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Baby Box for Newborns – All You Need to Know About the Blumm Box

Sponsored Post – If you happen to be one of those parents that can never decide what toys, items or even accessories to buy for your baby (like me), then this website might help you get through your difficult decisions.  The “Blumm” website offers a unique and personalized baby box for newborns based on the information you will give them.

How Does the Blumm Box Work?

Basically, what the “Blumm” site does is that their so called MOM’s (Managers of Merchandising) will choose for you. They will pick the most age appropriate product that will fit your child’s interest. It can go from books to toys and so many more. In addition, these MOM’s will also take into consideration the gender of your child. They will also take note of the milestones and interests that your kid will eventually encounter.

All you need to do is to follow three simple steps. These steps will get you very own baby box for newborn right at your doorsteps. The first step is to sign up and subscribe to their website. This will entitle you to have a monthly “Blumm box”.  The MOM’s of the website will strategically choose the right product for your box.

If you are worried that the box that will be given to you might not be the baby items or products that you wanted, well you better think again. The website promises that what they put in the box will be the best items from the best brands that money can buy. All you have to do is to wait and be surprised once you receive it.

The second step is to Check for the box selection. Each month there will be a scheduled box selection announcement and shipping date. The former will be fixed every first of each month and the latter is every ninth of the month.

Finally, all you have to do is Wait for the box to arrive and let your little ones have a fun, educational and entertaining time. The shipment usually takes around five to seven days after ordering. You will receive an emails with a tracking number so that you can keep an eye on your “Blumm box.” This is certainly a great way to give the perfect products for your kids without the hassle of figuring out what is the “best buy” items in the market and choosing form several options.

What Can We Expect from the Blumm Products?

The MOM’s from the Blumm website will be in charge of all the baby products that you will receive as previously stated.  These items will be handpicked and appropriate for your child’s age and gender.

Their website promises that they will give the suitable merchandise for each and every child based on their age range. With this in mind, the Blumm box offers products that can be used by children who are as young as newborns all the way up to kids at the age of five.

The products that will be chosen are all organic and all-natural if possible. This is a big thumbs up for me. The MOM’s will make sure that each and every item you will get is free of chemicals and beneficial for both parents and child.

The people from “Blumm” also encourages their subscribers to make reviews, feedback and even comments regarding their products. This will allow them to adjust and adapt accordingly. This promises that future transactions and purchases will be even more beneficial for their subscribers.

What Else Does Blumm Offer

If you know someone who has a child then this is also a perfect gift for them. They will offer a one time “gift subscription” purchase so that you can share this wonderful news with other parents. One positive function of this gift subscription is that it will allow the recipient to access the “box selection”. This will allow them to give their child’s gender and age so that the Blumm box they will receive will be appropriate for their kids.

With regards to payment method for the Blumm box, they also made the process easier for busy parents. They accept all major credit/debit cards and even Paypal for fast and easy transactions.

The “Blumm Reward Points” is also offered for their members who are currently subscribed. Receiving products and Blumm boxes will qualify you to get reward points. If you are able to collect a total of 500 reward points, it will be equivalent to one free Blumm box.

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If you plan to subscribe to the website, you will only need one account. One account for all of your transactions equals less hassle for purchase. Your account will also have all your activities recorded on it. This includes your monthly subscriptions and renewals, gift subscription and everything that you have purchased. Definitely a great way to take note of your online activities.

So if you want a new and trendy way to buy your kiddos age appropriate merchandise, they I suggest you check out the “Blumm” website and see if they have what you need. This is a great way to invest on shopping even if you are too busy to shop by yourself. This lifesaving website is practically hitting two birds with one stone if you ask me.

Personalized Baby Books From Aunt – A Gift Recommended For Your Nephews and Nieces

Sponsored Post – Educating a child takes teamwork not only form parents. It will also include other members of the family like your baby’s grandparents, aunts, uncles and even your child’s siblings. The more that other family members pitch in to help your child learn the better.

