BPA Free Baby Products – A Critical Guide

For new mothers who are just starting to plan their shopping list for baby goodies, one of the most essential item on it would be bottles, pacifiers, basically anything in line with child feeding. But we must also pay particular attention when buying these items.

As far as I have known, I always go by the motto “better safe than sorry” when it comes to my daughters health. Unlike before, nowadays parents can identify baby items that are safe to use. Particularly, those that are BPA free baby products.

Baby products that are BPA free are a bit expensive as compared to other baby items similar to it. But we parents can be assured that our child’s health won’t be put at risk when we use these particular items.bpa free baby products

What is BPA?

Baby items that are BPA or “bisphenol A” free are those items that are currently in the market when it comes to baby items. Form toys to cribs all the way down to pacifiers, all of them are, and should be, BPA free baby items as per regulated by the FDA.

A few years back, bottles and other plastic items made for babies are made of bisphenol A. The dangerous part of this is that BPA can leach through and contaminate food, liquid or anything that comes in contact with it while exposed to high temperatures.

During the year 2012, the FDA has made an act to ban all items that has a BPA composition in it. In result, major plastic producing manufacturers have voluntarily retracted and halted production of these BPA composed items. This brings us to the current BPA free baby products that we can now purchase with a sound mind.

How Can We Make Our Kids be BPA free?

Sadly for us, we have, more or less, ingested a lot of BPA during the past few years of our lives. We have probably consumed it unknowingly as we ate our microwave-heated meals that was in a plastic container or even through drinking water through a water bottle that was left in the car. But this does not mean that we can, at least prevent our new born and small children from ingesting BPA.

Use either BPA-free or glass bottles

These two options are the top priorities that you can invest on as parents. I for one had chosen the bottle manufactured by “Dr. Browns” as my child’s first bottles. Not only are the BPA free but at the same time they are anti-colic. But if you still would want to be extra safe, glass bottles can be your secondary option. Just make sure that you be more careful to prevent glass breakage.

Read every bit of detail regarding baby items, food, etc.

It pays to know the exact content of everything you buy. Especially when it comes to your child’s formula milk or baby food. Not only must you make sure that the ingredients are safe, you must also know what the plastic container of the milk or food is made from.

Heat milk using hot water instead of microwave

I have always used the old-fashioned method of warming my milk using warm water from a pan or kettle. It may seem, well it actually is, tedious, but it is far safer than using the microwave. Remember that using microwaves will not only give out radioactive waves but at the same time will induce a chemical reaction with plastics.

Opt to buy baby products made of organic items

These items may be hard to find and a tad expensive but they would surely guarantee a safer and more natural way of providing BPA free baby products for your young ones. Toys can also be organically made. I have purchased toys made of wood as my daughter’s first batch of play things. You must remember that kids love to bite and nibble on their toys, so make sure that they are safe as well.

Use glass, stainless steel or cast iron made cookware

Once your child is old enough to start their solid food transition, use cookware that are BPA free or those that are made of glass, cast iron or stainless steel. Also, continue this method with dining wares, food storage containers and anything that will come in contact with your child’s food and drinks. For me, I made it a habit to use one particular cookware for my child’s food. She also has her own set of BPA free utensils, cups plate and bowl for her to use every time she eats.

Train your child to have an all-organic diet

As early as they can eat solids without any issues, teach them how to eat organic food. I started my child with organic fruits and vegetables and worked my way up to organic brown rice. Currently she is getting the hang of eating meat, fish, chicken and pork which are also, as much as possible, organic.

These are just some of the things that you can prepare and arm yourself with when it comes to keeping you baby products BPA free. Just remember that BPA agents can be found almost in everything that is made. It is up to us to meticulously scan, identify and segregate those items that are harmful for our kids from those that are safe for them to use. It pays to have ample knowledge when it comes to your child’s safety and well-being most especially during the early years of their lives.

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First time mom to a beautiful three year old daughter. I am very open to new, fun ideas and ways on how to take care of my child. I also believe that "kids are way smarter than what we give them credit for."

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