Boys Underwear: Ideal Boys Boxers and Boys Briefs for Active Kids

Boys will be boys, they run around, get really active and would fill their day with non-stop play and even sports. They tend to run around all day and would not stop their activity and just use up all their energy in what they do. This will eventually make them sweat and heat up which will stick to their clothes if not cared for properly.

That is why it is very important to give them the right “outfit” to match up to their active lifestyle. Because we all know that what they wear can make or break their day and we don’t want to ruin it because we chose the wrong outfit for them.

This includes the right underwear that they must wear. Keeping that in mind, you have to look for the best boys underwear that can satisfy your little bud’s dynamic day. Make your little bud’s day filled with excitement and adventure without them pausing every now and then because of unwanted itchiness or sweatiness.

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​Choosing the best underwear for them requires not only comfort but also flexibility and "breath-ability" of the fabric. We also must be keen when it comes to underwear tags because it will cause itchiness and eventually rashes and wounds. With these in mind, you are now ready to choose the best underwear for your little man.

Boys ​Boxer Briefs: Choosing the Right Boxer Briefs for Your Little Man

​Liam Boys Boxer Briefs

Toddlers have always been energetic and active and that is a sure fire fact. Even though I have a two years old daughter, she can be a bit of a handful when it comes to her daily activities that are fueled by hyperactivity and play. I can only imagine what toddler boys can do.

I have experienced this with my cousin’s preschooler boy. What she worried about most when her baby boy is getting too playful is his undergarments, particularly his boxer briefs. She told me that she does not want another “boxer brief caused rash wound” to happen. Apparently this is one of the major fears of parents who buy boxer briefs for boys.

My cousin continued her “rash” story. She said that she had to bring her son to his doctor because the rash was scratched so hard that it became an open wound. She said that the cause of the rash was because of the fabric of the boxer brief of her son. Like me, she had learned the importance of good quality clothing the hard way.

Boxer Briefs for Toddler Boys

I might not have a son of my own but I was able to practice my “boy toddler” care with the sons of my cousins. I even got some good tips and tricks that they shared with me if ever I would be gifted with my very own baby boy.

Basically, there is not much difference with what you need to find in a clothing for both boys and girls. The only difference between then is that a boxer brief for toddlers has an elastic waistband. My cousins told me that if the materials of the waistband is not of top quality, then expect your boy to have rashes over and over again.

Of course they did not leave out the basic “musts” when it comes to boxer briefs. Similar to my daughter’s clothing, it must be comfortable when worn, most especially when at play. Another is that it must withstand friction and moisture when your toddler boy is playing his heart out. Because if the fabric causes friction against your son’s skin with the addition of moisture from sweat, your kid are bound to end up with a nasty rash.

While I was scrolling around for a good bike shorts for my daughter, I came upon this particular item. What caught my eye was the so called “big boy” design which looked so adorable and “manly” at the same time. When I continued to read the features of the boxers due to my curiosity, all the more I got interested.

Since the first thing that I saw was the designs, I checked to see if there are other colors available for it. Luckily it has a few versions of it in red, blue and white. It also has different sizes that parents can choose from. Each set has a total of three pairs of boxer briefs in it as well.

There is also a contrasting stitch faux-fly so that your little boy can easily identify the front from the back and at the same time, he won’t have a hard time going to the bathroom to do a “number 1” on his own. The seams of the boxers are also has a flat-lock design to ensure smoothness and itch free feel.

With regards to the waistband, it is made up using contrast stitching. This avoid itching and holds the boxers firmly but won’t leave any itchy marks. It also has a tag-less back. It will further ensure that there will not be an “itching” sensation during your boys’ playtime.

The fabric itself is also smooth and comfortable. It is made using a tri-fabric blend that includes cotton, spandex and modal. Rest assured that these fabrics won’t shrink or lose its color when you wash them. The “Liam Boxer Briefs for Boys” is truly a comfortable and itch free apparel. Now your little man can wear it with confidence all throughout the day.

Ryan Woven Boxer Briefs

Breathable and flexible; these are the two ideal must haves when it comes to your little boy’s underwear. Since it will get in contact directly with the skin, it should be made of soft materials to prevent any rashes from forming. With an amazingly perfect customer feedback, the “Ryan Woven Boxer Briefs” have been tried and tested and have been successful in giving the best care for active boys.


​Made up of 100% pure cotton, the “Ryan Woven Boxer Briefs” is a set of five colorful boxers that your little man can proudly wear every day. The fabric used will keep your little man cool and dry thanks to its breathable feature. Its waistband is encased into the fabric to allow all day comfort.

It also has a tagless design that will prevent your son’s skin from itching.  In addition, the front, back and side seams are double reinforced to keep up with the rough and tumble activities your little ones may encounter for that day. Easy to slip in and slip out of, your little boy will definitely feel like a little man when he wears it all on his own. It also has a front fly that can be easily concealed with the help of the concealed button packet.

