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What is the Best Pet for Toddlers – Great Pets to Keep Your Toddlers Busy

When I was still a young girl, I remembered that the fist pet that I ever had was a fish. I loved it and I took really good care of it every day. After my fish died, my grandfather gave me a small chick as a new pet because I was so devastated and sad from the death of my pet fish. It grew up to be a healthy chicken. But because one of our maid’s did not know it was my pet, we had fried chicken that night and I lost my pet.

Finally, when I was around seven, I got my first dog and she grew with me until I was nearing my teens. She died of old age and I loved her so dearly. Now it became a custom at our house to always have a pet.

Thinking for the best pet for toddlers can be tricky especially I f this is the first pet your toddler will get. But giving a pet for them to take care of can teach them very valuable life lessons in my opinion. This can also hone them to become more compassionate adults in the future because you were able to teach them these important life lessons:

  • Teach them the importance of life

This is the most important lesson that having a pet can give your kids. They will learn how to value and care for life. They will learn that each and every living thing must be taken care of and be respected as well. They will also learn empathy and compassion as their pet grows old along with them.

  • Make them responsible

Caring for a pet also requires them to become responsible. They need to feed their pets, clean it and its home, care for them if they are sick or hurt and many more. They will understand that if they don’t take good care of their pets, it will get sick, run away or worse die.

  • Let them practice care for others

Having a pet will teach your child to care for others. Not only for animals but for plants, people and even material things. They will learn that taking good care of others and the thigs around them will create a healthy and happy environment.

  • Teach them how to create a routine

When they start to get a pet, they will have to create a daily routine that they need to follow. Let them create it on their own with the help of your guidance and supervision. This will teach them how to organize things in the future and will let them understand the importance of time.

  • They learn the importance of cleanliness and good health

When they properly care for their pets, they will see that their pets will grow to become big, strong and healthy. They will learn that the key to a healthy living is being clean and keeping ones’ self always healthy.

Best Pet for Toddlers and Why

best pet for toddlers cat fish

Now that you are convinced to buy your child their first ever pet, you are now tasked to choose the best pet for them. There are a variety of pets to choose from. But it does not mean that all pets are acceptable to toddlers. Listed below are some pets that toddlers can take care of.


Fishes are one of the easiest pets to take care of. They are the “starter pet” for any kid. You just have to give them the right food in the right amount. Since a fishes’ food is not hard to give, even little kids can do it. Just make sure that you help them clean the tank because fishes are very slippery and energetic when out of water.


Cats are great for kids who loves to nurture their pets but at the same time, has minimal attention span. Cats are not clingy and they usually go about what they do without having to bother you. They are bred to do things on their own but can socialize at the same time. Just be careful of their playful scratches and bites. And make sure that your kid is not allergic to it.


Turtles are a step up pet after a fish. They require more detailed needs as compared to your regular fish. They are great for older kids that can understand the needs of their pets. Having a turtle requires a tank with water, light, proper temperature and many more. So better pay close attention to what the pet store owner tells you.

best pet for toddlers hamster


Hamsters are a good stepping stone if you plan to buy a cat or a dog in the future. They are easy to care for that even toddlers can do it. Just be ready for the constant urine smell that it gives even though you frequently clean their cages.


Dogs are the type of pets that requires the most care among all domestic animals. They will also give your child the owner-pet bond that will forever be remembered by your kids. Of course, not all dogs can be taken care of by toddlers in general. That is why a big factor to consider is the type of dog that you can give them.

  1. Small dogs/toy dogs-they are small and easy to care for. These dogs are great for young toddlers which still needs supervision from an adult.
  2. Big dogs– are bigger versions of dogs. They can be taken care of bigger toddlers that needs lesser supervision.
  3. Nice dogs-there are dogs that are very kid friendly regardless of their size. A good example is a golden retriever, who are gentle giants.
  4. Sport dogs-these dogs are great companions for kids who love to roam around the backyard or at the park.

best pet for toddlers rabbit


Birds are ideal for kids who love sounds and music. They can be colorful, active and can be very social when being taken care of. They are the perfect pets for kids who are dedicated to caring for animals. But make sure you do research before buying one. Each bird has their unique temperament that you need to consider. So best to choose a bird for its temperament rather than its colors.