There are a lot of possible gifts that you can take into consideration if you want to buy and educational trinket for you family’s bundle of joy. But for me, the best gift that you can give is one that is both educational and creatively satisfying for the baby.personalized baby book

Personalized Baby Books from Aunt – Some Tips for You

If you are an aunt yourself and you happen to be thinking of the best gift that you can buy for your niece or nephew, then maybe you can look up some personalized baby books. These type of books are a great way to help your godchildren learn and at the same time, it is a great way of you telling them how special they are to you and to the whole family.

Some personalized baby books from aunts can highlight their godchildren’s good traits and let them know that these are what makes them special, unique and well…THEM. The more imaginative and inventive the book the better your godchild will enjoy and appreciate it. That is why I suggested that a personalized baby book from an aunt is a great idea for a special gift.

Grandparents Can Also Give a Special Gift

Grandparents happen to have more affection to their grandchildren as compares to their very own child. Well, that’s what my dad tells me anyway and that’s what I saw in my mom too. This means they tend to spoil their grandkids and would want to give them the best gift possible.

If you happen to be a grandparent reading this, or you know a grandparent who is looking for a gift for their grandkid then you might also want to consider a personalized gift for your grandchild. Like the previous suggestion I gave, a book is a great gift that you can give to your little ones.

Personalized baby books from grandparents can be a treasured keepsake for your grandkids. It will also allow you to have cherished memories that both you and your granddaughter or grandson can have.

Why I Chose Personalized Books as a Gift

The reason why I decided to go with this gift is because I am an avid book lover and I believe that the best way to teach my daughter it’s the old way and that is through book reading. I have been reading different baby book to my daughter even before she was born.

Now that she is turning three, she can mimic the stories that I read to her and can identify all the letters of the alphabet. With this in mind, I believe that giving a personalized book to kids that are in their toddler stages is a brilliant idea.

Since this is the time that their brain are literally like sponges, this is the ideal moment to teach them basic education one step at a time. That is why I would recommend the “My Very Own Name” book to anyone who wants to give a special book to their special little one.

Best Gift for Your Little Ones

Regardless if you are a parent, a mom, a dad, an aunt, and uncle or even grandparents, what’s important is that you choose a gift that can be used for a long time by your child, grandkids and god kids. It also pays to have a gift that is educational and will enhance the child’s imagination and creativity.

What better way to show them how much they mean to you that to have their names spelled and celebrated in a personalized book. A book entitled “My Very Own Name” can give your little ones both the educational, social and emotional growth that they need.

The “My Very Own Name” book has created a story which is uniquely based on your child’s name. With each letter spelled with the help of animals, your child can learn how to rhyme and identify the different letters and animals present in the book.

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The book also allows a special dedication page at the last page of it. There you can either write your dedication, place the birth date of your little ones and even print a scanned picture of your tiny tikes to make the book even more special and distinctive.

The “My Very Own Name” book has been carefully created by author Maia Haag to make sure that it can be the best gift that you can give. The book has roughly a total of forty pages depending on the length of the child’s first and last name. The best part is that it can be enjoyed by both boys and girls within the age range of newborn up to six years.

Personalized Baby Books With Name – What to Expect on These Type of Books

Sponsored Post – One of the most important tools that you can have in order to educate your child and broaden their imagination are books. The more colorful, interactive and magical the better. Nowadays, there are certain categories of personalized baby books with names that are spreading like wildfire in the market. These type of books can enhance your child’s intellect and furthermore, they will be more attracted to it since the book is specially made for them.Personalized Baby Books

Of course, choosing the best type of personalized baby books with names will also depend on you and how well you know your child. It can either be an outer space themed book or even just a garden tea party motif, just make sure that it can catch your child’s interest. With these factors in mind, you are now ready to search for the best book with baby name in the story.

Personalized Baby Books with Name Choices

Like what I have mentioned, there are a countless number of books with baby names in the story. So you need to pay particular attention to the story itself, the theme, its color scheme and most especially, if the book is appropriate for your child’s age range.

