Magical Princess Dresses For Girls [15 Dresses + Accessories Reviewed]

Every little girl dreams of being a princess, we have all been there and had probably done that in our imagination. Thankfully, in this day and age, there are a lot of available princess dresses for girls that you and your little girl can choose from.

I remember when I dress up in dresses, tiaras, earrings, and fancy shoes and imagine that I am a princess. We all want this same mystical and magical moment for our little girls as well. Not only will it let their imagination fun free but it will also make them feel pretty and like a real princess.

​That is why we have to let them indulge in their fantasy to boost their confidence and creativity. I was able to collate several elegantly made real princess dresses and accessories that your daughter will love.

princess dresses for girls

We have come across fifteen princesses themed dresses that bring the royalty to your child’s fantasy play and are further accompanied by five princesses worthy accessories. All of these dresses are specially chosen because of their comfort and ease of wearing.

What’s more is that the material used to make the dress allows your little girls to move freely and they won’t have to sweat too much because the dresses are made out of breathable fabrics. Finally, each and every dress resembles a famous “Princess” so that the dress of your little girl’s favorite princess can also be worn by her.

Fairy Tale Princess Dresses for Girls Reviewed

Cinderella Princess Dress

Patterned after one of the most beloved and famous Disney princess “Cinderella” this dress can bring your girl to a magical ball and dance the day away. The dress itself is carefully put together to allow a stretchable blue velvet bodice flow elegantly as your little one wears it. It is also stylishly detailed with a white inlay to emphasize the blue color. 

Located in the waist area of the dress is a two-layered white hip drape to make it have that authentic Cinderella feel to it. To finish off the beautiful design, silver trimmings can be found all across it to make it sparkle even more. The fabric used for this dress is soft, stretchable comfortable and most importantly, machine washer friendly. The “Cinderella” dress is available in small to extra large sizes that can fit girls from one to thirteen years old.

Yellow Beauty

If your daughter adores being the “Bell” of the ball then she can do so with this Bell inspired “Yellow Beauty” dress. Patterned after Bell’s famous yellow ball gown, your girl can dance around and brighten up the whole room while wearing this. It also has a stretch velvet bodice that is glowing in the shade of yellow.

It is further accentuated by golden trimmings and a golden collar that is highlighted with red rose accents.  The skirt part of the dress is adorned with a printed gold rose overskirt that brings the whole dress together. This dress can be bought in sizes from small to extra large which can fit a year old baby to a nine-year-old little girl.

Spanish Princess

Be it a “royal tea parties” with friends or a princess themed play day, your little girl will stand out with this “Spanish Princess” themed dress.

It is made out of stretchable red velvet fabric that is carefully sewn into printed china silk. Not only is it soft to touch but it also has a beautiful ruffle detailing found in both the collar and the skirt. 

Now your little ones can enjoy twirling around as they watch their beautiful dress flow gracefully along with them. It is available in several sizes from small that fits the age range of one to three to extra large which can be worn by a girl at age seven to nine years.

Ice Princess

Let your little girl feel the presence of the renowned Queen Elsa as she wears the “Ice Princess” dress and playfully captures everyone with her mystical powers.

The fabric of the dress will allow her to move freely and play effortlessly thanks to its durable and stretchable velvet bodice and satin skirt. Let your little princess be even more like the Ice Princess as she indulges with the metallic snowflake design that overlays the dress. 

Not only is the dress comfortably to wear but it is also easy to clean due to its materials belong machine wash friendly. They offer a wide variety of sizes for the dress from age one to nine. Now your little one can “let it go” and play to her heart’s content.

Classic Rapunzel

Brave, beautiful and fearless, the revamped Rapunzel has little girls wanting to be just like her. Thanks to the “Classic Rapunzel” dress they can do so while at the same time feel beautiful and enchanting. The dress is made of velvet bodice that is strategically frilled to make the dress “pop”. It is also accentuated by shiny gold trimmings.

The dress has sleeves made of the same velvet fabric to give it its unique “Rapunzel” style. Finally, to bring everything together, a lavender skirt makes it even fitter for royalty and with golden accents on the chest, your daughter will surely “shine”. The dress is available in sizes that fit a one year up to thirteen years old girl.

Scandinavian Princess

Brave, beautiful and fearless, the revamped Rapunzel has little girls wanting to be just like her. Thanks to the “Classic Rapunzel” dress they can do so while at the same time feel beautiful and enchanting.

