Personalized Baby Gifts that Will Definitely Stand Out

​If you plan to give a special gift for your special little someone, then personalized baby gifts are the best choice to buy. Not only will they be able to give a special touch to the item butt it will also showcase how much idea and thought you have put into buying it. These type of gifts also serve as a memento when your little bundle of joy grows-up and it will be eventually kept as a precious keepsake for them to cherish for a long time.

​There are so much personalized stuff that you can choose from, that is one of the main huddles that you have to overcome and decide on. But every day useful items like clothes, bibs and even bottles are very good options to choose from. To help you pick the best personalized item, we have compiled a short list of custom-made baby “must haves” that will surely be appreciated and adored.


Personalized Baby Clothes

Clothes are always an ideal item to buy when it comes to babies. Not only will they be able to use them all the time, they will also make them look adorable every time. That is why a great custom-made baby outfit is a very awesome gift that you can buy. You can even personalize each item your little one will wear from head to toe, here are some examples of it….

​​​​Personalized Baby Onesies

1. Tee Miracle’s Design Your Own Onesies

Having to make the ideal personalized onesie for your baby requires not only design but also comfort. The “Tee Miracle’s Design Your Own Onesies” is a great way to show your unique style and your little one’s individuality at the same time make them feel cozy all day while they wear it.

The onesies varied design will all be based on how you want it and it will be digitally printed through the help of DTG or Direct to Garment technology. It also has a total of 14 vibrant colors that will stay vibrant even after several washes because of its machine wash friendly fabric.

If you have a little one aged form as young as a newborn up to twenty four months old this is an ideal gift that is unique and fashionable all in one adorably cute package. You get what you see and you expect what you design once the item has been delivered to you. All you have to do is to easily pick the color you prefer, customize the design and place additional notes if needed.

Once all of these are done, all you need to do next is to wait for your order. You will be pleased to see that what you instructed them to do will be the exact details seen in the finished product, this is “Tee Miracle’s” promise to its buyers and patrons who want the best for their little bundles of joy.

2. PakRat’s Custom Football Onesies

If the family of your little one are sports enthusiasts they would adore a sport themed onesie. What better way to give a salute to the sporty sweeties than purchasing one of “PakRat’s Custom Football Onesies”. The fabric used for this onesie is a mix of 60% combed cotton and 40% polyester to ensure that I is soft to touch and breathable at the same time.

These adorably sporty onesies come in five colors and has the legendary stripped design that each and every football lover is familiar with. For your personal touch, you can place the baby’s name and a memorable number in their jersey name and number. This personalized detailing will be custom made by hand to ensure its picture perfect finishing. The name and the number will both be printed at the front and at the back of the onesie.

This item can be worn by a baby as young as  three months old to on as old as Machine wash friendly and soft to the touch, this onesie will definitely last your little ones a long time and will eventually be vibrant enough to be kept as a priceless memento once they grow up. So be it a football Sunday, a sport day or even just a hang-out day, your little boy or girl will be sporty ready with their hip and trendy onesie that is specially made just for them.

3. Wallsparks’ “My______Loves Me” Personalized Baby Onesies

Nothing beats having something personalized and adding the word “Love” into it. It makes the item more cherished and loved and make the wearer feel even more treasured. That is why the “My_____Loves Me” personalized baby onesies focuses on that aspect.

It provides the buyer the privilege of adding the words, mommy, daddy, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, grandma and even grandpa into the onesie design. In fact, you can even place your names for a more personalized touch. This design created by the talented people behind Wallsparks and is available only in color white for the onesie color and black lettering with the “name” in green shade.

The only downside is that you are not allowed to choose different colors for the font and the fabric. But the upside to this is that the ink used for the lettering is eco-friendly, kid-safe and machine wash friendly. So if you want a more simplistic yet elegant design that shows how much you love your little ones, this onesie is the right pick for you.

Personalized Baby Shoes

Personalized baby shoes is another great way to make your gift be remembered not only now but literally forever because of its special touch from you. You can choose from color, design and even the dedication written on it. You can go with just their name or even their nickname, depending on the flexibility of the manufacturer that will make it.

Not only will it be greatly used but it will also make a beautiful trinket once the little baby that once wore it becomes a full grown adult. They will be grateful and touched to see a piece of their past engraved and frozen in time in an item that they once wore when they were still small.

​​​​Personalized Baby Shirts

1. NanyCraft’s “Hello World I’m Baby______” Personalized Baby Girl Body Suit

Baby girls are a blast to dress up and even more adorable if they wear custom made items when they doll-up. “NanyCraft’s “Hello World I’m Baby______” Personalized Baby Girl Body Suit” will make your little princess stand out as she wears this shirt that has her name written in glittery gold. This shirt comes in two colors which are “White” and “Heather” (Grey) and it has a beautifully placed pink lettering of “Hello World I’m”.  

