Levtex Baby Night Owl 5 Piece Crib Bedding Set – A Quick And Thorough Review

levtex baby night owl 5 piece crib bedding setlevtex baby night owl 5 piece crib bedding set

As a loving and caring mom, you want what’s best for your baby. The best milk, the right clothing, and the most deep-sleep-inducing bedding. Don’t get me wrong, I want my baby awake and giggling. But when she’s asleep, I want her to have the best sleep of her life. Especially because at this stage, babies just want to eat, poop, and nap. So maybe you already have your choice of a crib, but what about the bedding? Surely you want to incorporate your style and your baby’s cuteness in his own little space. Let me tell you all about the Levtex Baby Night Owl 5 Piece Crib Bedding Set and see if it’s worth buying.


  • This crib bedding set includes 5 matching pieces that will decorate your baby’s crib as well as the walls around, giving the space a lush forest vibe. These pieces are:
  1. Quilt – If you don’t know what a quilt is, it’s basically a textile made out of 3 layers of fabric. This is also called a comforter or a duvet. This set’s quilt features a family

    of owls and the patterns are appliqued on the linen using herringbone and other soft, fluffy textures for an interesting design./Levtex-Bedding-Cotton-3-tiered-Stacker

  2. Crib sheet/linen – Their linen is 100% cotton, so that’s a plus for keeping your baby comfortable and warm.
  3. Dust ruffle – or some may call a “crib skirt”, is an accessory to provide a more stylish look to the crib.
  4. Diaper stacker – A cute little owl to put diapers in. This is not only a necessity but also an addition to the overall feel of your baby’s nursery.
  5. Wall decals – These wall decals will keep the woodsy theme of the nursery on point.
  • This set has a fun and trendy design of owls in a woodsy forest. The colors are gray, natural and ivory which complements the fabrics of cotton twill and jersey. Owls are very “in” right now because it gives such a relaxing vibe of the stillness of the night and the quietness of the forest.


  • This crib set is perfect for both genders! Not only the colors are neutral, but the design can also be used for both girls and boys. If taken care of properly, this crib set can last until the next baby comes.
  • The materials used are of high-quality. They are comfortable, soft and well made.
  • The design is very beautiful, especially in person. The small details were not captured in pictures but these are the little things that make the design alive.
  • It’s perfect for matching with other designs because the colors and patterns do not clash with other designs. Plus, the colors go well with wooden furniture.
  • It’s perfect to use as a gift. No one can say no to this. ?


  • The set is maybe a little overpriced as some consumers have mentioned.


  • The dust ruffle can be unnecessary, depending on your style. Some consumers find it stylish, while others don’t see a need for it.

Is This Crib Bedding The Right One For You?

Are you someone who loves simple colors and trendy designs? Do you love the small details which make things more beautiful? Are you in need of a complete set of a quilt, crib sheet, diaper stacker, dust ruffle and wall decals to complete your nursery? Then this product may be the one for you and your baby. This is also perfect as a gift because honestly, anyone will be happy with this. This not only covers the needs but also your preference in terms of style.

Comfort is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to your baby. You should cater to his needs to make him comfortable in all aspects. Choosing a high-quality and well-made product like the Levtex Baby Night Owl 5 Piece Crib Bedding Set is really worth it when you see how good his sleep is. As a mom of two fussy babies, I make it a point to always check that their space is as comfortable as it gets. You know what they say, a good sleep for the baby is a good sleep for you, too!

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