The dress is made of velvet bodice that is strategically frilled to make the dress “pop”. It is also accentuated by shiny gold trimmings. The dress has sleeves made of the same velvet fabric to give it its unique “Rapunzel” style.

Finally, to bring everything together, a lavender skirt makes it even fitter for royalty and with golden accents on the chest, your daughter will surely “shine”. The dress is available in sizes that fit a one year up to thirteen years old girl.

Sleeping Beauty

Your little ones will no longer fall asleep when they wear this beautiful “Sleeping Beauty” dress. The dress is a beautiful two-toned pink made up of stretchable velvet fabric. The collar is magically adorned with silver swirl accents and is topped off with a silver teardrop gem.

The combination of the bright pink and light pink velvet colors complement each other as they join in unison to create the perfect dress for a princess.

The sleeves also bring out the beauty of the dress thanks to its light pink velvet fabric that meets in the collar to create an off the shoulder style with glittery accents. The size ranges from small to extra-large depending on the age of your girl.

Beauty Day Dress with Bow

Not all princesses wear fancy dresses and Belle has definitely proven that simplicity is a beauty. The “Beauty Day Dress with Bow” gives your daughter the exact feeling of being a simple French country girl that blossomed into a dazzling princess.

The top part of the dress will definitely catch anyone’s eyes thanks to its white shawl collar that is made of white knit that is beautifully emphasized by a pink satin ribbon. These same satin ribbons can be found at the cuffs on the dresses sleeves as well.

The beautiful blue velvet bodice is also elegantly enhanced with the rose pattern on it. It also has a white apron on top of the blue satin skirt to make it an official “Belle” dress. Finally, to complete Belle’s dress, a blue satin ribbon is also present for your little girl to wear proudly. The dress size range is from one to nine years old.

Ice Queen Coronation Dress

Queen Elsa has a total of two amazing princess dresses for kids that are both loved by childs. The “Ice Queen Coronation Dress” is the exact replica of what Princess Elsa was wearing when she became a queen.

The soft and stretchable velvet turquoise fabric allows your little girl to move freely and play with ease. The sleeves and chest part of the dress are also made out of stretchable velvet but this time in black color.

The dress is further beautified by braided golden trims on the waist and chest. To make the dress even fitter for a Queen, a delicately placed tulip flower design is placed to accent the bottom of the dress and the chest. Girls from the age of one to nine can enjoy wearing this dress because it has a corresponding dress size based on their age.

Purple Amulet Princess

The “Purple Amulet” dress, is a sure hit for your girl especially is she adores the color violet and loves the delicate designs of a princess dress. The fabric itself is made up of soft, comfortable and stretchable materials that balloon up on the skirt to emphasize the princess aura.

The skirt also has intricate white floral detailing and is adorned with organza hip drapes. The sleeves are also made from velvet organza and an amulet neckline makes the dress even more well-designed, sophisticated and chic.

The dress sizes are also available based on your child’s age. Each size corresponds to the age range that it can accommodate. This means that even if your little one is a year old or nine years, the dress will have an ideal size for them.

Asian Princess

Let your little princess be transported to another place with the “Asian Princess” dress. They will feel the royalty and elegance of the Asian country as they play and imagine themselves as its princess.

The dress is patterned after the traditional Asian dresses that are worn by royalties. It is a combination of different hues of pink and blue joined together to create a “yin-yang” balance all across the dress. It also features a beautiful cherry blossom floral print at the bottom of the dress.

 The skirt is made up of a fabric that transitions from white to blue in a magical manner. Stretch, soft, comfortable and can fit any girl within the one to nine years old range, this dress it surely it for your little princess.

Scottish Princess

Braveness is also an important factor of being a princess and a princess is both brave and fearless. This is what Merida believed in and this is what made our little girls like her as well.

The “Scottish Princess” dress is an homage to this Disney princess as it showcases her dark teal colored dress.  Made up of velvet that almost covers the entire dress, the dark teal hue is greatly emphasized as the bodice is adorned with gold edge hip drape and gold edgings.

The sleeves are also beautifully made to highlight the “puff” design that is made of silk. The dress fits perfectly for children from one to nine depending on the size category they fall under.

Lily Pad Princess

Princess Tiana is an ideal princess that knows the meaning of working hard to achieve your dream.  Becoming a princess, Tiana has been the pinnacle of green and white beauty. The “Lily Pad Dress” showcases her elegance and style with a green and white themed dress.

