can be a total of almost twice the times you usually feed them. For formula fed babies, they tend to become insatiable even after finishing their bottle.

But do not let these sudden changes lead to an overfeeding fiasco. Keep them at their usual feeding amount, and if ever they would want more, make sure that they have a short pause from feeding. You can do so by burping them or changing their soiled diaper.

  • Sleep Patternnewborn growth spurt sleep

The sleep pattern changes of your baby correlates to their increased hunger episodes. They will most probably wake up more often in the wee hours of the night to because they are hungry. Just be patient and attend to their cues and needs.

  • Behavior

A hungry plus sleep deprived baby equals a fussy and irritable baby. You will see that they become clingier and would want to be carried more often than usual. I would not blame them. I would get grumpy as well if I am always hungry or if I lack my much needed sleep.

Once again, they will probably demand for additional feeding just to “soothe” their irritability. Don’t give in to it, especially if you know that you have just fed them. You can use other methods of soothing like rocking them to sleep, cuddling them or even putting on their favorite lullabies to help send them to sleep.

Baby Growth Spurt Timeline

We cannot pinpoint exactly the specific timeline as to when you would experience these growth spurts. But what we know for sure is that all these growth spurt episodes will happen within the first year of your baby’s lives. Since each development is unique, your experience with your child’s growth spurt may differ from mine and other moms as well.

But usually, we can safely say that we can all be able to observe these in as so called “six months growth spurt” stage. This means that you can, more or less, be able to observe (for the first time) these signs within the first six months of your newborn’s life.

The most common times that your baby may experience these signs are during the first two, three, six weeks, three months and finally the sixth month. For me, my daughter had her growth spurt during the first sixth week and the third month of her first year. I also remembered that she had just two days of growth spurt for the sixth week and around three to four days on her third month.

Each growth spurt experience of hers was different from the other. The first one was purely about fussy and sleepless nights and non-stop feeding demand. I had two completely sleepless nights (and days) when she had her first growth spurt.

Her second episode was less stressful. She maintained her feeding routine but she was still waking up during late nights wanting to be fed. What I did was I only gave her a minimal amount of milk just enough to satisfy her but not too much as to overfeed her.

What I noticed on the second growth spurt was that she really grew. When I said really, I mean really grew in length, weight and size. She suddenly was unable to fit in her onesies overnight and I am not exaggerating on this. I even called my husband so that he can see as well that our baby suddenly grew. When I carried her, I also felt she got heavier. I thought it was just my arms getting too tired at first. But when I asked for my husband to substitute for me, he also felt our baby girl was heavier.

Final Thoughts on Baby Growth Spurtnewborn growth spurt irritable

These are all normal and natural changes that your baby will encounter. It is their body’s way of saying “I am growing fast and healthy”. But it does not mean that a baby who does not experience it is not health or might be sick. This is why I keep on reiterating that each and every developmental growth of a child is unique and special.

Some babies may experience all of these signs and some with no signs at all. They would just become bigger and heavier without any accompanied signs that you can observe. The best way to know that your baby is on track with their growth is your routine Pediatric checkups. There you will have concrete data that assures you’re that your baby is healthy and growing properly.

The best thing that you can use in gauging your child’s health and development is your gut instinct. Our own “mommy instinct” is always right. If you feel that your baby is as healthy as a horse even though there are no signs that manifest growth spurt, then they probably are. Just trust your “mommy senses” and you can’t go wrong.

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