6 Infant Halloween Costumes that Will Make Your Little Ones Stand-Out

Halloween is indeed a time for young ones. It’s the time of the year where they dress up and look scary-cute and make us go “a-wow”. It is also our job as parents to ensure that what they wear is both enchanting and comfortable so that they can enjoy the Halloween even to the best that they can.

But before you go out on a shopping frenzy for the best infant Halloween costumes for you little one, you need to first set your priorities straight. Maybe you are wondering why there is a need to have priorities when all you are buying is a set of Halloween costume for your kid. ​

Call me picky but if you ask me, I want my little ones to have a comfortable costume where they can easily play around with and enjoy themselves. Compared to having a fussy and irritable kid wearing an extravagant costume during Halloween, I would gladly choose the former.

​It's very important to include your child’s comfort and “playability” when choosing their Halloween costumes. You would not want to ruin your Halloween with your kid and you most certainly would not want your kid to ruin Halloween for your other family members and friend because of their non-stop crying and fussiness.

That is why it is very important to “prioritize” your “costume checklist” so that you and your little ones will enjoy dressing up and feeling the Halloween spirit. I have created an idea-filled list of possible Halloween costumes that you can take into consideration.

All of these infant Halloween costumes have met my persona; expectations and they are top of the list when it comes to our “priority checklist”. Read along and hopefully, you can get an idea of what to buy for your kid’s Halloween costume.

Infant Halloween Costumes Review 

InCharacter’s Owl Themed “What A Hoot” 

Owls are such adorable woodland creatures and they are a hoot when they are used as costumes. Mix its adorableness together with your little ones and you get a charming owl themed Halloween costume that people will go crazy looking at. InCharacter’s Owl Themed “What a Hoot” is a funny baby Halloween costume that will bring the cuteness out of your little ones and make everyone who looks at them melt in cuteness-overload.

The owl costume is entirely made up of 100% polyester fabric and is machine wash friendly. The costume is a onesie-jumpsuit that has a feather design of color brown, green, blue and white which are carefully layered to create that feathery accent on the chest and arm areas.

The onesie is attached to a hoodie that has those big, bright owl eyes with matching beak which makes the whole costume appear even more enchanting. The hoodie also has a drawstring function to help you adjust the size snuggly according to your baby’s head measurements. The whole costume has a lined zipper with leg snaps to provide easy diaper changing for mommy and daddy.

In addition to the whole costume, matching slip-on booties are added to complete the whole delightful owl attire for your baby. The design of the booties is a charming owl foot which is also made up of polyester fiber. The soles of the shoes are also skid resistant that prevents your little ones from sliding and falling. These booties are also meant for indoor use only to ensure its prolonged use.


There are a total of two sizes that you can choose from. First is the X-small size for the age range of 6-12 months old (height: 25-26  inches, weight: 17-23 lbs, chest: 19.5 inches, waist: 18.5 inches, hips: 19.5 inches). The second is for the 18-24 months old age range under Standard size (height is one size fits all, chest: up to 25 inches, waist: up to 18 inches).

Carter’s “Little Unicorn” 

Halloween is a time for magical and mystical creatures to come alive with the help of costumes. Your little ones can also enjoy the magical journey by dressing up as famous mythical creatures. A great idea for an enthralling mystical costume is the legendary unicorn.

Your little girl can now be a cute little unicorn with the help of the “Little Unicorn” Halloween costume from Carter’s. The whole unicorn costume is made out of baby-friendly materials and free from unwanted chemicals and toxins.

The material used for the costume is made of 100% polyester micro fleece and the lining is made out of 100% polyester jersey, finally, its loose fill is also made up of 100% polyester. All of these materials are machine washable and will ensure you of ease of use, effortlessness of cleaning and comfort of your baby.

The costume can be broken down into three pieces. First is the body suit that has a zipper that is safely covered by the fabric to ensure that your baby will be safe from zipper scratches. The next piece of the costume is the pink and white striped tights that cover your little one’s entire legs including the feet. Finally, we have the top that is long sleeved and hosts the hoodie with a silver horn attached to it. The hoodie also has the face of the unicorn with a pink mane and adorable ears that spread out at the top.


