Top 25 Parenting Blogs That Will Help You Parent Your Child Better

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Parents are always thought of to know everything and have answers to everything but the hard truth is that parents like you are most of the time clueless about what they are doing. That is why they look for ways to push through their problems with the help of another co-parent who have “been there and done that”.

Thankfully, I have listed 25 great parenting blogs that will let us figure out how to “parent” and how to be efficient enough to keep our parenting styles going.

Created by Gill, a mom of two, “A Baby On Board” has covered everything you need to know starting from pregnancy up to how to dress, care and address your moody, active yet adorable little ones. Originating from London, Gill and her family has been actively present in each and every post that this super parent makes. She is also a great example of how working parents can juggle their profession, family, and passion all at the same time.

Her parenting blog has also garnered several awards and has been recognized in both radio and television for her amazing and relatable stories. “A Baby On Board” parenting blog is for every parent who wants to figure out how to go about their daily lives with their little ones.

When a parent journeys into parenthood, they sometimes experience a deep downward spiral. They suddenly feel that there is nothing left for them but the usual daily routine of child care, diaper change, chores, errands and family care. This causes them to become tired, depressed and finally feeling that “this is all that I am now”.

“Abundant Mama” parent blog was created to empower parents to once again feel their self-worth and help them once again enjoy the pleasures of being a parent.

Run by a group of supportive and reassuring parents, the parenting blog “Alpha Mom” has become a first-time parent’s  (or even veteran parents) safe haven to their parenting worries. Founded by Isabel Kallman, this blog offers help, support or even an ear to listen to for every parenting problem that their readers throw at them.

Their “alpha team’s” goal is to successfully manage to approach parenting issues in a fun yet obliging way and at the same time remind every parent that each day is blessed and a gift.

Taking care of your kids sometimes sends parents to the brink of sanity and sometimes they do not see the beauty of it anymore and finally lose their way in guiding their kids the right way. “A Mother far From Home” parenting blog helps those tired and worn out moms and dads to help them once again see the beauty and joy of parenthood.

This parenting blog teaches moms and dads alike to love their kids even more and help them grow in love, faith, and positivism.

Being a family means being a support group for each other. That is what “Everyday Family” is all about. This parenting blog ensures soon to be moms and dads of babies, toddlers and even teens that they have somewhere to run if they are stuck in a rut.

The blog also prides itself on being able to evolve and adjust based on their readers’ inputs and suggestions. Not only is this blog innovative but is also a means of learning in a simple and fun way.

Most parents tend to lose sight of what really matters when it comes to their children and how they teach them. That is why Rachel Stafford encourages her readers to go through their lives with the assurance and conviction that parents so deservingly need. It will ensure them of a healthy, happy and positive family life and happy kids and that it can all be attained in a fun and healthy way.

“Hands Free Mama” keeps a positive outlook and healthy disposition that its readers can inspire on and even share with others.

“Imperfect Parent” is a fun and hilarious parenting blog that shows the bad and good side of parenting. The blog shares several stories that instead of looking at the negativity of things, parents should see the “fun” in it and, as much as possible, all the time.

If you want a good hard and healthy laugh and learn how to joke about at the imperfection of being a parent then the “Imperfect Parent” parenting blog can give you just what you need.

There are a lot of questions that pile up in a parents brain. Luckily the “Mama Natural” parenting blog can help worried parents about their problems and fears. The blog tackles anything from teethers to toddlers and conception to condoms.  

The sky is the limit when it comes to the diversity of this blog and its interesting topics. If you have any question about you, your baby or your parenting strategy, you have come to the right parenting blog.

Having kids does teach parents how to strive, grow and blossom into better people and stronger individuals. This is what “This Mama Life’s” parenting blog showcases. Sarah started this blog to document her pregnancy but ended up showing to everyone how beautiful and amazing a parent’s life can be.

She shares her passion, love, and commitment to her kids and her family as well through her parenting blog and hopes that you share the same inspiration to other parents in need.

The parenting blog “Bounceback Parenting” has a motto that a lot of parents need to appreciate. Their motto is “connection, not perfection” when it comes to parenting. It will also allow you to see that each and every struggle and endeavor that you will undergo, is a great opportunity for you to learn and even teach other parents to strive to do the same.

 You will also find out that all of what you do is a continuous learning process that can lead you to be the best parent that you can be.

Written in clear black and white, parenting is not that easy, in fact, it is never easy. Everything you do is always a step forward and two steps back, that is what every parent thinks. “Bumps N Baby” is a parenting blog that shows that parenting is imperfect but it is up to you to make each moment memorable and lasting.

So if you feel like you want to hit your head at a hard wall due to the craziness you are experiencing, remember that you are not alone and that this parenting blog is here to the rescue.

Being a parent is not a walk in the park and every parent knows that. Mommy Rachel is one parent that says that even if you are a child career by profession, no one can prepare you for the real thing. The “CanDo Kiddo” parenting blog shows exactly that parenting is a messy, hard yet rewarding path that you will undergo.

Keeping yourself in check and keeping it real while having fun is all this blog is all about. It also keeps parents up to date on anything and everything about parenting and family needs.

The “Let Grow” parenting blog lets us remember that our environment and the atmosphere around our kids is not all that bad and harmful. Kids need to enjoy the outdoors and play as much as they want without having the fear of being hurt or unhappy along the way.