Rabbits is another good choice to pick before buying a cat or a dog. Caring for them is as similar as caring for hamsters. The only difference is that it needs bigger space to ream around and its diet includes pellets, veggies and the likes.

Of course, not all animals are appropriate for toddlers. The likes of ants in an ant farm, amphibians like frogs, reptiles like Iguanas and lizards, arachnids like spiders and many others are a big NO-NO for kids. These pets require a more detailed and committed caring as compared to the abovementioned animals. Another thing is that these animals are not originally domesticated. This means that they can be prone to hurting someone, even its owners.

Choosing the best pet for a toddler requires research and knowledge. You must also remember that a pet of your kid is the pet of the whole family. So everyone needs to help out and pitch in once the newest member arrives.

Toddler Bike Shorts Under Dresses – Comfort For Your Baby During All Activities

Toddler Bike Shorts Under Dresses

Sponsored Post – What do you think of when you hear the words “bike shorts”? Yes, they are what they literally are: shorts that are worn when you are on a bike. Also called “cycling shorts”, bike shorts usually have a snug fit and hug your thighs for comfort and ease of movement. They are made especially for activities you know you need more freedom than standard shorts. When it comes to kids, bike shorts are a necessity because they have a more active lifestyle than adults. Young girls tend to be gentler than boys when it comes to movement. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t need specific pieces for specific reason. Let’s see why toddler bike shorts under dresses are a must for a young lady.

Toddler Bike Shorts Under Dresses VS Under Shorts – What’s The Difference?

The difference between bike shorts and undershorts is that bike shorts are a tad longer. They have more coverage and can appear to be a piece of clothing that can be used alone. Bike shorts also has a skin-tight fit, making it perfect for playful activities such as running, jumping or even cartwheeling. They also prevent friction in the inner part of the thighs. Because toddler bike shorts under dresses are meant to be worn by active tots, the materials used for making these are light-weight and very comfortable.

Comfort Over Style?

Imagine that you are a free-spirited toddler who wants to do lots of things in style. Would you wear shirts and pants that don’t restrict your movement? Or would you prefer to wear something feminine and still cover up the parts that need covering?

If you ask me, I would definitely prefer both, for completely different reasons. Shirts and pants are like eggs and toast. They’re basic. They are essentials. Dresses, on the other hand, they’re essentials too, but they are mgirl bike shorts under dressesade and designed especially for girls.

Being a little girl once, I was not very fashionable, so is my mother. But having a daughter now, I want her to develop her sense of style early on and not just rely on comfort. I want her to express her creativity with her clothing, and still manage to be modest and demure. I’ll make her wear beautiful dresses that mirror her own beauty, but I want everything to be proper. I want her to wear something that shows a part of who she is, but maintain her grace and innocence. That’s why girl bike shorts under dresses are a necessity for every parent with a daughter. It’s not only an expression of style, but it’s for protection as well.

Safety Over Anything Else

Having a little girl is one of the most terrifying things to experience. They need extra attention and care, especially during this time when people cannot be trusted anymore. Please make it a point to teach your little one the things to do in specific situations. Teach her the importance of proper dressing, what is private and what is not, and how to act when there are other people around. Instill proper decorum as early as toddlerhood because it can be a great help to protect your child when you’re not there to keep an eye on her.

Jada Bike Shorts By Lucky & Me: Toddler Bike Shorts Under Dresses

Toddler Bike Shorts Under Dresses

Lucky & Me is a company which specialized in children’s underwear. This company is started by Rochelle Perera, a mom who was inspired by her daughter (and her poorly-made undies) to make a whole line of beautiful and well-made underwear. The Jada Girls Bike Shorts is a wardrobe essential for your little girl. It’s not like other standard bike shorts because it is detailed with a scalloped lace trim at the leg hem. It’s a perfect little design for moments when the shorts can peek through the dress. It is made of a very soft blend of cotton, modal and spandex. It comes with a variety of bold colors, soft pastels and classic neutrals and it’s tag-free to avoid any itching.

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This product is very well-made. The colors do not fade, they fit perfectly and overly-sensitive toddlers are not bothered by the materials. Little girls fell in love with this because they’re so comfortable, even moms have a problem getting their daughters to take them off! As I mentioned before, these types of underwear are perfect for playful activities. They prevent itching and rashes on the insides of the thighs especially when friction happens.