​This cute baby girl Halloween costume has a total of two size range that you can choose from. First, we have the size for 6-12 months (weight: 17-26.5 lbs, length: 26-30.5 inches). Second, we have the 18-24 months (weight: 27-30 lbs, height: 33-34.5 inches).

InCharacter’s “Dinky Dragon”

Another great mythical creature that is a sure hit every Halloween is dragons. When worn by little ones, they make a mean combination of awesomeness and cuteness all combined in one delightful package. From its long pointy tail to its fire breathing mouth, the dragon is the ideal mythical creature to showcase during Halloween. The “Dinky Dragon” suit made by InCharacter is a great example of a costume that exudes a terrifyingly cute vibe when worn.

The dragon costume is made up of 100% polyester fabric and is a combination of vibrant teal, green, sky blue and orange colors that give the costume a lively feel. The suit also has a pair of orange dragon wings and a long pointy dragon tail. Parents should provide extra supervision with the wings and tail because they can be a hazard if not looked after carefully.

The onesie is attached to a hoodie that has those big dragon teeth with matching fire breath. It also has the dragon face and horns which make the whole costume appear even more mythical. The hoodie also has a drawstring function to help you adjust the size snuggly according to your baby’s head measurements. The whole costume has a lined zipper with leg snaps to provide easy diaper changing for mommy and daddy.

To finish off the whole costume, matching slip-on booties are added to perfect the whole dragon suit for your baby. The design of the booties has dragon feet with claws which are also made up of polyester fiber. The soles of the shoes are also skid resistant that prevents your little ones from sliding and falling. These booties are for indoor use only and not to be used for outdoor walking purposes to ensure its prolonged use.


There are a total of two sizes that the “Dinky Dragon” offers. The first is the X-small size fit for babies aged 12-18 months old (chest: 32-33 inches, waist: 24-25 inches, hips: 34.5-35.5 inches). The second side is Medium which can accommodate babies within the age range of 18-24 months old (chest: 36-37 inches, waist: 28-29 inches, hips: 38.5-39.5 inches).

AISHYIONY’s “Pumpkin Tutu”

Pumpkins, pumpkins and even more pumpkins! Pumpkin theses are a definite hit when it comes to Halloween. That is why it is a great idea to mix a little pumpkin spirit in your little one’s Halloween costume.

That is what AISHYIONY’s “Pumpkin Tutu” infant costume for Halloween exuberates. Not only is it a classic costume motif but it also shows the cuteness of your little girl.The costume is made up entirely of cotton materials that are machine wash friendly.

This ensures you that your little ones will fell comfortably warm all throughout the child Halloween night. In addition, the texture of the fabric will allow optimum softness once it comes in direct contact with your baby’s skin. No more fussy and irritable baby only happy and playful pumpkin cuties.

The whole costume consists of four items that when put together will bring out the pumpkin magic for your little ones. First is the Short sleeves onesies with the pumpkin design on it. It can be a plain short sleeved design or ones with extended orange laced sleeves. Next up is the headband which has two variations but both have the orange, black and violet Halloween colors. The third is the leg warmer that also has two different styles depending on the set design you will choose. Finally, we have the layered tutu skirt that has orange and black layered mesh for that puffy tutu effect.


All in all, there are a total of two sizes that the “pumpkin tutu” has that is depending on the age range of your little ones. The first is the size that fits for babies aged 6-9 months old or 9M (weight: 17-20.5 lbs, length: 26-27.5 inches). The second one can accommodate babies within the age range of 9-12 months old or 12M (weight: 21-23.5lbs, length: 28-30.5 inches).

Dress Up American’s Baby Pumpkin

We really can never get enough of the baby and pumpkin combo that is why we have yet another amazingly charming baby-pumpkin combo that will surely make your little one’s Halloween extra magical.