This parenting blog encourages parents to allow kids to be exposed to the outside world and the reality that it brings. It encourages parents to also make kids independent and free but with constant supervision without depriving them of learning.

The “Hellobee” parenting blog is all about keeping your kiddos and family happy and fun with the help of several tips and tricks. Some of their advice include personal experiences for other parents from all over the world who have “been there and have done that”. It also gives ideas that you can use along the way.

Some topics include “do it yourself” crafts, healthy and yummy meals and even advice on conceiving, pregnancy, and parenting. Everything that you need to do from starting a family to parenting your teens is all here.

The “Janet Lansbury” parenting blog takes a more intellectual turn when it comes to taking care of your kids and with parenting them. This blog tells us that kids are smarter than what we give them credit for. In their own way, they learn to grow and it is up to us to know how to hone it and make it productive.

This parenting blog encourages parents to allow kids to grow and learn mentally, emotionally, socially and physically at their own pace with your unending guidance.

Mommy Jenny is your average mommy that loves to share her parenting thoughts and ideas with everyone who badly needs it. She also shows her readers several glimpses of her life with her family and how magical and sometimes frustrating it can get. But in the end, everything that she experiences she considers a gift that needs to be cherished.

She also shows her passion for decorating, be it food or furniture, and she even gives helpful tips for those who want to try these for their own home.

A lot of parents are at a loss especially when they are trying to find the “best” of everything. The “Mom Fuse” is a parenting blog that gives you the best of the best according to a lot of parents who have tested several items and have chosen the best for you. They cater to a lot of items related to babies, kids and even useful items for the whole family.

They also give their honest reviews and opinions about several items that parents can rely on.

The “Momtastic” parenting blog is the best there is when it comes to everything related to your family and their needs. It has so many ideas that you can get inspiration from. They have so many ideas that cover a lot of areas. Some of these include thrifty ways to save, grocery tips, do it yourselves, parenting advice, home ideas, chic designs and so much more.

It also allows other parents to share their own tips, knowledge, and experiences that can also be inspirational to other parents out there.

Kids can always be a handful, especially if it is your first time being a parent. Well, even if you become a parent for the second, third or “nth” time, it will always feel new and surreal. The “My Little Moppet” parenting blog is all about giving you a helping hand and guide you along the way starting from giving birth to going back to work and so much more.

These simple, effective and smart ways to “parent” your family will definitely help you along your journey.

Who says that being thrifty means you have to give up on the finer things in life? The “Penniless Parenting” blog will show you how being thrifty can make a big difference with your family and how they go about their daily lives. It also gives so many helpful ideas on how to save money without depriving your family of the grocery, crafts, meals and so much more.

Be a smart and economical parent with the help of this wonderful parenting blog.

“Rookie Moms” is a parenting blog that gives you a step by step guide form pregnancy to parenthood. It will ease first time parents and keep them calm and collected with inspiring tips and knowledge that can greatly assist you in what you do. It also gives honest opinions about a lot of parenting and family items that you can look at before you buy it.

It will also help you solve several problems along the way with the help of other co-parents out there who had or are having the same experience as you do.

The “Shishu World” parenting blog started out as a parenting blog that aimed to help Indian parents to incorporate their traditional way with the modern way of parenting. Now it has boomed into an international “go-to” place for parents who are alone, clueless and who need a shoulder to lean on.

When parenting steps it, we definitely need all the help we can and this parenting blog will be there to help you with anything you need and anytime.

The parenting blog “The Indusparent” is aimed to “care for” and help Asian parents who are having troubles, doubts or just want to look somewhere for inspiration. It covers a wide variety of topics that each and every parent can look forward to. These topics tackle pregnancy, baby and toddler care, teen talks, health, family matters, family fun and leisure and so much more.

Parents all over Asia have come and joined to share and learn from each other using this parenting blog.

The parenting blog named “The Naptime Reviewer” is a place where modern parents can go to for hip advice and practical knowledge about kids, family, and parenting. This blog tackles everything from baby care to traveling tips and from fashion to food. It also features several product reviews that you can look forward to and see for yourself if that “item” is really the thing you and your family needs.

So if you want to be updated, fashionable and in-the-no type of parent then you have come to the right parenting blog.

Parenting transcends across the ages and it has been handed down from generation to generation.  But the problem is that these “parenting” tips need to surpass and cope with the here and now. This is what “The Simple Parent” is all about. Since mommy Mariah’s family comprises of people of different age, they are able to create a sound and effecting parenting lifestyle that a lot of us would want to try out for ourselves.

Her blog is the definition of multiple generations living together and making their lives work is the epitome of this parenting blog.

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My Final Say...

Being a parent in my opinion is definitely never an easy thing to do. You need never ending support, guidance and sometimes a good-old-fashioned “push” to keep you going and stay “sane”. But we must also remember that parenting is such a rewarding trade that no amount of “job” in the world can replace with. Parenting for me is a one in a million profession and a one of a kind experience that you should never regret and forget.

Thank You "Parenting Bloggers"

I would like to thank all the hard working parents out there that are able to share with us the joys, pains and even wackiness of being a mom or even a dad. Truly your constant and never-ending sharing of your ideas, knowledge and experiences will be treasured by your readers.

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