The lettering itself is applied using a heat press equipment and it will not fade, chip, crack or peel even if you wash it. Beautifully made and elegantly designed, this baby shirt will be the talk of everyone that sees it. For sure, not only will the little ones look lovely wearing it but their parents and family members will also love it as well.

Your baby girl will definitely feel pretty and proud as they wear it. Once they get older and turn to adults, they can keep this and cherish it to remind them of how precious and loved they were by you from the beginning of their lives up until they are all grown up.

2. Baby Gifts for All’s “My Uncle____Loves Me” Infant Shirt

Uncles who are lost for ideas when it comes to gifts need not to worry because there is a personalized baby shirt made just for you. The “Baby Gifts for All’s “My Uncle____Loves Me” Infant Shirt” is the best gift that any uncle can buy to show their little niece or nephews how much they adore them.

Made of 100% cotton jersey, this baby tee can be worn by babies from six months to eighteen months or those as light as 10 pounds to babies as heavy as 24 pounds. It has a total of four colors to choose from. These colors include “Banana” (Yellow), “Light Blue”, “White” and finally “Pink”.  Now you have the privilege to write your name on your gift and choose the best color that fits your little one’s gender and “baby aura”.

Personalized Baby Bibs

1. Funny Girl Design’s “Butterfly Bib”

The cutest way to enjoy feeding your little girl is having the right bib for them. Thanks to “Funny Girl Designs’ Butterfly Bib” your little darling can eat with class. The custom made embroidered bib is 100% ring spun combed interlocked cotton and attached at the ends with a Velcro lock to safely secure it without hassling your baby while she eats.

A carefully handcrafted item, this bib showcases your little girl’s name above a cute butterfly drawing and within the butterfly is her initial. The bib comes in two colors that you can choose from. First is the very striking “Hot Pink” and the second is the elegant “White”. A thoughtful gesture even during eating time, this bib is the epitome of being remembered and greatly loved regardless of anything your little ones do.

The fabric used is also machine wash friendly so it will stand the test of time and still be as vibrantly colorful as the first day it was worn. By keeping its color and form intact, it can be a wonderfully special trinket to remember by as your little girl grows up into becoming an elegant and beautiful lady. She will forever cherish it in her heart.

2. Baby Gifts For All’s “My Grandma _____Loves Me” Baby Bib

If you are a grandma that is clueless of the latest trend that you can give to your grandkids, then maybe we can help you choose the best possible present for them. The “Baby Gifts for All’s “My Grandma _____Loves Me” Baby Bib” is another amazing custom made item for the Baby Gifts for All manufacturer.

This time around they are focusing on letting grandmas add their own personal touch to their grandkids’ gift. This bib is made up of 100% pure cotton and is secured using a reinforced Velcro closure. The personalized lettering and design is made up of water soluble, eco-friendly ink that is applied using the DTG or direct to garment technology. The bib comes in three colors that you can choose from which are “Light Blue”, “Pink” and “White”.

The lettering is beautifully placed using black color and the heart design is located at the left part of the bib making it more lovable and charming to look at. Gentle, soft and beautiful, this bib describes how much a love of a grandmother is felt when it comes to their grandkids. Add the personalized touch of their names on it and you have the ideal and perfect gift that any grandma can proudly give to their grand kids.

Personalized Baby Hats

1. Funny Girl Designs’ Personalized Embroidered Baby Girl Hat with Grosgrain Bow

Baby girls and cute bows have always been an adorable combination. Now add it to a charming hat and add an endearing personal touch to it and you have a perfect personalized baby hat for your little ones. The “Funny Girl Designs’ Personalized Embroidered Baby Girl Hat with Grosgrain Bow” gives us cuteness, class and comfort in this single item.

The material used is made up of cotton making it warm and cozy each time it is worn. The lettering for the name can reach up to a ten character length that includes letters, numbers and selected punctuations/symbols to make it have a more personal touch. The hat comes in several mix and match colors of the bow and hat that you can choose from.

It has a total of ten choices that includes: “Pink Hat/White Bow”, “White Hat/Pink Bow”, “White Hat/Navy Blue Bow”, “White Hat/ Mint Bow”, “White Hat/White Bow”, “White Hat/White Bow/ Pink Thread”, “White Hat/Hot Pink Bow” and finally the “White Hand/Lavender Bow”. The hat can fit your little girl as young as day one up to their ninth month depending on their head size.

Make your little girl feel pretty and chic while they wear their beautiful hat that will eventually become a well-loved heirloom.

