Newborn Baby Gifts- Tips and Suggestions on What To Buy

​Picking the best gift for your little ones is always a hard decision to make. You always bargain between choosing a flashy gift that no one would think of buying or a more useful gift that will most probably be what others will think of buying. Nevertheless, you need to pick which one to give. Maybe I can give you a few tips on what type of gift to buy for your special bundle of joy.

Picking the best gift for a newborn baby needs both your creativity and how much you know the family. There are so many choices for a newborn gift, but it is up to you to make the gift shout “this is from me”. You can do this by carefully and meticulously pick the best and ideal gift YOU THINK is best for the baby and the family.

Newborn Baby Gifts Review

Newborn Baby Gifts – What To Buy for Your Little Ones

​Buying the right newborn baby gifts requires three basic factors.

  1. First is the most obvious one which is the gender of the baby.
  2. Next is the type of family lifestyle they are born into.
  3. Finally, we have the “what do the parents need?” question.

​Knowing these can trim down your possible choices for a gift for your new family member. Some may think that buying for babies is a very hard task. But in reality, it is easy as long as you think of these main factors before you go shopping:

  • The child’s Gender

Yes, know if it is a boy or a girl before buying. But my suggestion is to go with unisex colors and style. Buy items with the shade of yellow, green, white, orange and the likes. The reason I suggested this is because it is a safe choice, especially if you still don’t know the gender of the baby. At the same time, it can be used in the future if ever the family decided to have another child, regardless if it will be a boy or a girl.

  • The Lifestyle of the Family

The lifestyle of the family is a great basis of what gift to buy for the baby. For example, if the family likes to travel, then you can think of a gift that can be used during traveling like a portable milk warmer. Another example is if the family likes to go to the beach. You can buy a cute swimwear or even shades and hats.

  • Your Budget

Know how much you want to spend. Children’s things are more expensive than your regular items. All the more if we are talking about newborn items. Having a fixed budget can allow you to decide if you can manage to purchase a personalized and fancy gift or just go with cheaper yet useful ones.

  • Your Personal Touch

It is always a good idea to add a touch of YOU in every gift you give. This also applies to newborn gifts as well. For example, if you are a funny person, you can customize onesies that have funny jokes printed on it. Or if you love floral prints, you can look for flower printed clothes. Use your imagination and give the gift your personal touch.

  • What You THINK The Baby Needs More

One of the things that we fail to consider when buying a gift is if the parents and the baby would need it. If you already know that they have a lot of feeding bottles, then opt to pick another gift instead. You can even ask the parents what they still need so that you can be assured that your gift will not go to waste.

Baby Gift Ideas for Boys

  • Sports Themed Items

A good way to give a gift for your little man is to use a sports-themed present. It can be a set of clothes with different sports print on it like basketball, soccer, football and the likes. You can also give matching sporty printed booties and mittens along with it to complete the set.

  • Soft Toy Balls

You can also give stuffed toys that are in a shape of different sports balls. Some examples are basketball, football, baseball and many more. You can even make it a combo with their matching stuffed baseball bat, basketball ring basically anything that you can imagine.

  • Cars

Cars are the most famous boy gifts that you can give. But the little guy needs to wait until he is a little older for him to play these toys. But little boys are sure suckers for cars.

  • Stuffed Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures and boys love to learn about them. I have several nephews that all have one thing in common, dinosaur stuffed toys. It is a great way to also teach them the different types of dinosaurs IF their fascination with these creatures are still with them as they grow up.

  • Animal Themed Item

Dogs, Horses, Cats, you name it there will be a stuffed toy counterpart of them in the market. Having animal stuffed toys can also help introduce different animals and animal sounds to your little boy. Animal themes shirts and clothing is also an adorable gift to give. Imagine your little boy wearing a lion onesie or wrapping them up in a shark towel with its jaws for a hood.

Baby Girl Gift Ideas

​Baby girls can have a wider variety of presents a compared to boys. It can be a wide range of choices from beautiful and elegant clothes to simple yet fashionable apparels. You can even pick a princess themed attire for them as well.

  • Dresses

The best thing about having to give a gift to a baby girl is that there are a wide variety of choices when it comes to dresses. It can be as simple as a stay at home outfit or as glamorous as a princess style dress. Plus, there are so many colors that you can choose from. From soft and calming nude colors too bright and vibrant neon colors, a baby girl can wear them with pride and be the “bell of the ball”.

