Personalized Baby Books With Name – What to Expect on These Type of Books

One of the most important tools that you can have in order to educate your child and broaden their imagination is books. The more colorful, interactive and magical the better. Nowadays, there are certain categories of personalized baby books with names that are spreading like wildfire in the market.Personalized Baby Books

These types of books can enhance your child’s intellect and furthermore, they will be more attracted to it since the book is specially made for them.

Of course, choosing the best type of personalized baby books with names will also depend on you and how well you know your child. It can either be an outer space themed book or even just a garden tea party motif, just make sure that it can catch your child’s interest.

With these factors in mind, you are now ready to search for the best book with the baby name in the story.

Personalized Baby Books with Name Choices

Like what I have mentioned, there are a countless number of books with baby names in the story. So you need to pay particular attention to the story itself, the theme, its color scheme and most especially if the book is appropriate for your child’s age range.

Basically, the theme for any of personalized baby books with names is that it will showcase your child’s name. It will be spelled out per letter and the story will creatively introduce each letter to your child as you read through it.

Some examples of these personalized books are “The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name” where the book will spell out your child’s name in a unique way. This means that the story will differ depending on your child’s name.

Another example is the book entitled “On the Night You Were Born _____.” This book will let your child feel how much joy and love you have for them through beautiful pictures and messages all throughout the story.

Why Choose a Personalized Baby Book For A Gift?

Are you are still wondering why a personalized baby book is a great gift suggestion? Do you still need a little bit more convincing? Then there are some useful ideas that you and your little ones can get when you give them a personalized baby book.

  • This activity improves your baby’s vision, hearing, comprehension, and While reading to your baby, you can show the pictures as visual aids as you are reading. Make your baby interested in choosing books that are colorful and engaging. As you are reading, exaggerate words and certain points, use different tones and voice modulation. These will help your baby differentiate tones from each other. He will be able to know how happy, sad, excited or angry sounds like. This is also the time when they are picking out parts of your speech. They try to learn how to speak and they may mimic you by producing sounds of their own.
  • Include this activity in your daily routine. Read to them once during “awake” times and once during “sleepy times”. During daytime, read loudly and more lively. This will stimulate their minds and senses. While during night times, read more quietly. This will put them in a soothing and relaxed state, cueing them to sleep.
  • During this stage, simpler and more colorful books are appropriate to give them to look at on their own. These ages only focus on the visuals, so a more visual book is enough. The ones with ABC’s, 123’s and one-word categories with corresponding pictures are fun and entertaining.
  • For toddlers that can already “speak” (meaning they already have their own language and are making sounds more frequently), this is the best time to read them a storybook. By reading a storybook, you are teaching them how to construct sentences, as well as expanding their vocabulary.
  • Give them their own time reading on their own. They might not
    know how to yet, but they can already familiarize himself with letters and numbers, even words. They may also be able to connect certain words to images. Let them have their quiet time to reflect on their learning.
  • You can also act out words for them to get a concept of the meaning of a word. These are good for when your little ones are learning action words.
  • Most importantly, reading to your baby, be an infant or a toddler, is a form of bonding between the both of you.


What Are The Benefits Of Personalized Story Books For Baby?

Now that we already know the benefits of reading to your baby, it’s time to learn the benefits of personalized storybooks for babies.

  1. A personalized storybook for a baby is more engaging.

Imagine if a storybook has your name as one of the characters. Wouldn’t it spark some interest for you? Of course, you’ll want to know how the story goes and what would happen to the character with the same name as you. Now imagine if the storybook is written FOR you. Wouldn’t it be one of the best things in the world? It is also the same for a baby, especially because babies are curious little humans. Personalized storybooks are more playful and more authentic. Studies even found that children can develop their vocabulary skills better if the stories are about them or connected to them. They understand the plot more and because they associate the story with themselves, they learn much faster.

  1. A personalized storybook for a baby is inspiring.

If you were given something personalized for you, what would you feel? You will definitely feel special. It’s the same for children. Personalized books are inspiring to read and are meaningful because they are a unique and special gift from you. When children are inspired, they are more motivated to read, thus making them read more often.

  1. A personalized storybook for a baby is one-of-a-kind.

This is one of the sweetest ideas I have ever seen. Not only is this educational, but it is fun and genuine. Every piece is unique and is dedicated only to a specific child.


