Carousel Designs For Baby Bedding: A Company Made With Love

Sponsored Post – Baby bedding is a necessity. Whether you plan on crib-sleeping or co-sleeping, having a comfortable baby bedding should be carefully thought of. The materials should be of high-quality, it should be well-made, and it should be the most comfortable. Not to mention, the design should be fun and pleasant to the eyes. Should you choose Carousel Designs for baby bedding? Read on for more.

Carousel Designs Do Not Compromise

Carousel Designs have been on the market for 29 years. They not only make high-quality bedding, but also gorgeous designs. Their products range from baby bedding essentials to decors and personalized gifts. Because the company is founded by doting dads, the business grew with their love and utmost care. As the founders retire, their sons (who were expectant fathers) took over and designed the pieces with their wives and babies in mind. After several years, Jonathan Hartley and Allan Sicat made the company flourish by their beautiful creations. Jonathan made an interactive tool called Nursery Designer which can help expectant parents to visualize and design the nurseries they’ve always wanted. Allan, on the other hand, developed an innovative production process which helps them cater to custom designs on a larger scale without sacrificing other factors such as quality and detail. Carousel designs have at least 100 baby bedding collections which they take pride in. Not only do you have a wide selection of beautiful and high-quality pieces, but you sure are getting products that are made with genuine affection.

Carousel Designs: Products

Carousel Designs have a wide range of baby bedding products such as crib sheets, blankets, bumpers, rail covers, comforters and crib skirts. No need to think about the sizes because they cater to all ages from newborn up until toddler years. Other nursery decors are also offered such as lamp shades, diaper stackers, decorative pillows, mobiles, wall decors and ottomans. This brand alone almost has everything you need for your nursery, so you’ll also have the ease of buying. You’ll also have a lot of choices regarding style, and surely something in this brand will fit your preference.

Carousel Designs: Reviews

Carousel Designs have great reviews! Besides producing high-quality bedding and décor, their customer service is really commended. One of the customers raved about the staff having a genuine concern regarding the delivery. They are thoughtful and they really care about your experience with their service. Another high point with the brand is their price. Customers are finding good deals on their website and the products are perfect to give as gifts, especially if they are on a budget.

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Carousel Designs For YOUR Baby’s Bedding?

As a mom, I am all in for co-sleeping. I only use cribs during daytime for my 18-month-old son, but for my daughter, she’s always in our bed. Whether inside the crib or on the bed, baby bedding is a necessity for me. I want them to be comfortable in their own space, and I want them to have their own space. Before I make a purchase, I always check the quality first, before the design. If the product is well-made, I’ll check if the price is right for the quality. If all checks out fine, I will gladly buy it. I think Carousel Designs know their priorities. They make great pieces for a reasonable price, not to mention their stellar customer service. If you’re in need of other necessities for your baby’s nursery, then this brand is a good place to start. 😊

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