Basically, the theme for any of personalized baby books with names is that it will showcase your child’s name. It will be spelled out per letter and the story will creatively introduce each letter to your child as your read through it.

Some examples of these personalized books are “The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name” where the book will spell out your child’s name in a unique way. This means that the story will differ depending on your child’s name.

Another example is the book entitled “On the Night You Were Born _____.” This book will let your child feel how much joy and love you have for them through beautiful pictures and messages all throughout the story.

How to Prepare Your Perfect Personalized Baby Book for Your Little Ones

Now that you have a glimpse of what to expect for the book, you must now input the necessary details to make your baby book unique and special for your baby. Usually there are three categories that you must take into consideration.

Sex of Your Baby

This category will greatly affect the whole outcome of the story. Form the Color scheme all the way down to the lettering and story motif, the book will personalize it for your baby boy, or girl.

Age Range of Your Baby

It is also important to note the age of your baby. Each age range has a different style of storytelling so that your baby can better appreciate and understand it. It can be personalized to baby’s as young as newborns all the way to kids that are ages eight and up.

Occasion of the Book

Be it Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter or even just an everyday moment, most personalized baby books with name can accommodate you and your requests. You will have a very wide range of choices to pick from.

The Best Personalized Baby Book for Me

Since I am an avid fan of book reading, I have been religiously reading several baby books for my daughter starting from the time I have conceived her up until now that she is almost three. Now that she can start to understand the stories that I read to her, I decided that it is time to make each book I read to her special. I also wanted to show her, through the stories I read her, how special and beautiful she is both inside and out.

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My daughter is now familiar with all the letter of the alphabet and is slowly starting to familiarize herself with animals and other objects. So I decided to look for a baby book that can help her further familiarize herself with letters and animals.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a book called “My Very Own Name.” I instantly loved it and I would recommend it to moms, dads and parents who have kids the same age as mine. This book allows you and your child to learn a lot of things all in one package.

Learn with Letters

As you go through the story, your child will get to see each letter that will spell their first and last name as you’re slowly make your way to the end of the book. Your child will enjoy how the book spells out their names in a very special way.

Appreciate Animals

Each letter of your child’s name will be introduced by an animal which has the same first letter as the letter that they will present. For example, the letter E will be brought by and Elephant, the letter D is introduced by a Dog and so on.

The Joy of Your Baby’s Name

The book’s pages will depend on how long your child’s name is. Usually the length of the book ranges to approximately forty pages, give or take. In the end of the story, you can personalize your dedication to your child. You can make a printed out handwritten letter or a scanned baby photo of your child, it will all depend on you and your preference. That is why the book “My Very Own Name” is uniquely special.

So if you would want your child’s reading experience to be even more memorable and meaningful, you can order the personalized baby book with name entitled “My Very Own Name.” It does not only educate your child but will also show them how much you cherish and love them.

Baby Sleeping Bag for Camping – A Brief Review for Interested Parents

When we start to have kids, we would want them to go where we go and share what we enjoy to do as leisure or pastime. One of these is camping outdoors. But we might think that our little ones are unequipped to come with us because of the many risk factors that they might encounter during camping. Luckily there are several baby sleeping bag for camping that we can purchase to make our child camp ready and camping

Different Types of Baby Sleeping Bags for Camping

There are a lot of baby sleeping bag for camping that can be purchased in the market. But it all depends on the age of your child and (if they are big enough) their sleeping preferences. For babies they can either have their own sleeping bag or co-sleep with their parents. If you choose the former, there are different styles to choose from.

Toddler Sleeping Bags

The toddler sleeping bags can be used by kids who are as young as 18 months old all the way to age 5. The extra folds of the bed adds more comfort and warmth to your baby especially in the wee hours of the night. When your child starts to grow, all you have to do is unzip these “extra folds” so that it can accommodate their physical growth. Some examples of toddler sleeping bags are the “Deuter Little Star” and the “Kelty Woobie 30 Degrees Kids Sleeping Bag.”