What I truly love about this toddler bike shorts is that you cannot compromise style for comfort. You have both. It also comes with a lot of colors to choose from and you can match it with any dress. Just remember that this piece of clothing is necessary. You shouldn’t skip this step when dressing up your baby. Safety and comfort above anything else.

Under Dress Shorts For Toddlers – Importance Of Wearing Undershorts

Sponsored Post – Generally speaking, girls are more graceful than boys. Their movements are much more mellow and easy. But girls still have their active moments. Like boys, they do climb, run and jump. And being active little tots, they need more layers not just for style but most importantly, for protection.  Today, I will explain to you the reasons to wear under dress shorts for toddlunder dress shorts for toddlersers.

Reasons For Wearing Under Dress Shorts For Toddlers

  1. Layering – If you are a fashionista mom, then this point is important to you. In fashion, layering never gets out of style. Different undergarments, blouses, jackets, and accessories are used to create a solid, fashionable outfit. For girls, toddler shorts to wear under dresses as well as pants are common nowadays not just for style but also for warmth and comfort. For the summer season, under dress shorts for toddlers are essential for sweat control. While for the winter time, it is essential for keeping your baby’s core warm.
  2. Modesty – Girls, right from the early days should be taught to be modest especially in front of other people. Since they mostly wear dresses to pronounce their sense of style, they should also be taught femininity. This doesn’t mean that they should be stopped from acting their age. This just means that they should be taught on how to dress properly. Using shorts to wear under dresunder dress shorts for toddlersses for toddlers should always be a must when going out having a play date. You must think that kids are kids and they don’t know anything yet. But this is the stage when they are starting to learn. Teach them the importance of modesty early on to avoid embarrassments.
  3. Protection against sexual offenders – Let’s face it. Times have changed for the worse. No one can be trusted nowadays and as a parent, I want my child to be safe in all ways. That includes proper dress code and proper manners at all times. Sexual offenders can be attracted even with just a little more skin peeking through or even none at all. So one could never be more careful. Making your child wear shorts for under dresses for toddlers can be a great help especially when you’re out or when you’re with other people.

Leah Undershorts: Lucky & Me’s Under Dress Shorts For Toddlers

Lucky & Me is a company which specialized in children’s underwear. This company is started by Rochelle Perera, a mom who was inspired by her daughter (and her poorly-made undies) to make a whole line of beautiful and well-made underwear. The Leah Undershorts are made of super soft tri-fashorts for under dresses for toddlersbric of cotton, modal and spandex. This ensures your little one more coverage to do carefree movements. It also comes in packs of two with your choice of color (navy and red or black and white). The inseam is shorter so it’s perfect to wear under skirts, dresses and uniforms. There is also a lace design at the leg hem so if it peeks through, it can even add a detail to your little one’s outfit. There’s no tag at the back to ensure your baby an itch-free wear, and the product is machine-washable.

This product sure has hidden talents. It’s so comfortable, even toddlers who have sensory problems are not bothered by the product, especially the lace. My son has sensory problems so I understand how irritating this must be for some. I’m happy to know that the lace is soft enough for girls who get irritated easily. The packaging is a plus, too. Some moms keep them to be reused for presents. These undershorts are also perfect for summer because tights can be too hot.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through an affiliate link receives a commission at no additional cost to you.

As a mom to a 5-month old baby girl, I will someday prefer something that is comfortable, stylish, and will serve its purpose. I can never compromise for her comfort and safety. Our babies are our treasures and we have to protect them with the best of our ability. The Leah Undershorts are perfect for your little girl who has some spirit. Let her have her free moments while wearing these undershorts.

Personalized Books For Toddlers – Pros, Cons, Features And Recommendations

Sponsored Post – One your little one starts to reach the toddler stage, they will be more inquisitive, curious and at the same time loves to wonder about a lot of things. This is also the best time to teach them basic educations. These include number familiarization, color introduction and, most importantly alphabet awareness. Since your toddler’s brain is like a sponge during this time, it will be easier for you to educate them and at the same time have fun during the process.personalized toddler books

Possibly one of the best partner that can help you with your child’s education are personalized books for toddlers. These books will be able to not only make your teaching fun but also make your child feel special. Of course, these books will also come in different variations depending on your child’s gender, age and many more.

