Graco Benton Convertible Crib Pebble Gray – Review for Interested First Time Moms

Sponsored Post – In any shopping list that you make, as a mom, you would always have a plan A and a plan B. Basically it’s just in case the first item is not available or does not fit in your budget. This is most especially applied if you are planning to buy a crib for your baby. If money is a bit of an issue for you, then I can give you a quick rundown on the affordable Graco Benton convertible crib.

Physical Features

The good thing about the Graco Benton convertible crib is that it is made of wood. So your concern with regards to chemical poisoning of your child can now be addressed. You can now rest assured that your baby will be sleeping soundly and safely with this crib.Graco Benton Convertible Crib

Furthermore, the crib promises its passed ASTM/CPSC standards to everyone who would want to purchase it. Basically it means that the product is child safe and environmentally safe as well. The crib also passed the JPMA certification as well.

Compared to other cribs, the Graco Benton convertible crib can be included in the lighter weighing cribs in the market. But do not be deceived with its lightness. According to some reviews by other parents who have purchased this items is at first, the parts would look “really flimsy and unstable,” but once it is finally built, you can see how strong and sturdy the crib is.

The style of the crib is very simple yet elegant and can be used by either your baby boy or girl. But for me, it looks a bit more masculine since there are more edges than curves. Also, what got me to thinking that this crib is more of a “boy” crib are the available colors for it. There is a total of three colors to choose from and these are espresso, white and gray.

The Four Levels of the Crib

Similar to other convertible cribs, the Graco Benton convertible crib has a total of four changeable levels. This means that you can use this item for a considerable amount of time. Given that you would take proper care of it that is.

First is the standard crib which is meant to be used for you newborn baby and all the way before they would reach their toddler years. Next is the toddler bed that is designed to cater you’re your ones who have reached the age of two onwards.

Once they get bigger, the third feature of the crib, which is the day bed, will be the more appropriate feature that you can use for your school-going kids. Finally the full size bed feature can be used by your pre-teen or even late teen kids.

The Cons

In order to clearly see the Graco Benton convertible crib as a whole, we also need to tackle the negative points that the product will bring us. We should also weigh if the pros of this product overshadows the cons.

Similarly with the majority of convertible cribs, you will only get to purchase the crib itself. The packaging of the product will exclude the mattress and bedframe. The aforementioned two will be sold separately.

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Overall Judgement

Knowing that the exclusion of the mattress is common to other convertible cribs, it does not pose a big issue for me. On the plus side, the Graco manufacturers promised that the Graco Benton convertible crib can accommodate any standard sized crib mattress.

This is a great deal if you ask me. Because you can save more on cheaper yet sturdy and comfortable mattress and the crib will not require you to buy a Graco mattress if you don’t want to.

In addition, the Graco Company has been known to provide reliable, durable and safe baby products throughout the years. I for one have bought a Graco crib for my daughter. But during those times, only the Graco Pack n Play on the Go Crib was available. That was three years ago, and my daughter’s crib is still in good condition.

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First time mom to a beautiful three year old daughter. I am very open to new, fun ideas and ways on how to take care of my child. I also believe that "kids are way smarter than what we give them credit for."

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