Top 20 Daddy Blogs That Will “Muscle Up” Your “Paternal Power”

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Dads are as much part of helping a kid grow-up as moms and sometimes strong daddies become weak because of the cluelessness of what to do with their kids.

That is why you need all the support and encouragement they need form co-dads that are going through or have gone through the same moments they did.

Luckily, I was able to find 20 awesome daddy blogs that can help you become super dads that love and adore what they do.

daddy blog ask your dad

Daddies also have their fair share of parenting problems and they don’t come easy as well. That is why “Ask Your Dad” is a type of dad blog that strives to make each and every dad proud that you are doing a great job despite all the setbacks that you are experiencing.

This blog encourages dads to be at ease and just do what comes naturally for them, of course with the help of fellow daddy advisers found in this dad blog.


The dad blog known as “8 Bit Dad” is all about a gamer/techie dad and his adventures with his kiddo. He tries his best to keep gaming and technology at par with play and adventure when it comes to his kid’s enjoyments.

Since technology is everywhere and inevitable, this dad blog showcases the positive side of gaming and technology to young kids without giving up the most important fun of all, and that is active play using their imagination and the environment around them.


The inspiring dad blog “BobbleHead Dad” is a go-to place for dads who seem like you are losing their way in fatherhood. Creator Jim Higley is a cancer survivor who now focuses his life on being a dad and inspiring other dads to love what they do regardless of the good or bad you are experiencing. He also encourages dad to “rediscover the special forgotten things in life” before they are all totally forgotten.

A true inspiration to both the fatherhood and cancer community, Jim has made his dad blog the place of solace for fathers out there.

a daddy blog

Having no role model to look up to is definitely a hard blow when you want to be a good dad. Daddy Clint made the “No Idea What I Am Doing: A Daddy Blog” for those dads who do not have any dad growing up with. He tells it as it is and shares his daily adventures and mishaps with every dad that are clueless about what they are doing.

This dad blog is a reality bites type of blog that every father can relate to.


Dads are rough and tough and will not go down without a fight.  But daddy Mike Julianelle bends over backward for his kids and he shows his affection for his two kiddos in his dad blog called “Dad and Buried”. Here he shows his everyday life with his busy family and some of his “two cents” when it comes to topics relating to his family and especially his kiddos.

Just goes to show that how much you whine and complain about your little ones, they are still the love of your life.


Looking for a place that has everything from the best way to save money on grocery to how you may feel for your kid’s first roller coaster ride, the “DadCamp” dad blog is here for you. It is also a place to share your own personal experiences to help other dads get inspired as you all get pats on the back for a job well done.

This dad blog is a strongly bonded unit that offers help, support and motivation to dads all around the world.

daddy files

This dad blog started out as a small relief of daddy Aaron that slowly found its loyal readers and made “The Daddy Files” a place for dads who want advice about marriage and family life and all those in between.

Advice, tips, and experiences with family, your marriage and how to raise your kids are all shared and supported here which what makes this dad blog a true place to be inspired by and to inspire with.


Daddy John Willey knows that being a dad is a hard thing to master and that each dad has its own unique way of parenting. But it does not mean that you do not get ideas and inspiration from other dads that share their own stories and experiences. That is why “Daddy in Charge?” is a place for guys to share daddy moments and daddy downsides and have each other’s backs.

This dad blog is here to keep your spirits up and make you see the beauty of all that you do.


Having a helping hand to get through a though dad day is what every daddy needs. The “Dad or Alive” Dad blog is here to save the day and keep you back on track to the daddy path that you need to focus on. You can also see snippets of the everyday lives of daddy Adrian and his loving family and how they go about their everyday lives and all those surprises that come with it.

It only shows that being a dad is a precious and amazing thing that you need to cherish and even share on this dad blog.


Who says that a family is made up of a dad, a mom, and their kids? The family goes beyond race, gender, and religion as long as there is love surrounding and supporting it. That is what the dad blog “Designer Dad” is all about.