  • Pink Themed Items

Pink is the perfect color for your little princess. Buy pink things from clothes to bottles. Accessorize using different shades of pink for clips, headbands, necklaces, earrings, the list goes on. You can even give pink boppy pillows, swaddles, and other mommy-baby necessities as a gift.

  • Princess Themed

If boys can dress up as cute animals then girls can dress up as beautiful princesses. From tutus to tiaras, and from shoes to gowns, your little girl will definitely be the bell of the ball with this gift.

  • Accessories

One good thing about baby girls is that they can get all dolled up with accessories. From cute hair clips to adorable headbands, there is a wide option for you to pick with. You can even give them necklaces, earrings and bracelets to make them more chic looking.

​If you are not the type of person to give a common present like the ones that I mentioned beforehand, then maybe you can opt to buy some personalized newborn baby gifts for your little one. You can personalize bracelets, necklaces and even clothes with their names on it.

  • Statement Shirts

Statement shirts are also a fun and unique gift you can give. It can have a sweet quote or even a funny caption it all depends on what you think their parents would love to see. You can even make your own design to make it extra special.

  • Personalized Picture Frame

A personalized baby picture frame is also a good choice of present. You can do so by picking the best photo of your little one and make it into a special and unique canvas just for them. Another option is to create a personalized 12 months picture canvas that their parents can fill out with their selected photo per month for the first year of their baby’s life.

  • Personalized Baby Book

But for me, the best-personalized gift that you can give is a personalized baby book. It does not only show how special the child is to you, it can also be educational at the same time. Personalized books have different themes depending on your child’s age and gender. The great thing about this is that the book will use the baby’s name and incorporate it into a story made especially for them.

My top pick for this personalized baby book is the “My Very Own Name” created by writer Maia Haag and illustrated by Mark Mille. The book can be given to newborn babies up to kids aged 9. If you would want to check out their awesome work you can do so by going to their website here.

Practical Baby Gifts

​Trust me when I say that practicality is a great gift that you can give to any newborn baby and their family. It’s not being safe or “cheap” if you want to give them what you think and know they need. Just make sure that the parents either do not have the item you want to give them or they need A LOT of it. Here are some great examples of practical baby gifts that you can take into consideration.

  • Diaper

I could never stop crying in happiness each time someone gives me a gift box full of baby diapers!! It has always been a lifesaver for me. Not only does each and every mom have “diapers” on their shopping list, but it can be quite expensive because you always need it. In fact, you need it every day and would “go crazy” if you ran out of it for just a few minutes. Giving diapers are a sure win gift for any mom that is for sure.

  • Milk: Bottles, Storage Bags, Formula, Pump

Another MUST HAVE for a baby is any and all items related to their primary food, milk. Bottles, storage bags, even a breast pump, you name it moms must have it. I remembered when I was still in my post-pregnancy weeks and was too tired and forgetful that I accidentally left the baby bottles in the sterilizer and they all melted!! I literally cried because only one bottle was left and the baby shop was a few hours away from my house. Think of the joy a mom like me must have if they knew that there are extra bottles to save them in that particular dilemma?

  • Toiletries: Baby Shampoo, Baby Powder, Baby Oil, Baby Soap

This is no lie, baby toiletries are a bit expensive as compared to the regular ones we use. Add to the fact that our babies need it daily and more often than we think; this is a necessity that moms need. Giving a basket of a set of baby toiletries can help the new parents save money and time from buying them over and over again.

  • Mother Care

Mother care is as important as baby care. This means that mothers must have their “me time” to take care of themselves. You can help them by giving gifts that can help them relax and tend to themselves. For example, you can give a basket of biscuits that helps induce milk production or you can give her nipple cream to soothe her cracked or sore nipples. You can even purchase a “spa date” coupon that she can use to fully relax. Another great idea is to give her different kinds of fruit juices to help her always get rehydrated. Trust me, moms with newborn babies are ALWAYS thirsty and hungry. This is me talking based on my personal experience.

Fancy Baby Gift Ideas

​If you want to be a step above all the other gifts then you can go with fancy gifts as your presents. What could be fancier than a basket of assorted baby items that are carefully hand-picked to cater to your little one’s needs? This could probably top any baby shower party gift if you ask me.

​ >>> More fancy baby gift ideas goes here <<<

​Having the best newborn baby gifts for your little boy or girl will all be based on you and how well you know their family. You can also pitch in your own style and preference in it by choosing a specialized or fancy present. What’s important is the thought, time and effort you have given just to pick the best gift for the little youngster.

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