Top 20 Pregnancy Blogs That can Help You Get Through Your Very Own Preggy Journey

Pregnancy is indeed a wonderful and miraculous journey with which every parent will be spell bounded by. But, in all honesty, it is no all hearts, rainbows and sunshine.

It will sometimes be ugly, unpredictable and gruesome. That is why you need to prepare for you “D-Day” or your “P-day” to be more precise. You need to know all there is when it comes to pregnancy.

With the help of these top 20 pregnancy blogs, you will be well informed and ready for “unknown days” ahead of you. Form conception to delivery these blogs have got you all covered.

There is one common problem that all moms and moms to be face when they want to learn about their baby and what to expect from them. That is the never ending overload of information that overwhelms moms instead of helping them. “The Baby Chick” preggy blog has managed to cut down on those “nice to know” and gives you the “need to know” knowledge and information that moms are looking for.

This preggy blog offers ideas and concepts about being a mom and trending it to fit this modern day and age.

The “Birth Without Fear” was founded by January Harshe that started as a simple Facebook page that grew into a full blown pregnancy and childbirth blog. As a mother of six, January encourages women have the freedom to choose what type of childbirth they want to experience. She, along with other supportive moms, also shares stories and their experiences with their own childbirth journey.

This blog allows would-be moms to inquire, inspire and promote their right to the childbirth that they desire.

The “Health and Parenting” blog is a collection of useful and interesting subjects and topics about conception, pregnancy, childbirth, child care and beyond. You as a reader can learn a lot and from different points of view as well with regard to pregnancy and child care queries. The blog also tries to be as up to date as possible and strives to “ride along” with modern technology by offering several apps.

You can be rest assured that you will have all the materials you need to guide you through that special journey in meeting your little one.

The preggy blog “Knocked-Up Fitness” is the brain-child of fitness expert Erica Ziel who is also a mom of three. She encourages other moms to make exercise a key point in keeping a healthy and fit pregnancy. The exercise she teaches focuses on pre, intra and post-natal fitness that moms, like you, really need in order to be physically ready all throughout the pregnancy journey.

Other moms also share their fitness journey in her preggy blog which encourages other moms-to-be to take the healthier and fitter path of motherhood.

A lot of moms would want to have a “natural birth” experience and eventually a “natural way of life”. This means that they would want to go organic with food, baby gears, well, basically anything that they can make organic. It’s literally an “organic all the way type of living” and it is a great way to live as well.

The “Natural Birth and Baby Care” preggy blog can help aspiring moms like you to start and plan your “natural” journey from conception, birth and beyond.

Being a mom can be a handful and sometimes you fail to see the good in it. Thankfully, the moms behind the “Pregnant Chicken” preggy blog has found a simple solution for it. Headed by Amy Morrison, these helpful mommas aids you to make those disastrous and tiresome mommy moments into positive and funny learning ones.

They show us in their preggy blog the joys in everything even if our little ones can almost make us lose our minds.

If one baby-on-the-way is a handful already, then what about having two or three or even four all at the same time? This type of occasion is quite hard to get our heads over. But the brain behind the “Twin Pregnancy and Beyond” preggy blog, mommy Kellie promises that it will inspire you more and make you an even stronger and ready mommy.

Kellie shares her struggles, worries, victories and her everyday moments with her four kids in her preggy blog and encourages others to speak up and share their own stories to inspire others as well.

Being a mom-to-be is already a tough enough job as it is. Add your daily job, errands, chores and other “to-do” things and you have yourself a mom that is juggling everything all at once and praying not to drop a single “ball”. The “Well Rounded NY” preggy blog gives tips and tricks on everything mommy, from what to wear to work during and even after pregnancy to the best kid-friendly food recipe that you can learn.

Having a little help for this blog can really go a long way, especially those moms, like you, that want to be “Well Rounded”.

Pregnancy is not just a matter that involves only soon to be mommies, soon to be dads also need to be well informed as much. That is why the preggy blog “Belly Belly” is all about strengthening the partnership between soon to be moms and dads and helping them get enough knowledge and advices before the big baby day approaches.

All of these neat finds in the blog can be easily understood and empathized by anyone who will read it be it you mommies or daddies.

Any upcoming pregnancy is always a scary thing to think about especially if you are all new to everything. Yow old ant to have a specialist within reach or within a phone call away even. The “Could Nine” preggy blog is your go-to place if you want a more professional opinion regarding pregnancy, childbirth and even parenting. It also has a daddy’s section so dads will not be left alone and be guided as well.

