Toddler Halloween Costumes – 7 Comfortable and Scary Costumes Reviewed

We all love the feel of Halloween and the spirit that it brings. Most especial to our kids that have a vivid and wild imagination. It is the time of the year when they get to imagine and be who or what they want to be. The sky is their limit and we have to be ready when it comes to toddler Halloween costumes.

When choosing a costume, especially for your little ones, you need to make sure that it is “scary cute” and at the same time comfortable to wear. You need to make sure that when they wear it, they will feel comfy, free to move and would not overheat. 

Another thing that we need to take into consideration is that their costumes must fit them perfectly like a glove. It's important that we choose the right size for them because by doing so, it will not hinder them from walking, playing or Trick or Treating all through the Halloween celebration.

Finding the right match of size for your little one’s body size will make their Halloween experience even more delightful and memorable. Finally, we need to think of unique and awesome toddler Halloween costumes to make our kiddies stand out among all the other “Halloweeners”. It pays to help them broaden their imagination and think of fun ways to dress up on Halloween day. The more creative and fun it is, the more enjoyable it will be for them.

With all these in mind, we are now ready to look for the best possible “awesome” costume for our tiny tots. Remember, imagination, fun, comfort and the right size is the best recipe for the best costume they will have. That is why we came up with these amazing Halloween costume list that you can be inspired with.

​7 Toddler Halloween Costumes Reviewed

Hydra the Three Headed Dragon

What could be more mystical, magical and unique than to be a dragon for Halloween? And to increase the level of their imagination, why not make it a three headed dragon? That is what the “Princess Paradise Three Headed Hydra Dragon” costume will give them. Not only is it uniquely fascinating to look at but also a very cute ensemble to any fantasy dress up.

The three-headed dragon costume is a one piece jumpsuit made out of red and orange colored embossed fabric. The body is directly attached to the head of the dragon making it a comfortable hoodie for your little ones. In addition, it also has a set of gloves that have the remaining two heads of the dragon as its design.

The fabric used for the whole costume is soft and comfortable to wear. Thanks to the embossed detailing, the costume will look like it has scales with finely featured fiery orange color. To complete the dragon feel of the costume, it has soft claws and fangs to make it look even more realistic.


Lastly, for the size availability of this costume, we have three. First is the “18M/2 Tall” size, followed by the “X-Small” size (height: 40 inches, chest 22 ½ inches, waist: 21 inches, hip: 23 ½ inches and inseam: 15 inches) and finally the “Small” size (height: 45 inches, chest: 25 inches, waist: 22 ¼ inches, hip: 26 inches and inseam: 19 ¾ inches).

Let your little girl for a change and let them roar their way into the Halloween night with this unique costume. Not only will they love it, but they will also come to enjoy imagining themselves as fire breathing dragons.

Triceratops Toddler Costume for Halloween

Let your kiddies go back in time and relive the age of the dinosaurs with the “Triceratops Costume” from Rubie’s Costume Company. Kids love dinosaurs and are fascinated by them that is why being one during Halloween is definitely a fun filled night for them.

The Triceratops costume is made of 100% polyester fabric which makes it comfortable and breathable to wear. The whole costume is a one piece jumpsuit with brightly colored green scales and yellow body. The tail with spikes is also attached to the jumpsuit to make it look even more realistically adorable. The third piece of this set is the headgear that has the famous fanned scales and horns that the Triceratops is well known for.


This Triceratops costume is available in two different sizes. First we have the “Toddler” size (height: 35-39 inches, waist: 22-24 inches, weight: up to 34 lbs.) and then we have the “Small” size (height: 44-48 inches, waist: 25-26 inches, chest: 27-28 inches, hips: 27-28 inches, weight: 36-52 lbs.).

Make your little ones love their dino buddies even more as they become one themselves on Halloween day. Let the green, yellow and black scales of the Triceratops make them stand out the crowd as they go Trick or Treating.

Pterodactyl Dino Toddler Halloween Costume

Another famous dino buddy that our little ones are all too familiar with is the flying Pterodactyl. Not only is it mighty but it can soar to incredible heights. Make you little kiddies feel like flying wt. the “Pterodactyl” costume.

The Pterodactyl costume is made up of the soft and comfortable polyester fabric and is a one piece jumpsuit that they can easily wear. The green colored jumpsuit is attached to a hoodie that has the Pterodactyl’s face on it. To add to the costume, it has soft wings attached to its arms that your kids can use to “fly around” as they Trick or Treat. It also has a small tail attached at the back to complete the whole Pterodactyl outfit.

In addition to the jumpsuit, this costume has another add-on to make your little ones look even more like a dinosaur. The set has shoe covers of a Pterodactyl foot that also has the green color on it. Now they can fly and walk around the streets feeling like a real dinosaur.


This costume only has two sizes available for it. We have the “Medium” or the 3T-4T size and the “Large” size or the 4T-6T range. In general, this costume has a height of 3 feet and the weight of 18 inches.

Pirate Costume for Boys

Every little boy has a dream of being a pirate. That is why it is a great idea for Halloween day to dress them up in a “Pirate Costume” and let them “arrgh” all night long. This “Pirate Csotume” from InCharacter is adorably “pirate-y” and can even make your little boys feel like they are in an actual pirate crew.