The “Baby Pumpkin” costume made and designed by Dress Up America is the epitome of cuteness and “pumpkin-ness” that your baby can definitely flaunt. This costume is made up of 100% polyester materials and is machine wash friendly.

This will make wearing the costume comfy and warm for your little ones to fully enjoy. Its material is also very durable and can withstand most chemicals, stretching, shrinking, wrinkling, mildew formation and abrasion. In addition, the fabric is also hydrophobic which means that when washed or soaked, it dries quickly.

The whole pumpkin package includes two items in total. First is the bubble outfit that also has a hoodie. This bubble styled onesie also closes with snaps for easy diaper changing anytime, anywhere. The second item is the matching hat that closes with the help of a Velcro lock.


In total, there are three sizes that the “baby pumpkin” offers and it all depends on the age range of your baby. The first is the size that fits babies aged 0-6 months old (3.5-7kg and 43-61cm in height). The second one can accommodate babies within the age range of 6-12 months old (7-9.5kg and 61-71cm in height). Finally, we have the size fit for babies under the 12-24 months bracket (10-13.5kg and 74-88cm in height).

​Superman Romper with Removable Cape

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s you adorable baby boy wearing being a superhero for Halloween. A “Superman Romper Costume” is a perfect Halloween costume for baby boys who want to be a hero for a day. Thanks to Rubie’s Costume Co. your little man’s dream can come true as they wear the blue and red Superman outfit. Let your little man be the hero they want to be and let them wear the costume to boot.

The whole Superman costume is made up of 100% polyester fiber and is better taken care of if it is hand washed using cold water and line dried. Please keep in mind that bleaching is not allowed for this costume because it will ruin the color of the costume. The Superman costume is also soft to touch and comfortable to wear so rest assured that your little boy can fly around all Halloween day and won’t be irritated with sweat, itchiness or overheating.

The costume has two separate items that your little boy can wear. First is the Superman romper suit that is identical to the actual Superman costume. The romper even has the Superman logo on the chest, yes the big red letter S atop a golden yellow colored yellow diamond and enclosed with red outer lining. It also has a cute golden belt that Superman also wears. The inner legging of this romper also has a leg snap closure which makes diaper changing a breeze. The second item is the red can that can easily be attached and detached at any point in time.


For the Superman costume, we have two available sizes that can fit your little man. First is the 6-12 month old age range (weight: 17-23.5 lbs, height: 26-30.5 inches). This is followed by the 1-2 years old size range (weight: 24-30lbs, height: 31-34.5 inches).

My Final Say...

There you have it, some amazing and great ideas and costumes fit for your little boys and girls for this Halloween. Of course, all of the costumes seen in this list are not only adorable to look at but also comfortable to wear all day long. These costumes are the ideal outfits that have basically mixed practicality, comfort and a little bit of magic and imagination all in one delightful package. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, your little ones can enjoy being what they want for a day and at the same time they can freely move, play and even rest while wearing their costume.

My Choice

If I were given a chance to choose the best costume there is in this list, I would go with the “Little Unicorn” made by Carter’s. I chose this costume for many special reasons. First off is that a unicorn I a unique costume that your little ones can enjoy wearing. Next is that it has three items that can be put together or removed with ease, and if ever your little ones do not want to wear a particular costume part, you can easily remove it without giving up the remaining two costume parts. Finally, and the most important of all, is that it is comfortably soft, warm when worn and free from anything that can harm your little one. This costume is not only adorably appealing but it also makes the wearer feel comfort and warm making it a great Halloween costume that is also kiddy friendly.

Halloween is definitely a time when you and your kids get to make believe and dress up. Make these memories last and make your kids enjoy it even more by choosing the cutest, softest and most comfortable infant Halloween costumes that best fit them. Keep them entertained, happy and comfortable all Halloween day without the chance of the fussing and getting irritated because of what they are wearing. A happy and costume ready baby will make any and every Halloween a day to remember and to be cherished for the rest of your lives.

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