Youth Sleeping Bags

These type of sleeping bags are best for children ages 3 to 5. It is basically a smaller, kid size version of a regular sleeping bag. It also has some compartments where kids can store their flashlights or toys to keep them safe in the dark night. Some brands are the “Kelly Big Dipper30 Degrees Sleeping Bag” and the “Slumber Jack Go-n-Grow.”

Tips for Camping With Your Baby

Start near your house

The first thing you need to do is to make a quick test run before the big camping trip. Do a test run on everything that you will bring for the trip and all the activities, routines and most importantly, sleeping set-up that you plan to do. What better place to practice this than near your home. You can practice on your garden, backyard, practically anywhere as long as you are in your house’s length. This is the best option to go with because you can never tell what may happen. Your child might have a fuss or you might forget something. Being near your place is easy to compensate any mishap that might happen during your test run.

Bring “extra” of everything

This is a must for your baby. Bring extra clothes, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, everything. You will be camping in a far place with no convenient store or small grocery to save you if you run out of diaper or your child has soiled the last piece of their clothing. It’s always smart to bring an additional set of baby items that can get your basically through one day. Meaning, if ever you happen to use up all your packed baby things, you still have a whole day’s worth of baby items to save you and your trip.

Bring your child’s “comfort” blanket/toy/pillow

Bring your baby’s “comfort item” that they can cuddle as they sleep. This will give them extra comfort especially whey they figure out that they are in a different place that they are not familiar with. You plus a comfortable bed plus their favorite “blankie” or toy equals a happy baby. This will prevent them from having a fuss or missing their own bed when they lie down.

Bring the right clothes for the right weather

Choose the right clothes for your trip to avoid over packing. Usually, you will tend to start with light clothing for your little ones at the start of the camp. If you see that the weather is getting colder, start to layer your child’s clothing accordingly. Same goes when the temperature gets warmer, lessen their clothing.

Be prepared as well

Like what I have previously mentioned, do a dry run of everything that you will do. This includes how you will adjust now that you will have a baby tagging along the trip. You should learn and plan how to go about your camping routine from the very minor detail of carrying the baby to the night time’s bed positions. The key to making your camping trip a breeze is to make everyone comfortable during the whole trip. Remember that your baby can easily adjust to the trip. It is you along with everyone else in the group who has to adjust in terms of having a baby in your camping bonding. So better plan well, bring the right things like the right baby sleeping bag for camping and set a routine that will benefit everyone in the trip.

What is a 3 in 1 Crib – Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

Sponsored Post – The ongoing trend nowadays with mothers and parents alike are the innovative cribs that are present in the market. You can now have the freedom to choose what type of crib you would want your child to have. In addition it can be interchanged from a crib into a bed. But you must need to know what is a 3-in-1 crib first.what is a 3-in-1 crib

What is a 3 in 1 Crib

3-in-1 cribs are similar to your well known convertible cribs (also known as the 4-in-1 cribs). The only difference is that the 3-in-1 crib does not have as much option as the latter offers. But it does not mean that this product is not worth your time or money. It can be a good alternative for parents who are on a tight budget and could not afford a high end 4-in-1 convertible crib.

Different Styles of the 3-in-1 Crib

Like what I have previously mentioned, what a 3-in-1 crib can offer is almost the same as the 4-in-1 models. This crib only lack the features that can make it a “toddler bed.” But the other bed choices can be made using this product.

  • Standard Crib

This will be the first ever bed that your child will use. The bed will allow you to have easy access to your child. At the same time, like what I did, it can be used as a quick diaper changing area if needed. Since the mattress of the crib is located just inches from the top of the crib, you can use the empty bottom half for storage in the meantime.

  • Day Bed

This bed is best used for children who are currently in their toddler years. The mattress of the crib will be adjusted to the lowest level possible in order to convert the standard crib into the day bed style. This time around, you can say goodbye to your “bottom half storage space.” When using this feature, you will have to remove a portion of the cribs’ railings. This will allow easier access for your children when they would want to go in and out of their bed.

