Days of the Week Underwear for Girls – Help Your Daughter Learn and Have Fun While Dressing Up

Sponsored Post – When I buy clothing for my daughter, I try to choose designs that can help her practice her cognitive skills. For example, I recently bought her a shirt that has big letters as its design that spells out words. She instantly likes it because of its vibrant colors and her familiarization with the letters present in the shirt.

Once she saw the letters, she instantly recites it one by one. This gave me an idea that when she gets older. I can buy a set of days of the week underwear for girls. She can further practice her cognitive skill and become independent when dressing up.

Of course the underwear must be comfortable and soft so that my daughter would have no problem wearing it throughout the day. It would also be a plus if the underwear would have different colors to let my daughter know what day the certain color represents.

The reason why I would want to have a color representation for each day is because kids in the toddler age can register colors more easily that words. Having a color tag on each day can help them learn the days of the week little by little.

Days of the Week Underwear for Toddlers

Luckily I came across an online shop that offers just what I need. I assure you that once you see it, you would also be enticed to check it out yourselves. Not only does it have all that I asked for in an underwear but it also gives something special for their buyers.

The “Days of the Week Underwear” for girls is designed to be a hipster fit underwear. The waistband fits comfortably at your child’s hips. Its design is a tad lower that the regular high cut styles. High cut styles are usually offered in other toddler underwear products. But it promises to offer a full coverage despite its trendy design.days of the week underwear for girls

The design of this underwear will help your little girl to delegate a particular underwear for a specific day. Each set includes seven pairs of underwear which is color coded to represent each day of the week. It also has several motifs to accompany the days that is printed on the front part of the underwear.

There is a total of three designs that you can choose from. We have the “bunny,” the “flower” and finally the “butterfly” design. Like what I have previously stated, each day has a specific color assigned to it in the form of its waistband. For Monday we have the color red, Tuesday is light blue, Wednesday is green, Thursday is yellow, for Friday we have orange, Saturday is color pink and finally for Sunday we have violet.

What The Fabric Offers to Us

What I like about this underclothing is that the fabric itself is color white. First is that it looks neat and clean. Another is that it can detect if your child has stained it when they accidentally did not make it to the bathroom. Which realistically happens once in a while.

The fabric used for this is a soft tri-blend material consisting of cotton, modal and spandex. The design also has a tag-less feature. This will prevent your her from having that itchy feeling every time she wears it.

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If you plan to purchase a set of the “Mia Hipster Days of the Week” underwear, you have the privilege to choose the perfect size for your daughter. The website offers a size chart which can be used to decide what size your child’s measurements will fall under.

There are a lot of reasons worth mentioning as to why I like the “Mia Hipster Days of the Week” underwear. But basically it is comfortable and itch free. This is a must if you want your child’s day to start out right. This item is definitely one worth mentioning.

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