The “Ryan Woven Boxer Briefs” is also machine wash friendly do you won’t have to worry of the color fading or the fabric loosening each time you clean it. It comes in two different sets that you can choose from. The first set is called the “Chico” where a plaid design is featured. It has five different combinations of green, blue, red, white and black that showcases a different color pattern with each boxer brief. The second set is named “Grande” and also has the same color hues only this time, it shows more emphasis per color. Both of these sets are readily available in four sizes which are: “4/5”, “6”, “7/8” and “9/10”.


Let your boys run around and play to their heart’s content with the help of the “Ryan Woven Boxer Briefs”. It will provide them the utmost comfort and breezy feeling all day long. It won’t hinder them from their active day and it will also allow them to move freely and carefree all day long.

Noah Cotton Boxers

Help your son grow form a little boy to a young man as they wear the “Noah Cotton Boxer” with pride. With a perfect feedback from its previous owners, this set of boxer briefs will provide the optimal care and comfort to your little man without inhibiting them of free movement and all day play.


The “Noah Cotton Boxer” is the best partner if your little boy is read for the “big boy underwear”. Made entirely of 100% pure cotton, this set of boxer briefs will give the best possible comfort and allow breathable access into your son’s skin. It is also strategically designed so that the waistband is enclosed within the fabric to provide all day comfort and will not “bite into their skin” when worn.

It also has a tagless back design to rid your son from those itchy moments that a tag can bring. Finally, it has a red two button fly closure that give that additional “pop” in color. Its relaxed fit will allow your kids to move freely but will not slide because of its comfy and secure fitting.

It has a total of two sets that will provide you and your son with different colors to choose from. First choice is the “Deep” set where the color hues are darker. This set has five colors in total which are “Grey”, “Blue Green”, “Red”, “Navy Blue” and “Dark Green”. The second set is called the “Multi-Color” which has a lighter hue compared to the previous set. The colors included in this set are “White”, “Blue”, “Gray”, “Bark Blue” and “Black”. These two sets are readily available in all sizes. You can choose from a total of four sizes as well. These sizes are as follows: “4/5”, “6”, “7/8” and “9/10”.


Comfort, breathability and free movement, the “Noah Cotton Boxer” is the best choice for growing boys. Active young lads need not to worry about a thing when they are wearing this boxer brief. It will protect them and keep them comfortable all throughout the day regardless of how active or rough their activity will be.

Boys Briefs: Lucas Organic Cotton Briefs

Keep your little lads cool, dry and comfy all day with the help of the “Lucas Organic Cotton Brief”. From a satisfactory customer feedback, this product ensures a fun day, every day for your little ones.

Keep your little bud comfy and hassle-free every time they go about their active day and let them come home still feeling fresh and comfortable.


The “Lucas Organic Cotton Brief” comes in a set of three pieces that is made purely of 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard Certified) cotton fabric. This ensures you that your child will stay fresh, cool, dry and comfortable all day long.

It is also made very durable to endure the active lifestyle that your little man goes about each day. The logo printed elastic waistband makes the color pop even more and keep it fashionable as well. There is also a tagless back design to prevent your son’s skin from itching and forming a rash.

The waistband is also securely fitted to prevent the brief from rolling down as your child moves and it will not leave any mark on the skin as well. The brief is designed to have a super smooth flat-lock seam that gives that smooth feel whenever your son wears it. In addition, it has a functionally open fly that can be easily used by your little ones.

The fabric is machine wash friendly and made of organic cotton. This means that you won’t have to worry of the color fading each time you wash it clean. On the other hand, since the cotton used for the fabric is not treated, there is a tendency that the item may shrink to around 7-10% during the initial washing.

The “Lucas Organic Cotton Brief” only comes in three designs that are all available in the set one you buy it. It has a total of two solid colors and one striped design. For the two solid colors, we have the orange color with the seams and waistband having the tint of dark blue. The second solid color showcases the dark blue color with the orange shade found on the seams and the waistband. Finally, the striped design has several colors including black, dark blue, gray, light blue, green, orange, and yellow enclosed in a dark blue seam and waistband. The three brief style all have the “Lucky and Me” orange logo printed at the waistband as well. There are a total of five sizes that you can choose from. These available sizes are as follows: “2/3”, “4/5”, “6”, “7/8” and “9/10”.


The “Lucas Organic Cotton Brief” is the ideal beginning brief for your little boy. It is safe and soft to use and it will give an all-day fresh feeling that your little man will definitely appreciate. Now they do not need to worry about feeling sweaty or itchy and they will have the best day every day. Its design will also allow them to easily wear it and remove it just like a grown young man.

These are the three amazing and fashionably functional underwear that your little man can choose from. You can go with boxers or briefs and your son can decide on their own which will make them feel like a “big boy”. But regardless of the choice you and your little boy will make, all of these will give your son the comfort, flexibility, and coolness that they will need every day.

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