2. Funny Girl Designs’ Personalized Embroidered Baby Girl Hat with Sparking Glitter Bow

If you want a less extravagant and more simplistic hat style then you might want to choose the “Funny Girl Designs’ Personalized Embroidered Baby Girl Hat with Sparkling Glitter Bow” instead. It has the same design of the former hat but without the bow. Instead the bow is a design embroidered into the hat beside the baby’s name.

This hat comes in three different colors mainly “Lavender and Mint” (Lavender for the hat color and Mint for the name), “Pink” (for both the hat and name color) and “White and Pink” (White for the hat and Pink for the Name color). Once again, you can personalize the hat using a maximum of nine characters that can be a combination of letters, numbers and punctuation/symbols.

It can also be worn by baby girls as young as a newborn to as old as a nine month bundle of joy depending, of course, on the size of their head. The embroidery is also meticulously made to ensure that all the materials used in making this hat is machine wash friendly, eco-friendly and, most importantly, baby-friendly.

The vibrant and elegant design and color will last for a long time and will still be in good condition once the time comes for it to be remembered dearly as a memento.

Personalized Growth Chart

1. I See Me’s “Love is in the Air” Personal Growth Chart

Be honest, parents love to track down their kid’s growth. We even carve it on the edges of the wooden wall and mark its exact measurement with our kids name beside it. Now we do not have to “damage” our house and at the same time we can safely keep those memorable growth moments with the help of the “I See Me’s “Love is in the Air” Personal Growth Chart”.

This growth chart is designed for your little girl as she grows into a beautiful young lady. The chart itself measures a total of 12”x 42” that has your daughter’s name at the very top of it which makes it a total of 60”. The design is beautifully made of hearts, butterflies, trees and birds to give out that elegantly magical forest theme.

It also has several shades of pink and green to make it appeal even more to your little girl. It also has four grommets to ensure safe and secured placement and easy storage once the chart is ready to become a family keepsake. The growth chart can be used by little girls as young as a few months old to as big as a six year old little lady.

2. I See Me’s “On the Go” Personalized Growth Chart

Baby boys tend to grow up faster than girls at times. That is why most of us want to cherish each and every growing moment as much as possible. Keeping tab at your little man’s sudden increase in height is a matter of importance to you and any parent who wants to keep these sentimental moments close to their hearts.

Let the “I See Me’s “On the Go” Personal Growth Chart” give aid to your request and keep your little boy aware of how fast he grows into becoming a young man. With the help of the furry friends in the chart, your boy will be able to see for his own how fast he grows. The chart is actively designed with the help of vehicles that are “On the Go” like a helicopter, boats, trucks, forklift truck, and fire truck that are driven by dogs and cats.

In total, it measures around 12”x 42” with your little boy’s name at the very top of it which makes it a total of 60”. It also has four grommets to ensure protected and tenable positioning and easy removal once the chart is ready to become a family keepsake. The growth chart can be used by little boys as young as a few months old to as big as a six year old young man.

Personalized Baby Chair

Personalized Woodland Critter Folding Step Stoll

Let your little ones step into a magical forest and sit with the company of adorable woodland creatures with the help of the “Personalized Woodland Critter Folding Step Stoll” by My Bambino. It is a flip stepstool that your little ones can use in so many activities that they desire.

With a touch of their name written on it, you can assure that they will all the more live it and cherish it until they grow old. Its dark maroon color makes it classy and at the same time elegant while the woodland creatures makes it look magical and whimsical. The material used to make this chair is rubber wood and it weighs a total of 9 pounds.

The chair can accommodate a weight as heavy as 50 pounds. Originally it was intended to target boys but because of its neutral color and design it can be bought for both boys and girls alike.

What’s amazing about this item is that it can be used as a chair, a stepping stool and can finally be adjusted to be used as a comfortable little bench for your little ones. So let your kids enjoy being in their magical woodland fantasy as they sit with their forest buddies.

Personalized Baby Blocks

Custom Engraved Wood Baby Birth Block

Unique and personal gifts will always tweak the interest of anyone that will receive it. Although originally, the receiver is too young to react to it, once they are old enough and see it as a keepsake, they will definitely adore and cherish it.

The “Custom Engraved Wood Baby Birth Block” is both unique and personal with a touch of simplicity and elegance that anyone would love to safe keep. The block is made out of natural wood and is not bleached to maintain its natural color.

This 2.5”x2.5” custom designed block has a total of six available sides that you can design on. Each side corresponds to a particular “memorable moment/detail” that you think will be a must to be remembered. You can place the child’s full name, initials, birth date, birth time, birth weight and birth length.

These details will be engraved using laser technology to provide accurate and precise designs. You can also order this block depending on the occasion that you will give it. They have particular designs for “Baptism”, “Birth”, “Adoption” and even an ornament for your baby’s “First Christmas”.  Le your little ones know how much they are loved and remembered using this specially made custom wooden block.

