Boxer Briefs for Boys – A Simple Guide in Choosing the Right Boxer Briefs for Your Little Man

Sponsored Post – Toddlers have always been energetic and active and that is a sure fire fact. Even though I have a two years old daughter, she can be a bit of a handful when it comes to her daily activities that are fueled by hyperactivity and play. I can only imagine what toddler boys can do.

I have experienced this with my cousin’s preschooler boy. What she worried about most when her baby boy is getting too playful is his undergarments, particularly his boxer briefs. She told me that she does not want another “boxer brief caused rash wound” to happen. Apparently this is one of the major fears of parents who buy boxer briefs for boys.

My cousin continued her “rash” story. She said that she had to bring her son to his doctor because the rash was scratched so hard that it became an open wound. She said that the cause of the rash was because of the fabric of the boxer brief of her son. Like me, she had learned the importance of good quality clothing the hard way.

Boxer Briefs for Toddlers

I might not have a son of my own but I was able to practice my “boy toddler” care with the sons of my cousins. I even got some good tips and tricks that they shared with me if ever I would be gifted with my very own baby boy.

Basically, there is not much difference with what you need to find in a clothing for both boys and girls. The only difference between then is that a boxer brief for toddlers has an elastic waistband. My cousins told me that if the materials of the waistband is not of top quality, then expect your boy to have rashes over and over again.

Of course they did not leave out the basic “musts” when it comes to boxer briefs. Similar to my daughter’s clothing, it must be comfortable when worn, most especially when at play. Another is that it must withstand friction and moisture when your toddler boy is playing his heart out. Because if the fabric causes friction against your son’s skin with the addition of moisture from sweat, your kid are bound to end up with a nasty rash.

Liam Boys Boxer Briefs

While I was scrolling around for a good bike shorts for my daughter, I came upon this particular item. What caught my eye was the so called “big boy” design which looked so adorable and “manly” at the same time. When I continued to read the features of the boxers due to my curiosity, all the more I got interested.boxer briefs for boys

Since the first thing that I saw was the designs, I checked to see if there are other colors available for it. Luckily it has a few versions of it in red, blue and white. It also has different sizes that parents can choose from. Each set has a total of three pairs of boxer briefs in it as well.

There is also a contrasting stitch faux-fly so that your little boy can easily identify the front from the back and at the same time, he won’t have a hard time going to the bathroom to do a “number 1” on his own. The seams of the boxers are also has a flat-lock design to ensure smoothness and itch free feel.

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With regards to the waistband, it is made up using contrast stitching. This avoid itching and holds the boxers firmly but won’t leave any itchy marks. It also has a tag-less back. It will further ensure that there will not be an “itching” sensation during your boys’ playtime.

The fabric itself is also smooth and comfortable. It is made using a tri-fabric blend that includes cotton, spandex and modal. Rest assured that these fabrics won’t shrink or lose its color when you wash them. The “Liam Boxer Briefs for Boys” is truly a comfortable and itch free apparel. Now your little man can wear it with confidence all throughout the day.

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