  • Single or Twin Bed

This is the final feature of the 3-in-1 crib that is best suited for your preschooler kids. The mattress level is still set on the lowest possible state. Since your children are now more aware of their surroundings, you can opt to remove all of the railing of the crib making it now look like a real bed.

Possible Add-Ons of the 3-in-1 Crib

The availability of “add-ons’ can differ from one manufacturer to another. But basically they have similar “freebies” that parents can use throughout the transitioning process of the crib.

First is the availability of a diaper changing table. This table can be anchored at either end of the crib. This allows easy access for the parents whenever they need to change their kid. When disassembled, the changing table can be converted into a bedside table, a book shelf or even an additional storage space. Since the changing table has extra drawers and storage space, it can be a great addition once your child transitions to his/her daybed.

Next up are the headboards and the footboards. Well, basically it is not a freebie. But these are once the side railings of the crib that can now be used as another bed accessory. Once it is time for the crib to be converted into a full singe or twin bed, the railings will then be attached to the bedframe to accommodate the size of the single/twin bed.

The third is the aforementioned additional storage spaces that parents can use while the crib is still in its standard form. The lower part of the crib can be used to stock your child’s clothes, diapers, bottles and many more. Take it from me when I say that you need to choose the correct items to store under the crib. Place baby items that you would always use all throughout the day like clothes, diapers and bottles. It will be less time consuming and will allow you to move faster.

Overall Verdict

The 3-in-1 crib is probably the second best choice for your child’s needs following the 4-in-1 convertible crib. Not only is it less expensive, it can also provide the basic necessity we are looking for in a state-of-the-art type of crib. Personally, I would prefer this crib over the 4-in-1 if I am in a tight budget.

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If you plan to check for the best 3-in-1 cribs in the market, there are several manufactures that can probably meet your standards and can fit with your furniture style. Some of these include the “Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail” which is GREENGUARD Gold Certified (screened for over 10,000 chemicals) and meets international and U.S. CPSC safety standards (JPMA Certified).

Another very good option is the “Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail” that is also JPMA certified. It is also made of sustainable New Zealand Pine Wood and the price is a little bit more attractive right now than the Babyletto Hudson crib.

What is a Convertible Baby Crib – How to Know if It’s Best for Your Young Ones

One of the most important items that you would need to buy for your baby is a safe, comfortable and baby friendly crib. But usually, baby cribs tend to be a bit more expensive as compared to the other baby items. So you should do a thorough research for the best baby crib e and find out what is a convertible baby crib before buying it.

When it comes to being cost efficient and effective, having a baby product that can be of many use is the best way to go. Having said that, nowadays there is a baby product that is called a convertible baby crib. But exactly what is a convertible baby crib? Here are some pointers and tips that you should know about this innovative product.

what is a 4-in-1 crib discussed

What is a Convertible Baby Crib

A convertible baby crib is also called the “lifetime cribs”. It is coined as such because the design of the crib coincides with the physical growth of your baby. It basically means that as your baby grows, the crib will adjust accordingly with him/her.

What is a convertible baby crib’s specialty? It can be rearranged and reorganized into a total of four different bed styles. All in all, buying this item will save you a huge amount of money as your child grows. Instead of buying a new bed after your kid outgrows his/her crib, you can just rebuild the convertible crib and make it into a small bed.


Convertible Baby Crib Styles

Like what I have said earlier, there are more or less four crib styles that we can make from the convertible baby crib. This will assure us that the item is indeed durable, baby friendly and, most of all, safe for our kids to use.