How to Prepare Your Perfect Personalized Baby Book for Your Little Ones

After a brief glimpse of what to expect from the book, you must now input the necessary details to make your baby book unique and special. Usually, there are three categories that you must take into consideration.

  • Sex of Your Baby

This category will greatly affect the whole outcome of the story. From the Color scheme all the way down to the lettering and story motif, the book will personalize it for your baby boy, or girl.

  • Age Range of Your Baby

It is also important to note the age of your baby. Each age range has a different style of storytelling so that your baby can better appreciate and understand it. It can be personalized to baby’s as young as newborns all the way to kids that are ages eight and up.

  • The Occasion of the Book

Be it Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter or even just an everyday moment, most personalized baby books with a name can accommodate you and your requests. You will have a very wide range of choices to pick from.

Personalized Baby Book for Everyone.

Educating a child takes teamwork not only from parents. It will also include other members of the family like your baby’s grandparents, aunts, uncles and even your child’s siblings. The more that other family members pitch in to help your child learn the better. This includes you with the other “kiddie members” of your family and even kids of your friends.

If you are an aunt yourself and you happen to be thinking of the best gift that you can buy for your niece or nephew, then maybe you can look up some personalized baby books. These types of books are a great way to help your godchildren learn and at the same time, it is a great way of you telling them how special they are to you and to the whole family.

Some personalized baby books from aunts can highlight their godchildren’s good traits and let them know that these are what makes them special, unique and well…THEM. The more imaginative and inventive the book the better your godchild will enjoy and appreciate it.

Grandparents Can Also Give a Special Gift

Grandparents happen to have more affection for their grandchildren as compared to their very own child. Well, that’s what my dad tells me anyway and that’s what I saw in my mom too. This means they tend to spoil their grandkids and would want to give them the best gift possible.personalized baby book

If you happen to be a grandparent reading this, or you know a grandparent who is looking for a gift for their grandkid then you might also want to consider a personalized gift for your grandchild. Like the previous suggestion I gave, a book is a great gift that you can give to your little ones.

Personalized baby books from grandparents can be a treasured keepsake for your grandkids. It will also allow you to have cherished memories that both you and your granddaughter or grandson can have.

The Best Personalized Baby Book for Me

Since I am an avid fan of book reading, I have been religiously reading several baby books for my daughter starting from the time I have conceived her up until now that she is almost three. Now that she can start to understand the stories that I read to her, I decided that it is time to make each book I read to her special. I also wanted to show her, through the stories I read her, how special and beautiful she is both inside and out.

My daughter is now familiar with all the letter of the alphabet and is slowly starting to familiarize herself with animals and other objects. Since this is the time that their brains are literally like sponges, this is the ideal moment to teach them basic education one step at a time. So I decided to look for a baby book that can help her further familiarize herself with letters and animal

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a book called “My Very Own Name.” I instantly loved it and I would recommend it to moms, dads, and parents who have kids the same age as mine. This book allows you and your child to learn a lot of things all in one package.

  • Learn with Letters

As you go through the story, your child will get to see each letter that will spell their first and last name as you slowly make your way to the end of the book. Your child will enjoy how the book spells out their names in a very special way.

  • Appreciate Animals

Each letter of your child’s name will be introduced by an animal which has the same first letter as the letter that they will present. For example, the letter E will be brought by an Elephant, the letter D is introduced by a Dog and so on.

  • The Joy of Your Baby’s Name

The book’s pages will depend on how long your child’s name is. Usually, the length of the book ranges to approximately forty pages, give or take. At the end of the story, you can personalize your dedication to your child. You can make a printed out handwritten letter or a scanned baby photo of your child, it will all depend on you and your preference. That is why the book “My Very Own Name” is uniquely special.

Regardless if you are a parent, a mom, a dad, an aunt, and uncle or even grandparents, what’s important is that you choose a gift that can be used for a long time with your child, grandkids, and godkids. It also pays to have a gift that is educational and will enhance the child’s imagination and creativity.

So if you would want your child’s reading experience to be even more memorable and meaningful, you can order the personalized baby book with name entitled “My Very Own Name.” It does not only educate your child but will also show them how much you cherish and love them.

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