Personalized Story Books for Toddlers

The best thing that you can get when you purchase personalized story books for toddlers is that you get to make it as special and as unique as your child. You can be able to adjust the story depending on your child’s interests, personality and nature.

Also, you must take into consideration how the aesthetic of the book will coincide with your child’s preference and taste. For example, my daughter loves books with butterflies, bright colors and shapes in it. So I make it a point to remind myself of these things every time I look for new story books for her.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through an affiliate link receives a commission at no additional cost to you.

Personalized Toddler Books

A good example of a personalized toddler book is the “Who Loves Me?” personalized book created by Jennifer Dewing and illustrated by Maria Carluccio. This book allows a total of six people that plays a significant role in your child’s life to say how much they love him/her.

The book is twenty pages long if you are able to complete the six people you would want to include in the story. The book is a great story time companion for your child who is between the ages of one month to six years old.

The best thing that I like about this book is that it can be made for both boys and girls. The illustrations, color scheme and overall artistry can be applicable for any gender. The book also has different versions of stories which is also based if your child has an older or younger sibling or even if you have twins.

Personalized Books for Boys

For those who have boys, you would know that they are a tad adventurous and have a wider and wilder sense of imagination. Knowing this, you can now choose the best personalized story books for boys.  You can have a look at the book made by Maia Haag which centers on a story of your child being part of a pirate crew.

The personalized book entitled “My Very Own Pirate Tale” can indeed catch your little boy’s interest especially if he loves the sea and loves to imagine himself being a pirate. The book will also spell out your little buccaneer’s name and with each letter, a sea creature will accompany it. In addition, each letter will also describe why your little boy would fit perfectly as the captain’s first mate.

But don’t get me wrong, this book can also be a good addition to your little girl’s collection especially if she wants to be in the captain’s crew. The book is best introduced for kids from zero to eight years of age.

Personalized Books for Girls

On the other hand, girls are more attracted to princesses, fairy tales, flowers and fairies. Personalized books for girls must include the so called “sugar and spice and everything nice” recipe in it. Another work by Maia personalized books for girlsHaag has caught my attention, especially because I have a daughter of my own who loves colorful things.

The “My Very Own Fairy Tale” book will transport your little girl into a world of fairies, flowers and a magically beautiful garden. Similar to the abovementioned books, the story will spell out your daughter’s name and at the same time flower fairies will tell her the perfect traits she has making her the perfect fairy princess.

The book can be a keepsake four your little girl starting from her birth up until the age of eight. The book will also feature your baby girl’s birthdate and your personal dedication at the end of the story. The length of the story is around thirty pages long depending on the length of your child’s name.

Personalized Books for Toddlers with Pictures

Another important thing to take into consideration is that your child enjoys pictures. It helps them become more attached and drawn into the books that they read. What better way for them to become more excited and interested in the book than to have their very own version of personalized books for toddlers with pictures included in it.

If you plan to buy this type of personalized book then I suggest you take a look at a book entitled “1-2-3 Blast Off with Me.” This personalized toddler book is wonderfully created by Jennifer Dewing and beautifully illustrated by Holli Conger.

Not only will you be able to enjoy reading to your child but at the same time, they will get to see their own faces at each page of the book. The book will also showcase your child’s name throughout the story as they imagine themselves having an amazing adventure in outer space.

The book can be a special gift that you can give to your son or your daughter because of its illustrations which can be appreciated by both boys and girls. This book can be enjoyed by kids as early as in their newborn months up until their age of six.

My Personal Verdict

I decided to choose these particular personalized books for several reasons that I think can greatly help me teach my child and at the same time bond with them. First is the personalized story that will be made for them in relation to their names. It will not only catch their attention but at the same time it will let them feel that their names have very special meanings.

Another factor that took my vote is that each and every one of these books are kid-proof. What I mean by that is that the book is hard bound and will be very durable which will hopefully prolong its shelf-life if properly cared for.

Finally, the dedication that can be placed at the last part of the book. Be it a simple note, the date of your child’s birth, their pictures or even a well thought of letter for them. It is such a great way to show them how much they mean to you and how much you love them. Plus, it will be forever placed in their very own special book that is made just for them.

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