This blog is your “lifeline” and doctor-friendly place where you can place you worries and queries in capable and professional hands.

Some couples are not fortunate to conceive so easily as compared to others and this can be a huge blow for them. Both of them need to undergo a more delicate and tedious process before they can even get pregnant. That is why a support group is very ideal or those who are experiencing infertility.

The goal of the preggy blog “Dreaming of Diapers” is to encourage all those who are undergoing the same struggle and uplift their spirits, that they are not alone in this endeavor.

After three “unhealthy” pregnancies, mommy Deanna made a vow to herself to be smarter when it comes to her pregnancy health and her health that come afterwards. That is why she has documented her journey in this preggy blog called “Fit to be Pregnant and Beyond” to show moms-to- be that your body’s health is also a top priority during this special journey and the journey after you have given birth.  

This blog covers everything from pregnancy nutrition even to lactation enhancing meals and so much more.

If you are a mom that wants to give birth the most natural way possible, then a Lamaze class have popped into your mind often. But the problem is that you are too afraid to try it because of the possible pain that you might not be able to endure.

The “Giving Birth with Confidence” blog is a preggy blog that aims to encourage moms like you to trust in your body and the “naturallity” of what it can do in childbirth, of course with a little help from Lamaze professionals.

What are the most nerve-wracking things that you can ever think of when you want to buy something for you when you are pregnant? Surely at the top of your list is buying the right and safe item for you and your baby. You would want it to be toxin free, baby friendly and so much more that your “checklist” looks never ending.

The “Healthy Mama” preggy blog has dedicated its time and effort in researching, trying and testing baby and mommy brands and seeing if it meets your, and everyone else’s’ “mommy standard of approval”.

A healthy pregnancy is all about keeping yourself knowledgeable and in good physical shape at all times. But in order to do that, you need to know where to find helpful tips and ideas to guide you along the way. The preggy blog “Healthy Pregnancy” covers your basic needs and more.

The blog can answer so many different topics to as simple as healthy meals for pregnant moms to symptoms you might experience after pregnancy and so much more.

The preggy blog “Mother Rising” shares the stories and experiences of mommy Lindsey as she journeys into her own version of motherhood and those moms-to-be that she coaches as well. She encourages all of us to share, inspire and learn from each other and eventually find a “game plan” that is best suited for you and your baby-to-be.

Do not worry if sometimes things do not go the way you plan it, mommy Lindsey and her blog warriors are here to support you every step of the way.

Having a plus size pregnancy need not to be something “different” as compared to any other normal pregnancy. The “Plus Size Birth” preggy blog shows the “natural” side of plus size pregnancy and how it will help moms like you to make it stay normal all throughout. This mommy drived blog shares tips from bra sizes to staying healthy all through your pregnancy journey and even beyond it.

It also shows inspiring pictures and stories and strategies that other moms have willingly and proudly shared.

Keeping fit, staying fit and maintaining your fitness is important when it comes to pregnancy and the days that follow after it. Keeping your body healthy and strong will make your body ready for whatever pregnancy will throw at you. The “Pregnancy Exercise” will guide you to make your health, meals and your body strength be “baby-ready” and “baby-friendly” all at the same time.

The blog’s goal is to deliver to each and every mom-to-be like you a pain free, safe and healthy pregnancy.

Keeping a healthy, fit and strong body is very important for both you and your baby inside you. From the right nutrition, the healthiest meals there is and even the proper and safe exercise fit for you and your body, you need to keep all of it into consideration.

The “Strong Mom” preggy blog will show you how to be strong and stay strong not only physically, but also nutritionally, mentally, emotionally and socially. Moms who have a holistic sense of being strong will really go a very long way indeed.

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My Last Say...

Pregnancy is a scary but amazing experience to every woman that is expecting, been there done that. In fact, for me, pregnancy needs teamwork in order to become as less stressful as possible. Thankfully, these blogs are here to save the day and give us exactly what we need.

Thank You "Pregnancy Bloggers"

That is why so many heartfelt thanks go out to those preggy mommies and their partners and even their “preggy team” who have spent their time, effort and experience to help other preggy mommies in their journey. Hats off to all of you for making us feel safe, healthy and relaxed through this mysterious and magical time in our lives.

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