Follow the exciting adventures of these two loving dads as they talk about their son and how they guide him into being a good young boy with the help of arts and crafts, teaching and even superheroes.


 What started out as a small hobby and get away from the hectic parent life, the “Diary of the Dad” blog has boomed into a dad’s safe haven and has been helping other dads ever since. From 2010 up to present, daddy Tom Briggs has been writing about his adventures, and sometimes misadventures and the joys of being a dad.

He also encourages other dads to have that same enthusiastic feeling they have when they first saw and held their kid and keep it in their hearts as a driving force.


A healthy and supportive team is a must when it comes to parenting. Even if you are a strong and dependable dad, you need to have someone to talk to and even run to in times of need. The “Fit to Be Dad” dab blog is a community of dads that are there to share, guide, inspire and support you.

What’s more is that you can even show your own support to others by sharing your ideas and adventures as you go along the way of raising your kid, taking care of your family and even love advice for marriage.


Sometimes, a good hard laugh is all it takes to let your fears and worries go away. This is what the dad blog “How to be A Dad” offers its readers. The blog shows so many parenting tips gone wrong and dad advice that seemed too funny to be taken seriously.

All in all, this dad blog is just the right kind of medicine for exhausted and tired fathers out there that need a good old dose of vitamin “Laugh”.


Guidance and experience has always been a great plus when it comes to being a dad. Even dads need some sort of support system that has been handed down from generations and generations of daddies.

The Michael Byron Smith” dad blog is all about keeping your dad-radar on track with the help of veteran dads that have been there and done that and can teach you the ins and outs of being a good father and so much more.

mr dad

Super dad, Armin Brott has been around the block and has so many tips and knowledge that he wants to share with other dads all over the world. That is why he created his dad blog called “Mr. Dad” so that he can reach as many troubled dads out there as possible.

Being an author of eight bestselling dad books, his methods are total lifesavers and will greatly help each and every dad that needs all the help that they could ever imagine.

One Dad One Blog


Being a dad in this day and age requires utmost understanding about rising a kid, a family, loving your wife and breezing through the modern day and age and hopefully incorporate it smoothly to your living lifestyle. That is what the “One Dad One Blog” does.

It matches up all you need to know about parenting and mix it up with helpful gadgets, items, and technologies that can help you along the way. A great way to learn and be a modern dad that is ready for the future of his family.


A dad blogger, a photographer, an ambassador, a traveler and so much more, daddy Jeff is a super dad that has so much to offer his readers. He has two daughters and he loves to share their everyday adventures with everyone. From school recitals to traveling and even having a barbecue cookout, daddy Jeff has you covered.

This dad blog is here to help other dads to always find the fun and love in everything that they do for their kids and for their family.


The “Puzzling Post” dad blog is all about the ups and downs of “daddyhood” and all the fun and craziness that goes along with it. This blog is also dedicated to inspiring other dads, and parents alike, to remind their kids the importance of reading. In fact, it has a small segment called “Tiny Tales” which are small bedtime and story time tales that you can read and share with your kids.

This dad blog is a great way to help remind you that even if this age is of technology, you should sit back and go with the basics when it comes to teaching your kids.

That Dad Blog


Being a dad of one kid is tough enough for other dads but this daddy blogger finds joy, positivism and all around love for his six kiddos. This dad blog loves to document the everyday lives of their family and the things that they do. It also encourages other dads to always keep the fun and adventure in every day that they have with their kids.

It is also a blog that is dedicated to help and uplift parents who have a kid with Down syndrome and hopes to keep them staying positive and happy all the time.

daddy blogs

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My Final Say...

Daddies around the world rejoice because I know for a fact that being a dad is as hard and struggling as being a mom and that is why you need all the help you can get and you need to get it form co-dads who have been around the block and back. These experiences will greatly support you and help you become better dads that are ready for whatever may come your way.

Thank You "Daddy Bloggers"

That is why much thanks are on your way. Thank you daddy bloggers for your unending support for other dads and sharing your own stories to inspire them and help them learn. We will be forever grateful that you are able to keep our dads in focus and positive through all their experiences.

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