Princess Dresses for Girls – How to Look for the Perfect Princess Dress

Sponsored Post – One of the “plus factors” of having a daughter is dressing them up into beautiful little princess dresses for girls. I for one have a three year old daughter that is starting to enjoy mimicking famous Disney princess characters. It won’t take long when she will finally tell me that she wants to dress like one.

To be honest, I am more excited about it than my daughter. I can’t wait to dress her up into different versions of princesses and their unique fashion. I am sure that you feel the same way I do.

Form vintage, old style designs to the trendy “nowadays” princess, the list is endless. You just have to make sure that these princess outfits are worth the price that they offer. It must not only look good but at the same time should be comfortable enough for our daughters to wear.

Luckily the online shopping website called “Little Adventures” has just the right princess dresses for little girls that I was searching for. The site offers a wide variety of fantasy dresses that is fit for children from a year old up to nine. Some of these princess dresses really caught my eye. I would like to share these precious finds with you as well.cinderella dress

Princess Dresses Cinderella

Princess Cinderella is one of the famous Disney princess that we grew to love. For sure, if your little princess could see her, she will feel the same way. The traditional Cinderella look has been meticulously made to create the prefect little princess replica. To complete the look, a beaded flower design and sparkling silver trim will surely make your daughter feel like a real princess.

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There is another version of this Cinderella princess that your little one might be more familiar with. The recent remake of this timeless movie has a butterfly inspired princess dress. This was also trimmed down to a smaller version for your girl as well.

Pink Princess Dressroyal pink princess

If your little girl is a fan of pink, they she might enjoy wearing a pink princess dress with silver sequin and accents. Similar to the design of Sleeping Beauty’s dress, this precious pink parcel will definitely make your daughter happy. To bring the whole outfit together, a pink blossoming flower will accent the dress.

For a more deluxe version of the pink dress, they have the “Pink Parisian” version. This dress has a Paris themed design on it that sports the ¾ length white sleeves. It is also adorned with gold trimming to make the outfit definitely pop.

Some More Amazing Dresses for Girls

If you think that those are all that the website has to offer then think again. When I said that the list goes on in terms of dress options and style, it definitely did. Here are some more princess dresses that can make you go “wow.”snow white princess dress

Snow White Princess Dress

Who could forget the original Disney princess Snow White? Having her elegant yet vintage look is a true princess’s dream. The design has been remade in order to mix the old and new style of princess dress. With a mix of navy blue, cherry yellow and red hues, this dress will definitely be an eye catcher.

Satin Ice Princess DressIce princess

The movie Frozen is by far the most well-known Disney film of this generation. Even my daughter knows who Princess Elsa is. If your little princess also dreams of becoming like Elsa then the “Satin Ice Princess Dress” is the perfect choice for her. Complete with snowflake designs and blue gloves to match, your little girl will definitely feel Elsa’s “let it go” moment. This is a definite princess dresses for girls favorite.Purple Amulet Princess

Amulet Princess Dress

This is the new addition to the shops long line of princess dresses. Tie dress showcases the purple violet shades that is accentuated by white trimmings and flowerlike designs. If your little girl adores the violet color then she might want to try this out.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through an affiliate link receives a commission at no additional cost to you.

All of these princess dresses are machine washable for your convenience. The outfit also prides itself with it soft, comfortable and stretchy material. It also has a stretchable bodice that can accommodate a variety of sizes making it fit perfectly to your child’s figure.

Princess Dress Up Accessories for Your Toddler Girlprincess shoes silver

Of course, no princess outfit would be complete without the proper accessories. It can be earrings, necklaces, even tiaras. Don’t forget one of the most important accessory of all is the shoes. Finding the perfect shoe will bring out the princess in every outfit.

Princess Dress Up Shoes for Toddlers

A beautiful yet comfortable princess shoe is the perfect addition to your little girl’s princess outfit. This shoe comes in two colors. You can choose between the gold and the silver shade of metallic vinyl. Of course it will all be depending on your chosen princess dress. It also has a beautiful flower design to make it more fit for a princess.

Gloves, Crowns and Jewelriesice glovessoft crown princess

In addition to the princess shoes, they also offer several accessories that you can choose from to take your princess outfit to the next level. They have the gold and silver tiara and crown to match the shoes.

They also have feathery boas with the hues of pink, white and violet. Gloves with the colors red, white and blue (with ice details) are also available for purchase. In addition there are several wands with different colors and designs to choose from.

Princess Dresses for Babies

If your daughter is still just a “wee little one” you can also join in the fun of dressing them up. The “Popreal” company is a group of people who manages an online web shop that specializes in providing baby girls a princess dress.

They also provide a size chart that is designed to match your baby girl’s measurements with their dresses. These dresses are made to fit babies whore are still in their newborn stage up to those that are just turning one year old. I will now share with you some of their precious creations.bowknot dress

  • Girl Party Princess Bowknot Dress

This particular dress is made for babies’ ages 3 to 9 months old. It’s simple yet sophisticated design has a total of six colors to choose from. These colors include white, red, violet, hot pink, powder pink and powder blue.

The dress also sports flower designs located at the hem of the dress and a bow on the waist to make it even more elegant looking. You can choose from two different sizes that the shop offers.

  • Baby Girl Lace Dress

If you plan to choose a white lace dress for your baby girl then you can opt to take a look at the white version of this dress. It has a beautifbaby lace dressul flower print at the top and a bow on the waist. The skirt part has beautiful layers to make the dress livelier.

Other colors of this dress includes the shades of baby pink, hot pink, baby blue, blue green, green, yellow and violet. This makes a total of eight different designs all in all. This outfit will fit babies at 3 to 12 months. It also comes in three sizes.

  • Cute Princess Dress for Infantsripple decorated opening baby girls princess dress

Another beautifully made princess dress is the “Ripple Decorated Opening baby Girls Princess Dress” for ages 0 to nine months. A carefully crafted ripple design is spread out through the skirt part of the dress. The waist is accessorized by small rhinestones as well.

This princess dress has a total of three colors to choose from. These colors are red, white and pink. If you decide to choose this, there are three available sizes for it.


  • Lace Flower Baby Girls Princess Dressseveral colors lace flower baby girls princess dress

This dress has a wide variety of colors to choose from. The nine colors include orange, blue green, blue, hot pink, baby pink, yellow, white, fuchsia pink and violet. It has a pretty bow located at the left side of the dresses waistline.

The lace flower baba girls princess dress is best fit for children ages three months to one year old. There is a total of four size choices provided by the site for your convenience.

  • Newborn Princess Dress for Girls

The hip and trendy pink colored “Beads Decorated Girls Princess Dress Formal” is certainly an eye-Beads Decorated Girls Princess Formal Dresscandy to any mom. It has sleeves made of white lace which joins together with the pink lace textile of the dress. The waist is accessorized with a pink belt made of hot pink sequins. The hem of the dress also has the lace design attached to it, making it look more chic. If your baby is between the ages of 0 to 3 months, then this is a perfect fit for her.

Now with all these choices combined, you can now freely choose the right princess dress for your little girl. Just make sure to take a tab on what she likes, her age and her color and style preference.

Let your imagination run wild with the help the “Popreal” and “Little Adventures” website. Create a fun filled, princess themed dress up bonding with your little princess. Remember, they are young only once, so make the most out of it.

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