The dress is made up of white china silk and is overlaid by a soft and beautiful sheer knit green fabric. The chest part, on the other hand, is made up of green velvet and outlined by green and gold trimmings. To celebrate a princess from the Bayou, a mint green colored flower decoration is delicately placed in the middle of the dress.

Kids from as young as one to as old as nine can surely enjoy this dress that is not only comfortable but also easy to wear and, most importantly, play-friendly.

White Floral Beauty

White is a color of class, elegance, and beauty a hue that is truly fit for a princess. The “White Floral Beauty” dress is the epitome of elegance and grace enclosed in a simple yet chic design.

The dress highlights beautifully printed a floral design that accentuates the dress itself. The floral print showcases the different hues of pink that rests delicately on the green leaves and is tied up together with a pink ribbon. The sleeves are also something to adore as well.

It is designed to depict a French style that allows the sleeves to flow gently and elegantly as your daughter plays. The dress has several sizes that you can choose from depending on what age your little girl is.

Coral Renaissance

The Renaissance time is definitely the era that prides in its lavish gowns and prolific designs. That is why the “Coral Renaissance” dress is a princess dress that is worth wearing. Made up of beautiful and comfortable coral and white fabric, the dress is brought to life and your little girl can feel like a princess in no time.

The skirt is also adorned with a Renaissance-themed pattern that covers the whole skirt. Its puffed sleeves make the dress look even more magical and elegant. Finally, the collar is also embellished with Renaissance pattern of dark pink.  

Be it a fantasy play day, a tea party, a festival or even a school event, this dress will make your little princess stand out and be the center of attention. The dress has several sizes that will fit your little ones according to their age and body measurements.

Princess Dress-Up Accessories for Your Toddler Girl

Princess Shoes Silver

No princess dress is complete without magical shoes. That is why the “Princess Shoes Silver” is the ideal footwear that you can pair up with any of the princess dresses. It is made out of soft, elastic and durable material that makes wearing it pain-free and fun. The soles of the shoes are made of soft material and the bindings are elastic so your little ones will have no hindrance while playing.

The perfect metallic silver is made out of made out of soft vinyl that assures both comfort and durability. To top it all off, there is a beautiful metallic rosette that glitters and sparkles beautifully. This shoe is available in two sizes which are 11/12 and 13/1.

Cinderella Accessory Set

Accessories are a must when it comes to dressing up as a princess. That is why the “Cinderella Accessory Set” was created. It has a total of two accessories to complete your little girls’ Cinderella dress. First is the blue satin headband that goes well with the dress.

It also has a blue and silver sequined swirl pattern that trails through the headband and ends with silver gems on each side. The second is a black velvet choker that is elegantly adorned with a white teardrop gem right in the middle. Both the headband and the choker falls under the one size fits all category.

Ice Princess Gloves

Gloves are one of the ideal accessories for a princess dress. Almost all of the princesses have their own unique pair, including the Ice Princess. If you want to buy the Ice princess dress then might as well add the “Ice Princess Gloves” as well to make your child feel the princess experience 100%.

The gloves are made out of island blue spandex that can adjust to your child’s hands.  It also dazzles with the silver swirl design that is wrapped all around it. The gloves are also a one size fits all accessory.

Soft crown Scandinavian princess

The pride and joy of any princess is their crown. The crown is the status symbol of beauty, elegance, and royalty. No princess dress is complete without it. The “Soft Crown Scandinavian Princess” gives your little girl the royal treatment that she needs.

The crown is made up of gold foil foam and an elastic strap for ease of wear. The crown is also embellished with a big silver gem right in the middle of it. Once again, this is a one size fits all accessory.

Fairy Wings Pink

Let your little girls’ imagination soar even more with the help of the “Fairy Wings Pink” accessory. The wings are made of a durable and elastic material that is rimmed to a wire for a perfect wing shape.

The pink color is further beautified with the help of glitter accents that take the form of a curl all over the wings. In the middle, an adorable pink flower is placed to create the perfect centerpiece.

​The wings are attached to soft and flexible elastics that can comfortably be placed on your child’s shoulders for perfect security.

In Conclusion...

An active and playful imagination makes a person become more productive and successful in the future. Make your little girls play and use their imagination to their heart’s content with the help of these princess dresses for girls and accessories. Let them dance, sing, play and enjoy being a princess with the feeling of comfort, flexibility, and beauty that these items can give them.

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