Personalized Baby Bracelets

Crystal Dream’s Personalized Luxury Sterling Silver with Pink Swarovski Crystal for Girls

Our little girls definitely deserve all the beautiful things that they can wear that will definitely make them feel good and pretty about themselves. That is why we give them jewelries as early as they are born. That is why “Crystal Dream’s Personalized Luxury Sterling Silver with Pink Swarovski Crystal for Girls” is a beautiful eye-catcher that will surely be loved by any girl who would wear it.

It has a total of five different sizes based on the age of your little girl. For 0 to 9 months we have the 4” bracelet, for 6 to 15 months the 4.5” bracelet is available, for ages 1 to 3 years the 5”, for 2 to 5 years they offer 5.5” and finally, those that fall under the 5 to 12 age range will get to have the 6” bracelet.

The bracelet can also be worn by babies as small as preemies to newborn with a 3.75” bracelet. The bangle is designed with 4mm Swarovski pink simulated pearls, 3 mm Swarovski crystals, silver beading and silver letter blocks with an additional 1” heart shaped extender growth chain with a lobster claw clasp lock to secure it properly.

Delicate and elegant design fitting for your little princess, this jewel is indeed something that they will cherish for the rest or their lives.

Personalized Baby Bottle Labels

Waterproof Baby Bottle/Daycare Labels

When you start to have little kiddos ready for school or you just want to be more organized as to what you prepare for them to eat, it is always a great idea to label your kids things. The “Waterproof Baby Bottle/Daycare Labels” by Tinabless is a smart way of labeling each and every food and drink that your little ones may consume.

One pack contains a total of 80 pieces of labels that can be easily written on and hard to wash off. These labels are also BPA, latex, lead and phthalene free and at the same time, it is microwave, baby bottle warmer and freezer safe.

All you have to do is to write your child’s name on the space provided on the label using a ball point pen or felt tip marker. Next up is you have to seal it by peeling off the backing from the overlay flap and press over the writing you did. These labels are also very versatile when used. You can use it to label other items around the house like eating utensils, toys, pens, pencils, spices and so much more.

Make it a habit to properly label you kid’s things so that they won’t be mistaken for another kid’s things and it will teach your little ones to remember what that particular item or food is.

Other Great Personalized Ideas

1. Epicoz’s Newborn Babyprints Kit

Pictures, mementos and ultrasounds are three on the most important remembrance moms can get while they are pregnant and after they give birth. It lets them remember the joys, pains and the miracle of carrying and delivering their little angels.

That is why Epicoz’s “Newborn Babyprint Kit” was able to add all these precious memories in one beautifully arranged frame. This keepsake gift has four inner frames that can be used for your little one’s picture (heart shape frame), your ultrasound (square shaped frame) and finally your little baby’s hand and foot (two oval shaped frames).

For the hand and foot prints, the kit also provides clay that is both mold and crack free and dries within one to two days. All of the materials used for this item are 100% baby safe and toxin-free. You can also add other various trinkets as well like hospital ID tags, dried belly button, first haircut and so much more. The sky is the limit as you chose the best memorable ornament in your four framed beauty and make it your very own baby masterpiece that you can proudly show to everyone.

2. Bebedim’s Little Baby Memory Book

What better way to record each and every special moment your little one will have within the first five years of their rapidly developing life than to make a scrapbook dedicated for him or her. Bebedim’s “Little Baby Memory Book” will allow you to write, stick, decorate and do whatever you want to beautifully and elegantly record each and every special moment that your baby will have.

  The book includes an introductory page, a mom and dad page, pregnancy journey page, letters from parents page, baby shower page,  birth story segment,  homecoming page, handprint & foot prints, family tree, 1-12 months tracking, firsts and milestones, favorite things, travels and first holidays, 1st to 5th birthdays, first day of school, growth chart and finally bank pages for other memories.

The cover includes a 4”x4” photo space that you can insert your baby’s picture in. The gender neutral design and color of this book, which is a gray background with white polka dots design, makes it a perfect gift or a personal buy for anyone expecting a new addition to the family. So use your artistic side and personal touch to tell the story of your little one on your own personal point of view.

My Last Say...

This ends our quick yet unique personalized baby gifts that you can be proud of once you give it. Just keep in mind that you need to consider also what the family needs and what they like.  For example, if they prefer more practical gifts then go with clothes or the personalized labels, but if they love to collect memories then choose the personalized baby blocks of the memory book. Basically, getting the best gift is a mix of what the family desires and your own personal touch to it. So be creative, smart and thoughtful and you will definitely choose the best gift that will be cherished as they grow older.

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