10 Tips in Keeping Your Head On While Your Kid is Throwing a Tantrum

Nothing is more frustrating that seeing your little ones go from complete angels to full blown tantrum makers in just seconds. The worst part is that sometimes, you tend to snap and give into their fit and either give them what they and or scold them. Hey, it happens to everyone, don’t worry.tantrum I have had my fair share of screaming, crying, kicking, punching and rolling moment with my little one. What I have learned is that you need to be prepared with methods to keep you calm and collected during each tantrum episode. You have to be ready EVERYDAY with these technique because you will never know when your child’s next outburst will happen.

Tips to Keep Yourself in Control

Tantrums are inevitable and they will happen sooner or later. So better keep these few tips that I have learned and am continuously mastering up until now. These advices will help you keep you mind in a calm and relaxed phase.

  1. Let them have their tantrums

Allow the tantrum to burst out. Let you kid wear themselves out with it. Just make sure that they are in safe and danger free area. Allowing them to let out their frustration is a healthy way for them to ease out their “unfamiliar” emotions that has been bottled up inside them.

  1. Do not try to “out-anger” them

It’s basically your loss when you go head to head with them. Anger will never solve anger and frustration will never be addressed with frustration. Remember that you can control your emotion, your child does not have that kind of leisure.

  1. Always remember that they are still emotionally unstable

The reason that they have their tantrums is because they are unfamiliar with the extreme emotions that they are feeling. In addition, they do not know how to cope with it other than to scream, kick, punch and cry. Just let them literally “cry it out”.

  1. Keep in mind that they will eventually tire themselves out

Keep on repeating this mantra in your head every time a tantrum happens: “it will be over soon”. Tantrums will only happen for a few minutes and won’t last for hours. So just bear with it until you child gets tired out.

  1. Always have a gentle and calm aura

Never give off a negative vibe or a commanding or angry tone. Kids are smarter than what we give them credit for. One they feel your negative vibe, they will return it with an even greater tantrum meltdown.

  1. If you cannot stand it, keep a few distance away

If you are also in bad mood and you cannot handle the tantrum that is currently happening, you can stand back. Get a few feet away from your child, or even leave them in the room after you have assured their safety. Catch a breath and calm down before you return back to your child. tantrum

  1. Do calming exercises

There are several calming exercise that you can do in order to compose yourself. You can count one to a hundred or even sing your favorite upbeat song. You can also do deep breathing exercise or close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere peaceful and relaxing.

  1. Only approach them if you see that they want you to comfort them

Never approach your child while they are on their “tantrum lockdown”. Wait for them to finish and totally stop their fits. You will notice that after the meltdown, they will be lying down, tired and with a blank stare. Afterwards, they will look for you and stare at you with calmer eyes. This is the time you go to them and acknowledge their frustration and anger and console them.

  1. Don’t mind the onlookers

Tantrums can happen even in a public place. Do not fret and do not pay attention to the passersby’s that are witnessing it. Do not let their judgment towards you cloud your parenting method. Trust me, they have encountered the same ordeal but are too ashamed to admit it.

  1. Keep praising yourself for a job well done

After everything has subsided and finally ended give yourself a pat in the back for a job well done. It is definitely not easy to keep calm and collected all throughout a tantrum episode, but you did it anyway. Do not forget to congratulate yourself and reward yourself with your favorite snack or chocolate. Tantrum episodes happen to all kids, so do not be alarmed whenever you kid is currently blowing one out of proportion. Just always remember to keep a calm perspective and a positive attitude each and every fit your kid will have. Showering them with understanding will help aid in lesser tantrum issues and episodes in the future.

About the Author Edana Patricio

First time mom to a beautiful three year old daughter. I am very open to new, fun ideas and ways on how to take care of my child. I also believe that "kids are way smarter than what we give them credit for."

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