The convertible baby crib can range from the following styles:

  • The standard crib style
  • The day bed
  • The toddler bed
  • Single or Twin bed size

Of course, the number of style will depend on the product itself. Not all convertible baby cribs have all the four styles present. During the time I was still pregnant with my daughter, there was only a “2-in-1 convertible baby crib” style. So I was only able to use it as a standard crib/diaper changer and a day bed. Now that she is bigger, I need to pack-up her crib and buy her a new bed. If ever the 4-in-1 crib was already present back then, I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

    1. 2-In-1 Crib – This is the most basic choice of all the cribs. This crib transforms from baby crib/infant bed to a toddler bed/daybed.
    2. 3-In-1 Crib – 3-in-1 cribs depends on their manufacturers design. Some cribs can be converted from infant bed to toddler bed to full size bed. Some may skip the toddler bed but can still be converted into daybeds. Before purchasing, read the description of the product to know if the functions you need are available.
    3. 4-In-1 Crib – This is the most common type and the most complete of all convertible cribs. It addition it is also the best-selling product of all. It basically has everything you need. It can be converted from an infant bed to a toddler bed, daybed, twin bed and full sized adolescent bed.
    4. 5-in-1 Crib – This is the more advanced version of the 4-in-1. This particular crib offers the same function as the former crib but with an inclusion of a headboard and a footboard for the adolescent bed function.

Other Convertible Crib Features

Another thing to consider is the additional features that each convertible crib has. Take note that not all manufacturers produce the same features, so better research more carefully. But generally, there are three common features that you can expect in a convertible crib.

    1. Headboard and Footboard – These features depend on the item you have. Technically, the front and back panels of the crib then becomes the headboard and footboard when converted into a toddler bed, but some cribs have a detachable footboard.
    2. Changing table – Some cribs have a changing table included in the package for your convenience. The table can be attached to one end of the crib. Some even have storage spaces for you to put baby essentials in.
    3. Adjustable mattress heights – It is appropriate for newborns to be in a shallower crib because they don’t roll yet and also for the ease of picking them up. So loading up some mattresses inside to increase the height is necessary. You can remove the mattresses one by one as your baby becomes more active and grows in size.

Advantages of the Convertible Baby Crib

First thing that will come into anybody’s mind when hearing this items is that it is very cost effective. You will no longer have to purchase over and over again for a new bed every time your child physically develops and outgrows their beds.

This product will also serve you and your child almost throughout their newborn to toddler years or even more. Probably the only time you would have to buy a replacement is when your child can no longer fit in it, or would decide to want a “grown up” bed for himself/herself, whichever comes first.

Since the product promises us that it can accommodate our children starting from a crib up to a single or twin sized bed, it is built to withstand anything that can damage it. It is expected to be durable, reliable and heavy duty as compared to other cribs in the market.

In addition, you will only have to use this item for all of the four styles of the crib (or whatever number of styles the crib would have). You would no longer need to purchase additional times or tools in order to rearrange the crib into a bed.

Disadvantages of the Convertible Baby Crib

Of course, with every upside comes a downside and this item has a few undesirable factors that we must take into consideration as well. First is its tag price. As compared to other cribs in the market, this product will really cost you a considerable amount of money. So if you are on a tight budget, you would probably think twice of buying this item if you saw how much it would cost.

Another disadvantage is that assembling and reassembling this item is very tedious and hard. Since the product it very complex and a state-of-the-art product, certain amount of hands-on work should be given. So you would expect that rearranging the product will not be a walk in the park.

Finally, even if the product assures us of its durability, it can still be a victim of wear-and-tear. We can really never tell if an item would last or not. If the crib would not be handled with care, it can eventually succumb to external forces and give in before your child reaches their toddler years.

Overall Evaluation

In my opinion, upon weighing the pros and cons of what the convertible baby crib is all about, I would still buy this item if I was given a chance three years ago before I gave birth. Yes it will be expensive, but it can at least guarantee me that I would not need to buy a bed for my baby for a long time.

If you are worried that the convertible crib would give in and break easily, it can definitely be resolved. In order to prolong the items durability, you only need to take good care of it. Like in any item, its projected life span can be reached as long as you know how to clean, care and maintain it. Feel free to take a look at my review on a 4-in-1 crib here.

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