The pirate costume is a combination of the traditional red, blue, brown, gold, black and white ensemble that pirates proudly wear. The costume is made up of 100% polyester fabric and it is fun to wear and comfortable to walk around with. The costume is machine wash friendly and its colors will not waver if your wash when for several times.

This set has several unique features added to it to make the pirate outfit more realistic. First, we have the pirate themed jumpsuit with gauze sleeves attached to it. It also has gold trimmings to accentuate the pirate design. In addition, it has an attached sash with a belt to make the outfit pop. Finally, we have the boot covers and the headgear to finish the whole costume.


This costume has three sizes that you can choose from. First is the “X-Small” size or the 2T (height: 33-35 inches, waist: 20.5 inches and weight: 28-29 lbs.), followed by the “Small” size or the 3T (height: 36-38 inches, waist: 21 inches and weight: 29-32 lbs.) and finally the “Medium” size or the 4T size (height: 38-41 inches, waist: 22 inches and weight: 33-36 lbs.).

Precious Lil’ Pirate Girl Costume

Who says only boys get to be pirates for Halloween? Your little girl can be as rough and tough as any other pirate boy but this the addition of extreme cuteness and finesse. The “Precious Lil’ Pirate Toddler Costume” from California Costumes will not only make your little girl look like a pirate but rather a pirate princess.

The costume is made up of 100% polyester fiber that will make her dress-up day comfortable and fun to wear. It can be easily hand washed using cold water and line dried once cleaning is needed. IN addition, the color combination of red, black, white and gold will definitely make your daughter the gem among all the treasures on Halloween.

The Pirate costume comes in several parts that when combined will definitely make your little girl proud of wearing it. First, we have the pirate top with puffed up long sleeves and a cover-all black pirate dress. It also has a red belt with a golden buckle to make the pirate costume stand-out all the more. It also has red and white leggings to complement the pirate top and finally, we have the pirate boots and red bandana to complete the set.


The costume sizes come in two different variations. First, we have the “Medium” size for toddlers which is best for girls in the age range of 3-4 years old. The second is the “Large” size for toddlers that can fit girls from 4-6 years old.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toddler Halloween Costumes for Boys

This costume will make your little boys shout out “it’s morphin’ time” once they see how amazing they will look while wearing it. The “Power Ranger’s Ninja Steel” costume is a fun replica of the mighty Power Rangers that they see on television.

The costume itself is made out of polyester fabric making it soft and breathable all day long. The costume set includes a jumpsuit with a muscle foamed torso and arms, a belt that is attached to the costume itself and finally the headpiece with a mask on it.  Your little ones will surely feel like a Power Ranger once they get to wear the whole attire.

Furthermore, the costume comes in two different colors. First is the Red Ranger inspired costume and the second is the Blue ranger colored costume. Both of these costumes have their own unique design that both the Red and Blue Ranger have in the series.


This time, let’s talk about the available sizes for these costumes. Fist we have the “Small” size or the 2T costume. Nest we have the “Medium” size which falls under the 3T-4T range. Finally, we have the “Large” size wherein the size range is from ages 4 to 6.

The Power Ranger franchise made by Saban has been a classic that is loved and well known by kids (and adults) of all ages. That is why buying this is a sure winner that will catch everyone’s attention. Now let your kids be the heroes that they idolize with the help of the Power Ranger costume.

Disguise Gekko Deluxe for Toddlers

Creepy crawlies are also a Halloween hit when it comes to kids. It is even fun to have them wear a Gekko disguise as they go Trick or Treating. The “Disguise Gekko Deluxe Toddler Costume” by PJ Masks allows your little ones to become a disguised Gekko hero that is out to save the world.

The costume is made up of 100% polyester fabric and it is a jumpsuit style that can easily and comfortably be worn by your little kids. The whole set includes several items that can easily be worn. The jumpsuit has an attached boot covers and a detachable tail on it. The set also has a pair of gloves and a soft headpiece that your little ones can safely and comfortably wear. Finally, to make the costume even more awesome, the logo on the chest and the palm parts of the gloves are glow in the dark.


There are a total of four sizes that you can choose form. First is the “Small” or 2T size followed by the “Medium” or the 3T-4T size. The third option is the “Large” size fit for ages 4-6 years and finally, we have the “X-Large” size for kids 7-8 years of age.

My Final Say...

There you have it, a unique and awesome list of 7 toddler Halloween costumes that you can choose from for your little ones. All of these costumes are comfortable to wear and fun to use and will even make their imaginations run free as the Halloween night goes on. Let them be who they want to be with the help of these amazing costumes.

These costumes are also unique and fun in their own amazing ways. It also encourages both you and your little ones to “think outside the box” and dress up as something out of the ordinary on Halloween day. It also allows them to be different and unique in their own way and encourage them to be “them” in their own special way.

Halloween is not only a day of make believe, ghouls and ghosts, it can also be a day of reality mixed with your own kid’s fantasies and it is up to us to make it come true for them. We are their source of imagination and we can make it happen if we chose the best costume for them. The best toddler Halloween costume is one of comfort, fun, and imagination so let this list be your guide and even inspiration to choose the best outfit for your little ones.

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