Halloween Party Ideas for Toddlers that are Not Only Fun But Simple to Prepare

Halloween is not only a time for Trick or Treating, it is also a time for everyone to bond and share that magical night with their loved ones and friends. The only difficult part when making a Halloween Party is when you mix your kids in it. You have to not only make it family-friendly and kid-enjoyable but also safe and easy to create.halloween party ideas for toddlers

Making a “too-extravagant” Halloween Party will only make it all the more stressful and time consuming that you yourself will no longer enjoy that day. What you need to do is to make simple yet entertaining Halloween themed parties that your toddler visitors will love and enjoy.

That is why we have made a quick, easy and toddler friendly Halloween party ideas for toddlers and their family members. These ideas are easy to make and safe for everyone to enjoy. Use these tips and tricks to make your own personal Halloween party themed event that everyone, including you, can enjoy for the whole Halloween night.

Start With The Basics: Know Your Audience

First and foremost, you need to know who you are catering for and how old they are, from there you can more or less gauge the type of theme, game and even food that you will be serving and prepare for them. Adults are easy to entertain, it’s the kids that you want to “impress” more.

Kids are harder to impress and to amuse that adults, always remember that. In addition, Halloween day is for kids to enjoy, it is their day and their moment so you have to keep the fun and magic all throughout the night. Now that you know the age range of your little guests, you now have to figure out what to make and prepare.

What’s on the Menu?

Food is a crucial part of any party, Halloween included, in fact, you have to double up your creative juices to make Halloween foodie treats and make them extra “magical and extra “spooky” for them to enjoy. With this in mind here are some creative ways to spice up your Halloween Kiddie party. Since you are catering for toddlers, we are going to focus on the food that they would want to eat during the party.

  • Easy to Decorate Goodies

The best way to make an easy party is to not prepare too much for food. You just need to be creative and make a way for a simple food to become a Halloween party addition. For example, you can get a plain batch of string chesses that are still inside their plastic covering and draw a spooky ghost face on it.

If you want to have nutritious add-ons to the menu, you can cut a banana in half and put chocolate kisses on it to make it look like a ghost. You can even peel small oranges and stick a small piece of celery at the middle to make it look like small pumpkins. Just be creative and you will go a long way.

  • Baked Spooky Goods

Baked goodies are always a great addition to your kiddie menu because they are easy to decorate and east to eat and hold. You can use cupcakes and decorate them as creepy spiders, pumpkins and even a bloody eyeball. You can also use biscuits and cut them in a shape of tombstones or pumpkins and even skulls they you can decorate them as spooky as you want.

A lot of baked goods are easy to create into a spooky masterpiece, all you need is your imagination and a whole lot of creativity. Just make sure to makes these treats bite sized and easy to grab and eat because your do not want your kiddie guests to ruin their costumes and cry about it during the party.

  • Gummy-Yummies

Gummy treats are a must have in any toddler Halloween party not only will it make a great Spooky menu add-on but it will also serve as an in-party trick or treat “treat”. IN addition, most gummy candies are already shaped in a Halloween themed motif, the only addition you need to do is to make it bloody, webby or even icky.

For example, you can collect several gummy worms and place them on a crushed brownie bed and make it look like dirt. Now you can stick those worms on it as if they are crawling out of the dirt. Another is placing those gummy eyeballs into their drinks (preferably color red ones) and wait for them to float like a missing eyeball.

  • Halloween Drinks

Drinks are also a must when you are planning a party. You can be creative with this and use kid friendly drinks that have the color red or green on them. Using these colored drinks will bring out the essence of Halloween even more.

Now add some dry ice beside the drink canister (it can either be a witch’s cauldron or a plastic pumpkin) and you can even add some gummy crawlies on it and you have yourself a creepy drink station that your kiddie guests will surely love.

Let’s Get This Party Startin’

Now that we have the menu all lined up, all we need to do is to figure out what party to host. Once we get to know the theme we want, we can easily adjust the menu design to accommodate the theme. But what is important is that we have to make it safe and kid-friendly for everyone to enjoy.

What’s the Theme

A great theme will create the perfect aura for a night of spook and scares so make sure that the theme you pick will be unique, fun and interesting for all of your guests, most especially your toddlers.

A great example for a unique theme is a dinosaur Halloween Party where your kiddie companies can dress up as their favorite dino character. There are a lot of cute and amazing dinosaur toddler Halloween costumes that you can suggest to your guests to wear and choose from. The more unique and creative your theme will be the more interesting and fun your guests will anticipate.

You can even add to the dress-up theme of your guests by giving away Halloween party themes trinkets that they can use or wear. For example, you can give away “Dinosaur Party Masks” to complete the dino costume that they have.Design up the Room

Decorating the room where the party will be held is another must when you plan to make it a successful toddler Halloween party. You also have to put up vibrant Halloween colors to make the whole room pop with colors.

You can spend a little bit of money for the decors and the trinkets that you will use. You can even check out these “Fun Little Toys Halloween Party Supplies” and see that there are several unique items that you can use for your party. The more assorted these neat trinkets are the more that your guests will be fascinated to pick it up and use it.

Let the Games Begin

Games are a make or break at every party, which is why it takes more time when planning the game sets for a Halloween toddler party. You also must take into consideration that it has to be safe and kid-friendly and you aim to have “zero casualties” during the whole gaming process.

There are a lot of games that you can think of that does not require money or even buying form a store. The best games are made using DIY items that you can find right at the comforts of your own home. Here are some great ideas that you can choose from.

You can buy a set of balloons and create several games with it. Not only will it be a great decoration or the room, you can also use it for the “Catch the Balloon” game. All you need to do is to make a cone paper and blow several balloons. The objective of this game is to be the first to catch the balloon using the paper cone you have on your hand.

Another great balloon game is the “Pop the Pumpkin” game wherein your get several orange balloons and assemble them on the wall like a pumpkin. Now each kid will pop a balloon and wait for a sweet surprise (if there is any).

Eggs are also a good addition to your game list. Create a Halloween themed “Spoon Relay” by designing the egg and spoon all-spooky and let the relay begin. The first team to complete passing the egg to all its members, or those who are left with an un-cracked egg will be the winners.

You can also use fun and Halloween themed “Halloween Stamps” during your game time. You can use it as checkpoint markers on a Halloween treasure hunting game. You can even use these stamps to keep count on who has the most games won for the entire party.

These are just some unique and fun examples on what to plan and what to prepare when you want to create a Halloween –worthy party for toddlers. All of these ideas can be adjusted freely based on the type of theme and people you are inviting so always keep in mind that you can freely adjust it as you see fit.

Now that you are all set in a quick and easy manner, you can now also enjoy the Halloween day without the hassle and bustle of thinking too much about the party and how your guests will accept it. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the games along with the kiddies.

The most important thing in planning Halloween party ideas for toddlers is that you need is to keep it simply yet magical, fun yet safe, and both kid and adult friendly. You also have to keep in mind that you have to please the kids more than the adults so you need to adjust your planning to their preferences, likes and tastes. Once you have all these in mind, your planning will be a breeze and you will even enjoy making “Spook-tacular” ideas for your Halloween party.

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