When Do Babies Know Their Names – A Guide to Your Little One’s Development

“When do babies know their names?” is a very interesting question I want to discuss with you today. One of the earliest words that your child can remember and familiarize with will probably be their names. It can either be in a form of their real full first name or their nickname in which we affectionately call them. But nevertheless, this will be their first-word familiarization.When do babies know their names

That is why it is crucial that you introduce their name to them as early as possible. You can start as soon as they are still in your womb. I personally started calling my daughter by her nickname as soon as I started feeling her move inside me. Since I learned that babies can hear what their mothers are saying, I make it a point to call her name and talk to her as much as I can.

To my surprise, my daughter reacts to her name while she is still in my tummy. Every time I call her name or sing her my personalized lullaby (which has her name on it) it happens. She either moves very mildly or shifts very considerably as if she is “jumping with excitement.”

Call it a lucky moment or even mother’s intuition, I know deep down that my baby can hear me. I also feel that each time I say her name, she knows that I am calling her. I even hear other mommy stories that have just the same experience with mine.

So when I am asked when do babies know their names, I would probably sound weird to them, but I will say, as early as conception. I don’t know if it was my hormones just acting up due to the coincidental situation, but I could feel the mother-daughter bond each time I say her name and she reacts.

“When Do Babies Know Their Names?” – ACTUAL Response

I bet that any parent would ask themselves when do babies know their names. No one knows the exact time or age that your child will know their names. I believe that it will differ from one child to another. It will all depend on how fast they would understand the concept of their name and that the name that they are hearing is, well, theirs.

One thing is for sure. You will get to see the ACTUAL response of your child to their names around four to six months. When my daughter was in that particular age group, she would turn her head towards my voice as I call her and she usually smiles as a response.

Scientifically Speaking….

It is not a bad idea to know or familiarize yourself with the scientific timeline about a child’s learning progress. It can give you a quick glimpse of what to expect and when to expect it. You can even use it to prepare yourself for what to teach them. Being prepared and ready for your child’s education is a great way to start their learning experience.

Studies say that a child can react to your name calling in as early as a few weeks old. But this reaction is not because of them knowing their names. It is more on because of their familiarization with your voice. Nevertheless, this reaction is a good start in knowing that your child is attentive and can recognize and memorize things.

At what Age do Babies Respond to their Name?

Once they turn between 5 and 7 months, this is where their “association” starts to kick in. This means that they are able to put a “name” and associate it with “something” including themselves. This is the best time for you to point at a thing and call it by its name. For example, you can point at a ball and say “ball”. Do this over and over again and your baby will start to realize that the ball is called, well, a ball. Do not expect them to be able to reply the words you say back though. These months that they are in are more of them understand what you are saying rather than mimicking what you say.

Their “parroting” phase starts when they reach 10 months to a year. Once they get to this age, I promise you, they can mimic you so good that you need to be careful of what you say out loud. That is why this is the best time to use and repeat important words like “mommy”, “daddy”, “milk”, “eat” and most especially your baby’s name.

Another helpful tip when you talk with your kid is to use their names first before you start your sentence. This way, you catch their attention first before you tell them what you want. Studies state that when you talk to your child, they only hear and understand as much.

For example, when you say “It’s time for your nap Ana”, what your baby hears is “blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, Ana”. So if you say it like this: “Ana, nap time”, your baby will understand it and will know what you mean. Think of it as your baby learning a foreign language. They need it to be simple, concise and personalized so that they can learn it faster and easier.

When Should a Child Recognize Letters of the Alphabet?

It is only common for the second question for parents after their child has reached the “know their name” milestone is when should a child recognize letters of the alphabet. Once again, I will remind you that each child differs from another. This means that not all children can learn the alphabet at age one and a half. Some may be delayed or early, but rest assures that with proper teaching and guidance, they will learn it.

In general, though, your child learning the alphabet actually happens at 9 months age. When they hear their names, their heads turn towards the direction of the call, or maybe respond with a smile or a sound. But when it comes to the alphabet, that’s a bit different. Because they need to know and familiarize themselves with the alphabet first.

Always keep in mind that you must not pressure or force your child to learn when you plan to teach your child. Let them learn using their own pace. Another tip is to make learning fun for them. You can use brightly colored and big sized letters so that your child can easily remember it. Or you can introduce the alphabet using a song, like what I did (thank you Sesame Street).

Magic Trick for Faster Learning

Do you want to know a simple trick? No, there’s no secret ingredient or magic word, there’s only patience and a lot of TALKING. Yes, talking to your baby more often is the key to success. Hearing and seeing you talk is one of the most entertaining and educational for your baby. Not only does this improve your baby’s hearing, but also his speech and comprehension. The same as everybody else, babies learn through watching and conversing. Their senses are stimulated and their attention is focused on you alone.

Always talk to your baby even while just doing the most trivial things. Show them what you’re doing and narrate it to them in detail. Don’t get easily tired of talking and grabbing his attention because this is his foundation for learning. You are his first teacher and everything you do teach him a lot of things. Though some babies have a slower pace, never lose the patience of conversing with him even though he doesn’t understand yet. Trust me, someday soon, he will. Not to mention that this time will pass and you will find yourself missing every bit of your time with your baby.

What is the Best Way to Introduce Letters to Your Child?when do babies know their names

Most parents nowadays let their babies watch educational videos, but only for a short period of time. But sometimes, due to being busy with work, household chores or other errands, they let the “technology” babysit and teach their kids. Since I was born during the late 1900’s, I was fortunate enough to experience learning the old-fashioned way.

My mom taught me how to read and write with her guidance and some help. She used different tools like books, “cue cards” and a cassette tape filled with nursery rhymes about the alphabet, numbers and more. But the best part about it is that we get to bond more, which was what my mom told me.

If you actually think about it, there are a lot of ways that you can introduce the alphabet to your child. You can use flash cards, drawings and even let them watch some videos that have a song and dance number all dedicated to the letters of the alphabet. But personally, I believe that nothing will ever beat the classic method.

Personalized Learning with a Touch

For me, the best technique that you can use while teaching your child is to use baby books.  There are a lot of baby books that have brightly colored pages and vivid letters. One of these is the book entitled “My Very Own Name.”

What I loved about this book is how it creatively incorporates letters, animals, and imagination to spell out your child’s name. It is brilliantly created and imaginatively executed. Plus, it will be a beautiful memory for your child since it will be personally made just for them.

The book “My Very Own Name” will also allow you to make a specialized dedication to your child. Once you are able to finish the book and spell out the name of your child with the help of letters and animals, the last part is reserved especially for you and your message to your little ones. That is such a great way to finish any book if you ask me.

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